If you are reading the Transmutation News early on in the month there is some work for you to do. The election for President of the United States is coming up in just a matter of days. The results of this election will have an impact on the entire world. So it does not matter where you live, please join in with the collective in this work.

In keeping with the principles of Medicine for the Earth I ask you to throughout the day experience a transfigured state and experience the results of the election in divine perfection. You can do this without doing a formal journey or meditation. Throughout the day tap into a state of source, oneness, and light and experience the results as perfect.

The more people we can get doing this the collective energy will help to raise the vibration of the process. This is important work, please participate in this process each day and throughout the day.

The American people are very deep in trance. And one way that people are being kept in this trance state is through fear. The polls show that many women will be voting for Bush for they think that this is how they can protect their children.

There is a lack of information to these women that environmental pollution is as dangerous if not more than terrorists to the children of the world. And if women really wanted to protect their children they would elect a President who was aware of the need to protect and heal the environment.

As there is such a lack of information in so much of the country and the trance state is so deep it is hard to know who will win the election this year. But we put in our best efforts to work spiritually to experience the results in their divine state.

I know that emotions are running high in many of you reading the Transmutation News. It is important to keep doing our spiritual work. This is truly what the earth needs right now. We must continue to work on finding inner peace no matter what the results of the election are. Am I aware of how great a challenge I am presenting to all of you? Yes, I am. And I am challenged in this too. But I do know in every cell of my being that we must not lose ourselves to holding states of consciousness that pollute the earth.

No matter what the outcome of the election feelings will be running strong in the U.S. and around the world. We need you to be strong and help those in your community process feelings. I will be in Europe and know that feelings will be running as high as in the U.S. And yes, for all of you asking I did vote before leaving the U.S. We all need to work in the best way we can to keep our collective energies strong. We do not have to be swept away by “the storms”. We must be like a strong tree and keep our center.

We are here to tend the garden. We must do our work to continue to transmute the inner and outer toxins that effect our garden. Keep your focus. As I have said many times it is easy to keep focused on our spiritual practice when things are going right. It is harder when life presents challenges.

Keep your focus on transmuting your inner states of consciousness. Keep your focus on dreaming a world into being that is in a divine state. And remember that all spiritual traditions for thousands of years have been teaching that everything manifests on the spiritual level before manifesting on the physical.

This means that as a collective we must keep up the spiritual practices we have been working with over the years.

November 26 is the full moon. Let’s keep weaving a brilliant web of light within and throughout the world.

Stay focused
Stay positive
Stay centered

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