Over the last couple of years I have been emphasizing the work of transfiguration into your divinity. The formula for transmutation being used is love + union + harmony + intention + concentration + focus + imagination. The transfiguration work we have been doing includes all the elements but it mainly focuses on union.

As I continue to listen to the news and read newspapers I keep being bombarded with the knowledge that important decisions are being made by a culture that loves money and power more than life. We talk about the power of love and from a societal point of view we don’t live from a place of love.

Let’s create some balance in the world around this during the month of July. Hopefully, you will live in a loving manner all year round. But I would like us to focus our intention as, a world community devoted to seeing a change in consciousness occur on the planet.

Let’s focus our intention on love and appreciation for the elements that give us life. Take some time to think about your relationship with the elements.

When you were in your mother’s womb it was water that held you, nurtured you, and kept you safe as you grew into a being ready to enter the world. And during your lifetime water will bring nurturance and life to your body as well as cleanse you physically, emotionally and spiritually.
When you left the womb the very first being you bonded with was air as your life began with your first breath. The last being you say goodbye to is air as you leave this world with your last breath. All through your life you have an ongoing and invisible relationship with air.

The earth nurtures you with the beauty of nature as well as with the abundance of food she provides you.

The sun (fire) provides you with the energy for your life as well as brings light into our life. Without the sun there would be no plants, trees, animals or other living beings. You are dependent on the energy of the sun for your life.

Throughout your day really stop and breathe into your heart feelings of love for the elements, which bring you life, as well as the beauty you are surrounded with. I think all of life benefits when we praise life. It’s time for the love of life to fill the ethers instead of the love of material objects and power.

As you spend time appreciating the beauty of nature around you, I ask you to reflect on “the seed” which life is created from. You can appreciate the beauty in a city too, as there are plants, trees, rocks, etc.

We all know that plants and trees grow from seeds. The seed contains all the knowledge to grow into a form on earth. The plant or tree doesn’t look for information outside of it, as the seed contains the knowledge for it’s life, growth, and health.

We also have “the seed of life” within us. I like to see this seed as the light of our divinity. In alchemy it is taught that we all have a golden seed within us. The seed within also contains the blueprint for our lives on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

We live in a world that no longer acknowledges the wisdom and magic of the seed within. We look outside of ourselves for information. Is it no wonder this is being reflected back to us by the movement toward bio engineered plants with artificial seeds?

This month reflect on the potency and information that the seed inside of you contains. Everything you need to know to create and grow is contained in the seed within you. As you honor the seed of knowledge within, you might find yourself feeling more centered and tapped into your intuition.

When you honor someone’s divinity you are actually acknowledging and honoring the seed of knowledge within.

Over the last year I have had a wonderful response to what I have been teaching in my Advanced Healing Training. In 2004 I am changing the name to Healing With Spiritual Light. I have never been happy with the name Advanced Healing. Although I finally “got” that the word “advanced” as my helping spirits suggested me use did not mean work that needs a lot of experience. Instead it means the next step: an advancement forward in the work.

In this training we use spiritual light that comes from transfiguring into one’s divinity as well as the spiritual light that comes from the pure vibration of the helping spirits to heal illness. I have written about this in the February 2003 Transmutation News.

I also talk a lot about preparing the client to receive this spiritual light. One part of my teachings around this is how the practitioner might perceive the client to raise his or her vibration. If we perceive the client as suffering and ill as we share spiritual light we are not tapping into the highest vibration possible.

Yes, on one level the client is suffering and we don’t want to deny this. But as we are working on a very esoteric level we also want to see the client from an esoteric point of view. In esoteric healing the client is seen in his or her divinity and as perfect. I would not say to a client that he or she is not ill and in pain. But as I transfigure into a divine state it is important to see the client in a divine state too.

On that same note I have been teaching practitioners about the difference between petition and decree. In some shamanic trainings practitioners are taught to ask for the pity of the helping spirits to alleviate suffering.

As I keep journeying my helping spirits keep asking me to stop begging for help and to stand in my power and work in a true partnership with them. It feels to me that this has been an evolution to my shamanic work to fit the needs of the 21st century. As I have written in Medicine for the Earth and teach in my trainings the spirits are asking us to work in partnership with them to transmute pollution rather that asking them to do it all for us.

As this is the principle I have been embodying in my work it is hard for me to ask the spirits I work with to take pity on my clients.

In a petition there is the aspect of asking for pity. A decree has a completely different vibration to it. Examples of a decree would be:
The light of God/the goddess surrounds me.
The love of the universe enfolds me.
The power of light protects me.

Tom Cowan wrote a beautiful book that just came out called Yearning for the Wind. It is published by New World Library. The book is filled with decrees that the Celtic people of Ireland and Scotland use.

Using a decree is another way for us to stand in our power and work in partnership with the spirits for help in our lives as well as in the world.

Notice the energy when you say, “Please help me.” And then notice the energy when you say, “The help I need is present right now.”

As you do your spiritual work this month watch how you use petition verses decree in your life and work. Try using decrees and notice if you feel a change in the vibration around you.

Last month I asked you to transfigure into water instead of merging with water. During this time I introduced the work of transfiguring into an element to some groups that I have worked with for years.

After my explanation I found that many people were still confused about the difference of merging and transfiguring. When we merge we merge with something outside of us. So in merging with water we go to a place in nature and merge with water there. In transfiguring into an element we shapeshift into the element. So we shapeshift, we become water.

In our work we use the principle of as above, so below; as within, so without. Merging works with “so without” and transfiguration works with “as within”. Of course, the end result is all the same. So don’t get caught up in concepts.

I also started teaching workshop participants how to transfigure into an element and heal a client with the spiritual light and energy of the element. I have the practitioner do a diagnostic journey first to learn what element a client needs.

Everyone I have taught this method to has shared how potent this work is. The power of the elements has much to share with us. They give us life and have much healing potential in our lives. I will share more with you about this method in time.

For now let’s transfigure into air during the month of July. Remember how much you are dependent on this invisible element. If you are new to the Transmutation News look at the last couple of months to see how you can join in with us with this work.

Let’s recap what I am asking you to focus on this month. Let’s as a world community gather our energies together to focus on the power of love. As you go about your day as much as you can breathe into your heart and feel love for the elements, nature, and all of life. And remember the importance of the seed within.

Practice transfiguring into the element air and notice what you learn from shapeshifting into air.

The full moon is July 13. Please join in our monthly practice in weaving a planetary web of life and prayers to help the women and children whom our environment no longer support.

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