Transmutation News – October 2000

I hope you had a good fall equinox celebration. One way that indigenous people stay in harmony with the rhythm of life is by honoring the change in seasons. As we are part of nature the change in seasons is going to have an impact on our energy, our food requirements, our mood, etc. Acknowledging the change in seasons helps us to adjust to the changes in a harmonious way.

Fall is my favorite season. I intentionally scheduled my first workshop on the material from Medicine For The Earth during the weekend of the fall equinox. The workshop went very well and I am excited about continuing the work.

In organizing the material I wanted to share during the weekend I broke the work down into two parts. I feel the most important part of the transmutation work is bringing in spiritual practices into our lives that move us into a state of harmony. As I have repeated many times on this web page harmony within will create harmony without. Typically the truth and what is most important is so simple.

The second part of the work is the ceremonies, which we perform to actually work with the transmutation of environmental pollution.

The personal work we must do ourselves. Yes, it is important to have community support as we incorporate spiritual practices into our lives. But ultimately no one can change our lives except ourselves. The ceremony work I think does have to be done in community. It is time in our evolution to work with groups to come together to heal our environment.

This month we continue with the spiritual practice of changing ourselves. The last couple of months I have given you suggestions of how to work with transmuting the thoughts and energy you send out into the universe. The words, thoughts and energy we send out ultimately end up showering back down on us. When we send out a lot of negativity we end up polluting our environment. Pollution doesn’t come just from what we physically put into the environment. The thoughts, words, and energy we infuse it with also impact the health of our environment.

Here is a visualization for you to work with:
Close your eyes and with your Imagination picture two beings. One being you will label positive thoughts, words, and energy. The other will represent your negative thoughts, words, and energy. For the next month throughout the day check in to see whom you are feeding. Notice who you are nurturing the most during your day.

If you really take this practice seriously you will notice what you are calling to yourself and your environment by whether you feed the positive or the negative more. Being on a spiritual path is like walking on the edge of a razor. Don’t judge yourself when you fall off, just get back on the path.

I hope you will continue the practice for more than just a month but ask yourself are you willing to commit to this for at least a month.

I have been informed by a friend that has begun taking orders for Medicine For The Earth: How To Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins.

During a recent journey my helping spirits asked me to begin monthly meditations for the purpose of forming a human web of light for global healing. I will give you more Information once I have an opportunity to organize this more.

Transmutation News – September 2000

As we are human it is natural for emotions to arise when things are going well in our life and when we are experiencing trouble. The important factor for us to look at in our work in transmutation is not getting rid of our feelings but being able to transform the energy around our feelings. In doing this we create an energy that can be used for personal and environmental healing.

Here is a very potent ritual for dealing with anger that rides on the exercise I gave you last month about thinking of something precious to you when you are angry.

Any pain that we feel is an indication, a flag that something is not right in our lives. Pain indicates that there is a disharmony. The first step is to acknowledge why you are angry. Where do you feel that disharmony is occurring that brings up your anger? Once you have looked at this and diagnosed the problem it is time to transmute your anger so that it doesn’t sit inside you creating illness or is not being sent outside you to the environment causing spiritual pollution.

Once you are ready for the transmutation work to occur go outside into nature and find something that seems precious to you—a beautiful rock, flower, leaf, etc. Make sure that this object is something that you would want to nurture and love and not harm. Sit with this life form from nature thinking about your anger. Do you want to send your anger to this precious life? Would you like to transmute your anger so as you hold this life form in your angry state you change the energy you are sending to love and light?

Through your intention ask that the energy that you are identifying as anger be transformed to an energy that embraces love and light. Allow the energy of your anger to change into a form embracing some nurturing, life giving energy that you would like to send to this most precious object you have found. Stay with this experience as long as you can until you feel that the energy has shifted and you have returned to a place of harmony.

In this harmonious state you can now work on the original situation that was causing you pain. You can now take action not from a place of anger but from a place of knowing that change needs to happen If you find yourself filled with anger again around the person or situation you are working with go out again and keep repeating the exercise as many times as will shift the emotion you are feeling.

Remember that the life form you found in nature that you feel is so precious is a reflection of the part of you that you feel is precious. As you would not want to direct an energy that would be harmful to your precious life form, you also don’t want to hold an energy that would be harmful to the precious part of you.

Our local Santa Fe newspaper has begun sharing the predictions of scientists that it is possible that Santa Fe will run out of water in the next decade and that there will be a continued drought for the next twenty five years. These articles have moved me to continue my journeying on the weather patterns not just in Santa Fe but also in the world. The weather is so extreme in so many locations around the world right now.

When I journeyed the key words that emerged for me is that this is a time of renewal. For so long humankind has not been acting in harmony with nature. Humankind has seen the earth as a way to fill our needs without giving anything back. As the energy of giving and receiving is out of balance the earth is renewing itself and no longer making itself so “human friendly”. In order for humans to survive there will need to be more attention put on the use of resources as they will not be unlimited. Natural disasters will force us to put our attention on the land and clean up what is happening instead of on collecting more material objects.

As you know I do not believe in doom and gloom prophecies and know that anything being shown that troubles me in a journey can be changed. So I continued my journey by asking how we can change this. I was told for myself that I was to continue doing the ceremonies that I do on my land to honor the earth, the other elements, and all life forms there. The singing and dancing I do on a regular basis giving thanks for all that the land provides me is a wonderful energy of giving thanks to the land that creates the power of reciprocation. This is just a first step and I will continue to ask for more.

In this same journey I was also encouraged to inspire journey groups around the world to do a journey together of looking at how the community can give back energy that would create the earth renewing itself where nurturance could be experienced by all concerned. Is there a gentler way that this process can continue? This is an issue that each community must look at as the spirit of the land in different places is responding to our behavior in different ways.

All life needs to be nurtured and given back to. The earth and the spirit of where you live are alive too.

A reader of this web page, Mark, after reading the section on entering into a place of appreciation when one fears losing something was inspired to write some haiku verses related to protecting Mother Earth. He generously agreed to have me print them here:


Each moment of thanks,
Sending ripples of healing:
Me to Earth to me.

Each moment of thanks,
Ripples joining with others:
We to earth to We.

Each moment of thanks,
Joys of sacred relations:
Help save what still is.

Transmutation News – August 2000

Recently a writer for a book was interviewing me. At the end of the interview she asked me if I felt that the ego had a place in spiritual work and if I thought one could or should get rid of the ego. She was wondering if we could operate in our lives without the ego.

As I have written in the past and as well as in my new book I feel that the ego is the part of us that perceives space and time. For example, the ego tells us how much we have to press the gas pedal to drive. It has a sense of how fast we are going. The spiritual side of us is not aware of speed limits. So yes we need the ego to live in our ordinary lives.

When doing spiritual healing work such as transmutation the ego can get in the way. It is the ego that perceives us separate from the rest of life. In transmutation we are going for union with all that is alive. One purpose of the shaman’s dances and songs is to help to move the ego out of the way so that the power of the universe can come through. One cannot be in union with the spirits, the divine, or the creator when one is fully in an egoic state of consciousness. It blocks the spiritual divine forces from being able to come through.

Krishnamurti used to say that the human mind is infinitely divisive. As we feel separate from others and divine forces we tend to think to survive that we must judge others and compete with others. This philosophy does not work when we are trying to transmute personal and environmental pollution.

Here is a very simple exercise that you can use when yourself moving into an angry or judgmental state:

Think of something very simple that is absolutely precious to you. It might be a baby animal, or a smell, taste, or feeling, or an image of a dew drop on a plant, or a dragonfly, or a bird you love, etc. Think of something that makes you smile and remember how precious life is. When you find what reminds you of the preciousness of life, bring this image, sound, smell, taste, into your awareness when you need help connecting you back to the truth that we are connected to all of life.

This month journey or meditate on other methods you can use to snap yourself out of an angry or judgmental state.

Transmutation News – July 2000

After months of negotiation with Random House I finally have a title for my new book. Random House did not like the title Let There Be Light. So instead the book is titled Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins. The division of Random House that will put out the book is Three Rivers Press and it will be out in January.

Random House took a big risk in taking on this book. Other publishers’ responses to my book proposal were, “This time she has gone too far.” I want the message to get out to the publishing industry that yes the public is interested in spiritual methods for healing the earth. When the book comes out I hope you will inform your communities about it. In this way we can spread the word and also open the door in the publishing world for authors who are writing on a similar topic.

As Santa Fe is still in a drought I have continued journeying on what I need to understand about working with the weather. I had a very interesting journey the other day on this. The spirits told me that when one lives in a mountainous area, it is the mountains that create the weather. I was told that the earth itself calls down certain weather. I was instructed to connect with the spirit of the mountain here as I pray for rain. Here is an application for the journey I asked you to do in merging with the earth. You might find that one way to affect changes in weather is through your connection with the earth itself


On Saturday June 24 our transmutation group performed another long distance experiment with water infused with ammonium hydroxide. We got better results than with our previous work. We were able to change the pH from 11.5 to 10 in about half an hour. This indicates a 30% change in the nature of the water.

This time when I worked I only journeyed. Previously I had been working outside using rattling and toning. In the journey I used transfiguring into the divine forces I work with as well as visualizing the water releasing the ammonium hydroxide. Vic, the physicist we are working with, shared with me after the work that when ammonium has a catalyst some of its ions can transmute to nitrogen gas, which can be released. The nitrogen being released is not a toxic substance. I have to do more journeying on what effect my own visualization process had to do with the results. But it is an interesting new addition to the transfiguration I had been doing.

Once again the key is not what happened to the water, but what happened to all of us engaged in the process. Once again the participants in the work all reported an extreme change in consciousness by embodying the divine forces that made the work successful. The point of the exercise being as we change our own consciousness our outer environment will change.

I did receive a write up of journeys from one journey circle about their journeys to merge with the earth. It was interesting to note that most of the group merged with the earth first by going through water.

I wonder how your journey or meditation went as you merged with air. People who wrote in about merging with air described their journeys to be very pleasurable. Most people did not want to come back from this journey.

This month I suggest you move on to merging with water. You might become a teardrop going down someone’s cheek, or the great ocean, or a drop of dew on a flower. Once again let the creativity of your journeys lead you into a form of water you can become so you can truly understand the element of water which supports all of life.

Don’t forget that water is outside of you as well as in you. You might wish to add to your spiritual work a journey or meditation to understand the nature of water inside you.

Transmutation News – June 2000

During the month of May there were many forest fires in New Mexico. As the national news only spoke about the fire in Los Alamos. many people don’t know there were six forest fires burning at the same time in different parts of the state. The attention was put on Los Alamos for obvious reasons—it is the location of a lab containing tremendous amounts of nuclear material Also all around Los Alamos nuclear waste has been dumped for the last forty years.

The fear of radiation sent many people fleeing Northern New Mexico. There is a true biological drive to survive so I understand the desire to seek safety. But I ask, where in the world is a safe place right now?

The only safe place is inside you. Obviously if a fire is moving towards a house there is the need for evacuation. But then there is the issue of perceived future danger. Our first reaction when we think we are in danger is to run. It is important for us to sit still and allow true clear guidance to emerge from the silence. True wisdom and guidance does not come from chaos.

Back in the 1970’s there was a prediction that there was going to be a huge earthquake in Los Angeles. Freeways were full of people trying to escape. A group of Tibetan Buddhist monks flew into Los Angeles to sit and pray for the land. The message they left is when a disaster is predicted stay put and put your prayers and energy to the land.

Recently scientists are admitting that when the rains of the summer flood the Colorado River coming into New Mexico, radioactivity from all the nuclear waste stored in the canyons will enter the water. This will go through New Mexico, Texas as well as Southern California.

One can take a stance of fear around this or one can move into a place of power. Ancient and modem day mystics have transmuted toxic substances. If even one person could and can do this it means we also have the power to do this. I have already mentioned the formula for transmutation that I put together from all my research. But I feel it is appropriate to mention it here again:

Intention + Love + Union + Concentration + Focus + Imagination + Harmony =Transmutation

My own helping spirits have shared with me that when we fear losing something whether it be a house, job, relationship, our health, etc., move into a place of deep appreciation for what you fear losing. A regular practice of giving thanks and entering into a deep state of appreciation for your life and all you have is one of the keys to transmutation.

Last month I asked you to meditate or journey to merge with the earth. What did you learn about the need for the continual movement of molecules for a healing earth? What did you learn about what earth needs for nurturance?

If you didn’t get this information, go back and do this exercise again. It is crucial to understand how the movement of energy creates a healthy earth and what nurtures it. This is not only important in understanding the earth you walk upon, but it relates to your own health as you are earth too.

This month continue your merging practice to learn about the air. As I instructed last month do not talk to the air—rather become air. Learn by becoming this essential element for life. And remember air is outside of us as well as inside.

As air you might become the mighty wind or you might be the quiet stillness of the air on a perfect summer day, or you might be a gentle breeze moving through the grass or trees, or the great gust surfing through the landscape. Use your imagination.

These merging exercises should be done more than once. Each time you merge with an element you will learn more.

I would love to answer questions about what I have written about transmutation so far. Also, I would love to hear your experiences from the exercises.

I know it is hard to believe, but I am not on e-mail. If you are willing to work with the archaic system of “snail mail” I will post on the next month’s web page answers to your questions and share your experiences.

You can write to me at:
Sandra Ingerman
P.O. Box 4757
Santa Fe. New Mexico 87502

Let’s not forget to honor the change of season to summer this month.

Transmutation News – May 2000

I have found one of the keys to the success of our work with the transmutation of the water has been merging with the water either before or as we worked.

In previous web pages I have written that I feel that much of the illness we suffer today is a direct result of how we have become separated from nature. The elements earth, water, air, and fire are not only around us, but we are made up of these elements too. I have found it to be beneficial to bring into your spiritual practice a way of merging with the elements. This practice is not to try to speak to or communicate with an element, although this practice is important too, rather it is learning by becoming and being the element you are working with.

If you are trained in the practice of shamanic journeying, you would journey with the intention to merge with an element. If you are not trained in this spiritual practice you would want to do a meditation with the same intention. I would suggest putting on some music which is relaxing to you. As you listen to the music make sure that you are breathing, allowing yourself to move into a deep meditative state. When you feel that you are in a deep state, hold an intention that you want to experience a particular element by becoming it.

This month I suggest that you work with the element of earth. As we are in the season of spring the earth is teaming with life. As you become the earth you will experience the frost of winter being dissolved creating an incredible vitality that will amaze you as you experience it. You might choose to merge with the soil in your garden or where you live, or the earth of a desert, tropical beach, or rain forest. Use your imagination. Feel how the earth is being fed by the sun and the moisture and the movement of life in this season.

We all know that the earth is alive. And as you feel it’s life force you will experience this concept on a much deeper level.

For the month of May just concentrate on learning about the life force of earth by merging with it. Next month I will lead you through the next element to work with.

Our transmutation group performed our next experiment with water. We wanted to try working long distance where this time all the group members were in different locations. Once again we found that we were able to change the pH in a similar way as when a group worked together long distance. We have not been able to change the water as significantly long distance as when the group has been working in the same room with the water. But it did change. Obviously more work needs to be done.

I feel perfecting our long distance technique is important as when we move into working with nuclear waste we would want to work long distance for obvious reasons.

I scheduled two workshops on transmutation this fall, which filled immediately. I will be scheduling more workshops for 2001. As soon as I come up with some dates I will let you know.

Transmutation News – April 2000

Happy spring! I hope you will take some time and revel in the changes that nature is delighting us with. Spring is a great time to plant the seeds we wish to come to fruition this summer.

In February I was teaching a two week intensive workshop on shamanic methods in Portland, Oregon through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. There were seventy five people in the workshop, and I felt it was a perfect opportunity to take the experimentation with polluted water one step further.

Vic, the physicist we have been consulting with, made up a batch of water with ammonium hydroxide in Colorado. He made up the water two hours before our group intended on working with it. He kept testing the pH of the water to see if the pH would change on its own. It did not.

Our group spent the day preparing for the work. We did journeys to merge with water. We also did a journey to experience the process of dismemberment/transfiguration as I describe in my new book to embody divine forces which could transmute the water.

When our session began in the evening we used drumming, rattling, dancing and singing to help us change our state of consciousness. We proceeded with toning to provide the space where we could embody the divine and the helping spirits. Some people just prayed for divine intervention but most of the group worked with embodying a spiritual force.

Due to the time difference in Colorado, we only had a short time to work. We knew the address of the water, but no one, including myself had ever been to the location. This was the next step in our experimentation process. Could change happen to the water, without us having any knowledge about the location except an address? We were able to change the pH from 11 to 10 in our short period of working, which from a scientific view would be considered unexplainable.

At some point I plan on moving our experimentation to the next level, working on bodies of water versus bowls of water and also extending our work to include other elements. The point of my new book Let There Be Light is that we can reverse all environmental pollution through the use of spiritual methods. But first it is important to see what works in a controlled situation and then we will be ready for the next step.

Last month, on this web page, I posted a formula I have developed for transmutation to occur. I hope you had some time to work with this. It is important for me to stress that what is crucial is not trying to change the pollution in the environment without changing ourselves first. Finding harmony inside of ourselves will naturally effect our outer world without trying to force a change to occur. Therefore, the key is bringing spiritual practices into your life twenty four hours a day, three hundred sixty five days a year. You will not experience harmony outside of yourself until you have a deep sense of harmony inside. I know I keep repeating this point, but it is the key to changing the world we live in.

Pollution signifies energy that is stuck as vital energy is always moving. During this powerful season of the year put out a strong intention that you wish your energy to be aligned with the healthy moving vibration of the earth and all the elements. Ask that the veils between the worlds be lifted so you can align with the pure unpolluted vibration of the earth. State your intention at the beginning of each day. Notice if this brings more harmony into your life.

Review the formula I wrote about last month and keep journeying and meditating on it. Come up with some spiritual practices that you can work with which will help you embody this formula.

Transmutation News – March 2000

Last month I wrote about the experiment we did with transmuting chemically polluted water in Santa Fe. We went one step further with this work, and we tried to replicate our results working long distance. I was to make up a batch of water with ammonium hydroxide at a certain hour, Diana, Gail, and Kate would journey and then perform a ceremony to embody the divine to change the PH of tile water. I had told them where in my house I was going to place the bowl of water. About a minute before I was to make up the water an idea came to make up two bowls of water and place one bowl in a room where Diana, Gail, and Kate would have no knowledge of this water.
I was concerned about not focusing on the water while they were doing their work. The universe provided help with this. As soon as I placed the bowl of water in my house, my phone rang. The call coming in was a business call which demanded my full attention. The call lasted as long as the ceremony in Colorado was taking place.
The results we got were not as dramatic as the results when we worked at my house together, but we did get good results. The PH went from 11 to a 9.5 in the bowl of water placed in my kitchen. The fascinating piece is that the PH in the bowl that no one knew existed except me, showed no change. So this was quite interesting.
This month we will continue our experimentation with the long distance work and we will switch the process where the water is made up in Colorado, and I will work with a group to attempt to transmute it.
In our work so far we found singing to be essential to keeping the focus of our intention as well as helping us remain in a state of union with divine forces. We each used our shamamic power songs to prepare ourselves for getting into an altered state and then we used to toning to keep us in a state of union.

I wanted to add a little more information about ammonium hydroxide as I was informed that I have not given all the correct information in last month’s web page. Ammonium hydroxide does not come from just decaying vegetable matter. It is also a byproduct of human or animal wastes. This is a very common contaminant that makes soil very alkaline arid water undrinkable. It has a distinctive odor and foul taste, so that creatures will naturally not drink it. It does have the capability to break down cell walls in the digestive tract, but the odds of some one drinking a high enough concentration are low. The key here is that the water is no longer usable when the ammonium is present.
Ammonium hydroxide makes fatty acids more soluble in water. This can make other pollutants such as petroleum products water soluble. This process increases the danger of petroleum in the environment by enabling it to spread faster. Therefore, ammonium hydroxide is a contaminate in itself and also harmful in terms of its affect on some other contaminants.
The paper strips we used are ph test strips that are much more sensitive than litmus paper.

After reading stories of the miracle of transmutation in the Bible, the Kabalah, and those authored by Egyptians, Taoists, Yogis, alchemists, shamans, and modern—day mystics, I found the elements they all shared. The following formula naturally evolved: intention + love + harmony + union + focus + concentration + imagination = transmutation. This formula is a hologram whose components all work together, and are inseparable from the whole.
You can begin meditating or journeying on this formula and notice if you are inspired in your work and life by it.

Transmutation News – February 2000

On January 8 and 9, Diana, Gall, and Kate arrived at my house for our fist weekend experiment with transmutation. Woods, my husband who teaches meditation and yoga joined us. The work we did that weekend proved to be quite a learning experience for us all.

As I reported on last month’s web page, my helping spirits advised that I stick to working with chemical pollution in my experimentation with transmutation of polluted water. The reason I chose to work with water is that from my research I learned that it is easy to work with. I had also learned in journeys that water is a reflector and will reflect back the state of people around it. So although Let There Be Light addresses reversing all environmental pollution through the use of spiritual methods, I decided to start with the transmutation of water before moving onto other elements.

I consulted with the Good Water Company in Santa Fe which tests water. They had suggested that I work with water with gasoline in it as the change in hydrocarbons would be easy to test for. Before our weekend I went to Good Water where we made a control batch of 300 ml of water to 5 ml of gasoline. I took the rest of the gasoline and water I had brought to Good Water home to work with.

Diana’s husband is an astrophysicist. He made us up a bottle of deionized water (purified water with no contaminants in it) as well as a bottle of anirnonium hydroxide. Ammonium hydroxide is a common pollutant in water and causes cell walls to break down and dissolve, making it quite dangerous for animals and humans to drink.

The benefit for us to work with aninionium hydroxide was that it is a common and dangerous pollutant, but yet we could test our results as we worked. We didn’t need to send the water we worked on to a lab as we had to with the water with gasoline. We could use litmus paper to test our results as ammonium hydroxide is extremely basic.

The other substance that we worked with was quinine. When you put quinine water (tonic water) in a dark mug and shine a light on it, you would see that it was blue. Quinine is not harmful, but as we could see the change in color as we worked, it was used also.

We spent the day Saturday and Sunday journeying to prepare for the ceremonies performed both nights. Woods taught us simple yoga postures and breathing techniques that cleared us out before we journeyed. We all agreed that the combination of the two methods was quite extraordinaiy. Oxygenating the body before journeying allowed us to go to very deep places very quickly.

The journeys we did came from my new book. The two ceremonies performed used two different methods that I discuss in the book. Briefly, one was asking for divine intervention where we called in the helping spirits and asked them to transmute and heal the water. The other, which I emphasize as the way I suggest working, was for each of us to embody the divine or our helping spirits and also bring forth the divinity of the water itself. We found that singing and toning was a potent way to remain in a complete state of union with the helping forces we worked with. I will share more about this next month.

The reason that I suggest working with embodying the divine and/or the helping spirits one works with is that when you do this you change. You are not the same person once you have had union with the divine or your helping spirits. Let There Be Light, is really a modern day book of alchemy. By achieving harmony within, we will experience harmony without. It’s not what we do in the world that makes transmutation successful, it is who we become.

By working with divine intervention and asking the spirits to do the work, I did not change. Every time I have worked with becoming in union with the divine or my own helping spirits by enibodying them, I have evolved in a good way. To be touched by the sacred is life changing.

Now onto the results of the work. Most of the time spent was in the preparation for the work. The most important aspects of doing any kind of transmutation work is creating sacred space and a strong community. The rest follows on its own. The PH of the water with ammonium hydroxide on Saturday night was 11.5 which is dangerous to drink. After our work, it went down to 9 which is within safe drinking standards.

On Sunday night we started with a PH of 12 and again the PH went down to 9 on the next testing. I would say on both nights we tested the difference in the PH in about 15—20 minutes of the actual healing work. meaning that the change happened in a very short period of time. We will not have the results of the water with gasoline for another few weeks. I am not sure if we were able to change the gasoline in the water. But in my journeys, and with Woods testing with kinesiology we feel that we changed the water so that the gasoline was not harmful to it. I was shown in my journey that the water was actually beaming. Woods with his testing found that the field of the water was quite large and strong. This brought up an interesting issue. There are many mystics around the world who are not traumatized by physical events. For example, Jack Schwarz has had sail needles placed into his body without suffering from any pain or physiological Trauma. He says that he does this by changing his state of consciousness so that he is not Jack Schwarz but one with Source.

We did do a lot of work preparing the water to make the water “holy” or “divine” before adding the pollutants. But at this point, there is no scientific way to test for the life force of water. So there is no way to scientifically prove that the water was in no way affected by the pollutants we added.

We only worked with the quinine on Sunday night, and through visual methods we could see less blue in the water before and after we worked. Again, quinine is not a pollutant so we not as focused on this as a problem. We were more curious to see what changes would occur.

With all the preparation work we did each day we directly experienced that water is a living being. In all shamanic traditions, it is said that everything is alive. But to have such an intimate experience with the healing of water and to experience in such a deep way it’s own “beingness”, I will never drink water or use water in the same way. consciousness and the consciousness of others present this weekend know in a cellular way that we are working in partnership with a beautiful, sacred living being. And I really got that everytime we dump pollutants into the water, on the earth, in the air, in the firere we are actually killing living beings.

There is more I would like to share about what we all learned and directions to go. So the next part will appear next month. And I just want to say that this was just a first experiment of many to come. I plan to devote my life in this direction.

The conflict I have with writing about the success in working with the water is I fear that people will become focused on just trying to transmute water or other elements without doing the necessary work to change oneself first. As afl alchemists knew the work within was what produced the results.

I have just finished the first edit of Let There Be Light. It will be out next Jan/Feb. It sounds like a long time away, but time passes rather quickly these days.

There is a retreat center in N. New Mexico that has extraordinary land. I am trying to find a weekend this summer where Woods and I can do our first workshop on transmutation where we will work in a siniiliar way to the work we did in January. We are having some problems finding free dates at Ocamora, but we are working on it. Hopefully, I will have dates to report next month.

Here’s a thought to ponder on from my book Welcome Home:Following Your Soul’s Journey Home:

“We can learn how to transform the energy behind our thoughts.
Can similiar principles be used to transmute pollution and toxins in our environment?”

Transmutation News – January 2000

On January 8 and 9, a small group who has been reading and working on the material in Let There Be Light: Healing Through Transmutation (this is the tentative title of my new book as I have been writing it) will gather in Santa Fe. At this time we will attempt to transmute water that has been tested by a lab in Santa Fe and is known to be polluted. Using spiritual methods we will try to reverse the pollution. The water will once again be tested. My helping spirits have advised me to work with chemical pollution as that is what is causing so much illness. The plan at this point is to put things like gasoline, oil, and arsenic in water we are trying are to transmute. I will keep you posted on what happens.
I am very excited about this work and plan to focus my energy on continuing experimentation in this vein.

We are making a new transition into the next century. I am sure that you are feeling changes in your life and around you. As with all transitions, some chaos is bound to occur, In Welcome Home I share the following advice for times of great change:
Stay focused
Stay positive
Stay centered
To move into the work of transmutation, you must develop a practice which will help you follow the above advice. You can only create healing in the environment when you can stay focused, optimistic, and centered.

May you find harmony, peace, and joy in your life as you celebrate the beginning of a new century. Happy 2000!