We are living in a time of great unknowns. It is key to keep our focus and continue our spiritual work.

It is important to remember that what is happening in our outer world is a reflection of what is happening in our inner state of being. You can see how the world is reflecting back where the collective unconscious is right now.

In the collective we believe that by attacking others who we feel threaten our security we will be safe. The collective is also acting out of fear and anger resulting from feeling a lack and being stuck in the energy of scarcity.

Those of you reading this know it is pure illusion to believe that we can conquer what we are afraid of and who we are angry with. As long as we believe that we are separate from each other our minds will find ways to compensate for our feelings of insecurity and lack. Until we find what we are looking for inside ourselves, our minds will create the need to keep conquering those we fear and hate and who we believe have something we want until we have destroyed all living beings.

The key is to do the inner work that allows us to feel peace, love harmony, security, abundance and oneness inside. We must keep our focus as we try to lift the vibration of the minds that are operating in our world today.

Continue your transfiguration practice every day. Not only will this practice keep you physically and spiritually strong and centered during this time it produces a spiritual light that goes out into the world lifting the vibration and sending light where it is needed.

The Aramaic definition of the word alchemy is work that is done with and through the dense darkness inside. As we look at the darkness in the world today we can see how sharing the spiritual light we receive through transfiguring into our divinity can work through the dense energies. And this work needs the focus of many. So continue to work on your own or in groups whenever you can.

If you are new to this web page and need instructions with the practice of transfiguration, please look at the July 2002 Transmutation News.

Keep moving the energy from your mind into your heart by breathing into your heart throughout the day. The mind attaches to memories of the past and comes up with things to fear and react to with anger. As you continue to breathe into your heart your awareness will be heightened to be able to listen to spiritual guidance, access your intuition and move through negative states of consciousness.

I have shared the following story before, but I do believe it is important for many of us to read it again. This story is called “The Two Wolves”:

A Native American grandfather was talking to his grandson about many things.
He said, “I feel as if two wolves are fighting in my heart. One wolf is vengeful, angry, violent…and the other is loving, compassionate and strong.”
The grandson asked the grandfather “Which wolf will win the fight in your heart?”
The grandfather replied, “The one I feed”.

Observe your thoughts and the words you use throughout the day. Notice which heart you are feeding.
I am not asking you to deny the range of feelings that come up for you. Experience them fully and then begin to do some of the practices that I have outlined in Part II of Medicine for the Earth to help you move through them. The only way out is through. Work your feelings through so that in the end you are feeding the heart you wish to see manifested.
Read books that inspire you to stay in your heart and help you remember your own divinity. This will help you a lot more than turning on the TV and getting lost in the collective fear that is being fed.
Don’t isolate yourself right now. Find others you can meet with where you can inspire each other to continue your spiritual practices as well as share and work feelings through with.

On the surface level the world consciousness is filled with disharmony creating the problem we see today. In esoteric healing illness is not recognized, only perfection is recognized. When we do our work to remember our divinity and the divinity of all living things, in that presence there is only perfection.
In my own healing practice when I become frustrated with someone’s stuck state my helping spirits tell me to see that person in his or her perfection. Just like we want to feed the heart of unity and love, we also want to send spiritual light to feed the perfection of those we fear, who we are angry with, and who are stuck. Once again we are sharing spiritual light so that the divine perfection of the beings in the world is being fed so all life might shine. It is a key principle of alchemy and transmutation we want to stay focused on.

And of course I cannot encourage you enough to keep up your practice of dreaming the world you want to live in into being. See, hear feel, smell and taste the world as you wish it as if it is happening now.

More than ever we need people who are willing to focus their attention and intention on dreaming a new world that embraces love, harmony, peace, abundance, and the understanding that we are all one into being.

I was really struck in reading The Hidden Gospel by Neil-Douglas Klotz that in Aramaic there is no word for “good” or “evil”. In Aramaic the words would be “ripe” and “unripe. As we make judgements about the goodness or evil manifested in the world right now I encourage you to work with the metaphor of ripe and unripe. It really helps shift perspective about the forces being played out.

At a Medicine for the Earth reunion I led in March we had the opportunity to have a Kirlian camera at our group. The type of Kirlian camera used was not the typical one you have probably heard of or seen that photographs the color of auras. This camera was developed by a Russian doctor and used to diagnose imbalances in the energy systems in the body. It was developed to read not only the energy system of a person, but also the energy in each organ in the body. With this camera there is also software to photograph the field of living matter such as water.

During our four-day meeting we took a lot of pictures as I taught the Advanced Healing Training. We used transfiguring into our divinity to share spiritual light with the client. We also used merging with the energy of our power animal or teacher without form (I wrote about this process in the February 2003 Transmutation News) to share spiritual light with a client. We also did our water transmutation ceremony with deionized water we polluted with ammonium hydroxide.
In all of these healing ceremonies we performed, whether for clients or for water, we used sound (through toning) and light (by bringing through pure formless spiritual light) for healing and transformation/transmutation.

Using the Kirlian equipment we took pictures before and after clients had their healing sessions. We took pictures of practitioners before and after the transfiguration and merging work. We also took pictures of the water before and after our transmutation ceremony.

The results were quite dramatic. The energy field of the practitioners after the transfiguration and merging work were quite amazing. The practice of transfiguration, I have been encouraging you to do on a regular basis, really showed the greatest change in the spiritual as well as the physical state of the practitioners. People who had really depleted spiritual and physical fields filled out completely after performing our transmutation ceremony.

The water, which showed itself with no energy field at all, turned into a star after the work.

These spiritual practices do make a difference in our environment and our own spiritual and physical states of well being, but we do have to keep up the work.

The dramatic case studies of the affects of transfiguration into one’s divinity that I have collected over the past few years added to the before and after pictures we saw of the change in people’s energy field after the work shows an enormous potential for bringing balance and harmony into our own life and the life of the planet.

I hope you will share this practice with others. For people who are trained in shamanic journeying you can ask them to journey to a power animal or teacher to help facilitate the process. The intention of the journey is to let go of anything that keeps you separate from your own divinity, source or oneness and then to experience that state of divinity. You need to encourage people to find the words that work best for them. If you are doing this as part of a healing ceremony instruct people to come back to the room in their divinity using toning to hold that state.

If people are not trained in shamanic journeying you can read to them the guided visualization I wrote on page 184-187 of Medicine for the Earth or you can come up with your own. If you want to conduct a healing ceremony for others, I instruct people in the July 2002 Transmutation News where you want to stop this visualization so you can have people come back toning.

If you are working with transfiguration as a healing ceremony put something in the middle of the circle you wish to send spiritual light to. You can put a picture of the earth or write down names of people and/or issues. If you have people in your group who are in pain you can have them lie in the middle.

Instruct the people who are transfiguring into their divinity to come back, and stand up, and keep up the toning with their hands facing toward the circle. The toning and the work will naturally come to an end. Let the process be organic.
Make sure everyone is grounded before leaving to go home.

This is a potent practice and I hope you will share it with people who are willing to try it. My experience is that once people are introduced to the practice they become hooked as it moves one into such a profound state of consciousness.

Please continue to feed the human web of light we have been weaving throughout the days to come. We have been focusing on this practice in the full moon, as we will continue to on April 16. However, it is good to keep up the practice whenever your heart leads you to.

And please remember to continue the meditation for women and children on the full moon as I described it in the February 2003 Transmutation News.

I know many of us feel great empathy for the innocent who are being affected by the war right now. Let’s send spiritual light to them to raise them up and feed their own spiritual strength. Again we can do this by focusing on those you wish to help while you transfigure into your divinity and tone for them while in this divine state of oneness.

You can do this work in groups you are involved with, or if you do it alone know you are merging with thousands of others who are doing this work daily. You are not working alone.

Even if you can’t teach people the full process of transfiguration just instruct them to go to source and tone from this place. This works really well, as you will see if you try it.

In this time of great change:
Stay focused
Stay positive
Stay centered

And please keep tending “the garden.”

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