I hope you took the time to fully digest and work with what I wrote about last month. The key to a healthy life is learning how to digest what life brings you. The key to a healthy spiritual practice is fully digesting the knowledge we take in and allowing the process to feed us on all levels. What we can’t take in becomes unusable.

Part of learning how to digest life on all levels comes back to our own transmutation practice. For as we can transmute our emotions and thoughts we create usable energy. Lately my helping spirits have been giving me the metaphor of composting a garden in thinking about my transmutation practice.

Instead of being upset about my thoughts and emotions I can think of composting them which ultimately brings nutrients to the garden within and without. But if compost if not worked through it just becomes rotten. When it is taken care of properly it becomes food for new plants to grow.

I want to suggest another method for transmutation of thoughts and emotions that you can try this month. Go to a store and buy a container of bubbles. You can blow the energy of your emotions and thoughts into the bubbles. I know you want to make a choice not to blow problematic energy into the air, the water, or the earth. As you blow the bubbles into the air just set an intention that the energy be transmuted to love and light.

Today we can see that quantum physics is catching up to what spiritual traditions have known for thousands of years. It is important not to get trapped in thinking that quantum physics can explain all the mysteries. Part of life is being able to hold the great mysteries without trying to understand everything in a logical fashion. But it is exciting that some physicists are beginning to teach what spiritual practices have always taught.

One of the lessons being brought forth today is that there really is no matter. This goes along with the work we did last month. Matter is created from energy. So if you really want to get to the root of illness look to the flow of energy.

If in your shamanic practice you only look at healing the body which we perceive as matter you are not healing the illness. We really need to focus on energetic healing.

For years I have been writing that everything manifests in the spiritual realms before manifesting in the physical. Spirit is energy. When we start to work on energetic levels we see the results manifesting on the physical.

If we can really digest this understanding that most of our bodies and the universe is made up of unpotentiated energy we will evolve toward creating healthy bodies and a healthy planet. As we need to continue to go within and really create a harmonious inner world that will be reflected back to us.

We all not only have this ability, but it is our responsibility as caretakers of this great earth.

Last month I said that we would honor earth and fire as we perform a worldwide ceremony to honor the autumnal equinox. I feel with the critical nature of the times, I would like to honor all the elements together as well as all of life.

The earth shines in radiant colors during the autumn. We learn about the beauty that comes along with change and transitions. We watch how gracefully the trees and many plants drop what they need to let go of for healthy growth to continue. We observe how the earth uses what has been given through death to create new life. It is a powerful for all of life as this is a great time of transition.

The force in the world that creates anger and hate seems to be growing. The violence of war is growing. In the U.S. as the election draws nearer the divisive energies in the country grow stronger.

What is needed right now is a force of love equal or greater to the energies that are manifesting into hate. So many people on the planet have moved beyond anger. And the energy of anger has grown into the energy of hate.

We know from spiritual teachings throughout time that the cause of anger, hate, and fear come from a lack of feeling love and connectedness. Through feeling a lack of love people are connecting with a force of energy that feeds a manifestation of more separateness and feelings of hate.

For those of us who are praying for harmony to return to the planet we must drop our feelings of separateness recognizing that any feeling of being separate is pure illusion of the mind. We must join our hearts together with such passion as to create a field of love and light that is greater than the field of hate.

Many of you have written to me over the years and have said that you do not have other people in your community to do our transmutation ceremonies with. I have asked all circles that have formed around the world to include in all ceremonies those who are isolated.

On September 22, the autumnal equinox, find others you can work with. You might not be able to find people who are willing to transfigure. That is fine. But find one or more persons who are willing to take some time out of their lives to hold hands with you and send love into the world.

If you already work with transfiguration in a circle perform a transfiguration ceremony. In a transfigured state hold hands and allow the force of love and light to permeate through every cell of your being. Be the creative forces of the universe that can work through the dense darkness in the world.

Experience every person on the planet in his or her divinity. This means seeing the people on the planet who are suffering from starvation and thirst in their divinity. Experience those who are victims of war in their divinity. Experience those government leaders and those in corporations who promote inequality and violence in their divinity. This piece is crucial. As we experience all in their divinity we raise each person’s frequency and vibration. Recognize the divinity in all the plants, trees, animals, reptiles, insects, and rocks in their absolute divinity. Create a field of light that comes from your love of life that expands and embraces all of light.

Invite people into your circle who might not be familiar with the spiritual practice you are doing but who are willing to go down into their heart and radiate a field of love that embraces all of life. Bring your children into the circle. They are our future. Teach them about raising a field of energy that manifests into love, which manifests into a planet that loves and respects all of life.

Experience your love and recognize the divinity in earth, air, water, and fire as in the sun which brings us life.

Journey or meditate within with the knowledge that everything occurs on the spiritual level before manifesting in the physical. Create a spiritual energy of love with such passion it has the force to manifest and lift all of life to a way of living through love, gratitude, and respect.

To follow your energy with action create a ceremony where you release into the fire a behavior in which you feed the energies of separation, divisiveness, anger, hate, and fear. Look at the ceremony section of Medicine for the Earth and make and empower an object or talisman with these energies.

Create a fire with intention and ask fire to work in partnership with you to transform and transmute those energies that feed the dark forces. Be clear with your intention.

If we are going to change the energies running our world right now we have to learn to concentrate and focus. Otherwise we are just feeding the forces we say we wish to change.

We live in a culture that would rather “do” than “be”. Doing ceremonies to manifest the energies of harmony, peace, and love are essential to our lives. Being peace, harmony, and love is a whole other level. Being the energies we wish to experience manifest in the world creates a frequency that shifts global consciousness.

Be love
Be peace
Be harmony
Be gratitude
Be light

We change the world by who we become not what we do. Or in Gandhi’s words be the change we want to see.

I have found it to be good experience for me to merge with the earth where I live during a change of season. As I learn how the earth is changing its movement I learn how to change my own movements to align myself with the resonance and frequency of the land I am on. In this way I am more in tune with the river of life instead of moving against it.

Many of you have been merging with the different elements for years now. I suggest you do this journey again. For those of you new to merging with an element please look at pages 152-155 in Medicine for the Earth.

One of the key teachings we get when we merge with the elements is that where there is healthy life force there is movement. We need to keep looking at how our own energy is moving.

And please remember the earth truly loves you and gives unconditionally to you. Experience this love and really take it in. The gratitude for all you receive is an act of love.

September 28 is the full moon. Let’s continue to weave a brilliant web of light within and throughout the earth.

Autumn is such a beautiful and powerful season. Embrace it and enjoy it!!

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