I wrote this month’s Transmutation News the first week of April as I am in Scotland and England until April 30. I will let you know how my teaching went there next month.

Recently a friend of mine gave me a tape of a lecture Andrew Harvey gave at a Prophet’s Conference in Oxford, England last year. Although I felt I did not learn anything new his impassioned lecture gave me a lot to think about.

He spoke about an unprecedented holocaust of the environment and animals. He also spoke about the need to be active on all levels about this.

During the years of writing the Transmutation News I have written about my struggle of how to be of service to the planet in the best way right now. I do believe that the spiritual work we do does make a huge difference as everything that manifests on the physical world starts in the spiritual realms.

I have talked about the need to educate others about what is happening in the environment. The ignorance of Americans to “the environmental holocaust” is staggering. The feeling of entitlement that Americans have about the use of resources is amazing. I know that this is also true in other places besides America. But as I live here and get to see the news everyday and how people are choosing to ignore how humans are affecting all of life.

My struggle over the years is how to educate and be vocal about what is happening and at the same time not coat the earth with my anger.

Andrew Harvey talked about Gandhi and the Dalai Lama as a couple of examples of people who have been able to create change in potentially explosive situations by being able to hold the energy of compassion.

This is a place I am constantly striving to get to. For I want to be able to teach people about what needs to change without creating explosive anger at the same time. So I keep up my practice of transmuting my thoughts and feelings knowing this will keep me on the path of love.

As I have said before we all have a destiny to pursue. I cannot say how each one of us needs to act right now. But it does feel like the situation in the world is critical. I have seen the positive affects of communities of people gathering together to do spiritual work. I have seen how the spiritual work I have done for my trees where I live has made a difference. And I constantly hold the question of how else can I be in service? What else should I add to what I am already doing?

It is so important not to become complacent in our work and to keep looking at what is important to add to our life and practice right now. Keep looking. Keep asking the spirits you work with for guidance. We will all be shown different ways and different paths. And this is part of the beauty of this time. The answers do not lie in one or a few but in all of us.

There is another aspect of the work that I feel is very important to explore at this time. Many people who are drawn to spiritual practices tend to be people who “live out of body”. I think that it is essential to learn to find our inner light and embody it.

The practice of transfiguration as I have been teaching it is an inner body experience. We do not go outside of ourselves to experience the light. Rather we let go of what keeps us separate from our own inner light. This is an important distinction and it might be time for you to reflect on your own practice of transfiguration.

In a journey I was given the following practice to start to perform. I was told to really focus and concentrate my energies on absorbing light from the sun, the air I breathe, the water I drink, and the food I eat which comes from the earth. Receiving this light, nurturance and love is an essential part of the experience of feeling embodied.

One way to work with this is find a metaphor of how it feels to fully absorb. The metaphor might be a flower taking in mist after a hot day. I like working with the metaphor of being in a room where the curtains are closed and opening them up and letting the room fill with sun. It might be a metaphor of trees drinking in the rain or sun through their leaves and roots. Think about a metaphor that works for you and use it throughout the day as you absorb the life giving forces of nature.

Last night I had a wonderful dream. I was shown that as we journey, meditate, and connect with all of life while we walk through the world this creates a tremendous amount of joy and healing for the plants, trees, rocks, elements, and animals. I was shown in the dream how much they revel in the connection and how important and beneficial our continued work to connect and have a relationship with all of life is.

I thought we could combine connecting with all of life and absorbing the life giving force of nature on May 9, which is Mother’s Day. As we focus our intention as a global community to connect with all of life and take in the nurturance we are offered from the elements joy is created throughout our environment. And we can add to this experiencing the web of light we have been weaving around the globe as well as tapping into the web of light in the earth we started to experience last month. Connections and relationship create joy and healing. This is a good place for all of us to focus our energies at this time on the planet for it feeds the energies of love, honor, and respect for life. And by receiving the nurturing gifts of our environment also fosters these same energies of love, honor, and respect for the web of life, which we are apart of.

The full moon is May 4. This month there will be a total eclipse of the moon. Let’s keep focused on weaving a human web of light around the globe. Let’s keep experiencing the strength of the web of light within the earth that connects all living beings. Let’s ask the moon to bring us dreams of how we can be in service to life and caretake our home, which is earth.

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