I picked an interesting day to write the Transmutation News. Due to my traveling schedule I do not have much choice on when I write this monthly newsletter.

A fire just north of Santa Fe has the town completely enveloped with smoke. I went outside to water some of my plants which are so stressed from draught and smoke. I could barely breathe and got nauseous from breathing in so much smoke. The birds are panicking and flying into things. I go inside to turn on the news to see if I can get any information on where that fire is and I see people preparing to deal with floods from an incoming hurricane. Days ago I was watching cars floating down streets in the Midwest from flooding. While parts of the country are flooding, the Southwest is burning up by unusually high temperatures and no rain. This is like a deja-vu as I remember writing about smoke filled skies last summer in the midst of flooding in other parts of the country.

I sit here wondering, just how out of balance does nature have to get before masses wake up? Yes, there are many people waking up on the planet today. We are all doing what we can to send light and raise the vibration. And we must keep up our spiritual work no matter what is happening in the external world. The time we live in requires us to not get attached to external validation but yet know that the work we are doing together is important. It is more important than ever for different spiritual groups from different traditions to support each other. No matter how different our methods seem, the end result is the same.

In June I presented the Medicine for the Earth work at a conference on the Rio Grande River in Santa Fe. There was a group of people from the Hopi reservation from the Black Mesa Trust. I gave a lecture that focused on the two levels of the Medicine for the Earth work. I talked about it is who we become that changes the world and not what we do. I included in this lecture the importance of transmuting the energy around our emotions, thoughts, and attitudes and also reported on the ceremonial work we have been doing with the water we have polluted with ammonium hydroxide. I stressed the need to combine ceremonies to reverse the pollution we have created with the daily spiritual practices we must incorporate to change on an inner level.

Then we did a short ceremony to create blessed holy water that volunteers would give back to the Rio Grande at different locations on the river.

After the ceremony four Hopi men came up to me to thank me for my words and the ceremony. There was one elder in the group. They said it was like listening to an outsider speaking the words of their grandfathers. It touched them deeply and helped them as many of the Hopi have rejected the old teachings.

It’s important to plant seeds and inspire people where we can. You never know how your words will heal those around you.

The conference ended up being smaller that we expected. But for the people who came it was a way of networking and offering support to each other.

I have written about the plight of the Hopi and Navajo before. Every day, Peabody Western Coal Company pumps 3.3 million gallons of pure groundwater from the Navajo Aquifer, which flows beneath the Hopi and Navajo nations in northeastern Arizona. The water is mixed with crushed coal and slurried from a stripmine on Black Mesa to a power plant in Nevada. The poisoned water is neither reclaimed nor reused.

The waste water is a serious threat to the land as well as the Hopi people. The Hopi and Navajo are running out of water to use as a result of this.

If you are interested in learning more you can visit www.BlackMesaTrust.org.

Some of you have been writing in and asking me what is happening with the book for children I have been working on. As I have been traveling non-stop I had to put it aside for awhile. Also, at this point there are no publishers expressing interest. This has never stopped me from continuing my writing before.

But a student of mine has presented me with an opportunity to work on the same material but in a different form that will reach a much broader audience. I don’t want to say much more than that right now as we have just begun the project. But I am very excited about the possibilities. There are so many children who obviously came in with the tools to heal what we have created. I feel a task for all of us is to help them stay awake and not fall under the spell we have as adults.

I will say more as this project proceeds. When I am done with the project I am working on, I will complete the book I began. I hope to be done with both projects by the end of the year.

After I came back from Brazil to see Joao de Deus, which was a wonderful experience, I had a great dream. In the dream I went to Switzerland where I was meeting with the group that is in the three-year training I am teaching.

I walked into the room and the group was so excited. They wanted to share with me that they had finally gotten what I have been teaching about the importance of setting a strong intention. They all got at the same moment that they could create anything with intention. At that moment I woke up.

All the ancient teaching share the importance of setting intention. Let’s pay special attention to the intentions we put out through our day.

As the elements outside of us are trying to make a statement about the imbalance of our way of life, let’s together on Sunday August 16, meditate or journey to the elements with in. Using the principle of as above, so below; as within, so without what is the message the elements are trying to tell us about restoring balance to ourselves and our planet?

If you want to send me very brief messages (one or two sentences), I will post them on the next Transmutation News.

Back in the 1990’s I used to write a soul retrieval newsletter twice a year. I would find that before the next issue was to be written I would receive letters from practitioners asking the same question. Obviously, that would be the issue I would write about.

In the last few weeks I have received letters from students who practice both the classical shamanic healing methods and from practitioners who are working with bringing through spiritual light through the use of transfiguration.

The results of the work seemed to surprise the practitioners. Instead of getting reports that a client felt great after the soul retrieval or other forms of healing work, a client might have reported fear or anger or other issues arising. The practitioners were asking me if I thought something went wrong.

On the contrary something went right. Yes, clients often come to us seeking “a spiritual happy pill.” But is this really healing? As I used to write over and over in my soul retrieval newsletter, sometimes the spiritual healing work we do for a client marks the end of their healing. And sometimes the healing work we perform marks the beginning of their work.

When we bring back lost essence, power, or spiritual light that which still needs to be healed will surface. This begins the incredibly rich process of now having what has been blocking us on all levels be addressed and worked through. There of course are many ways to work through issues that arise. Some people choose to work through issues with going to a psychotherapist. Some would prefer to use methods such as shamanic journeying or meditation to bring light to an issue and work it through.

The result of spiritual healing work can sometimes finish issues that have already been worked through physically and emotionally. If the issue has not been worked through, the spiritual healing will bring to light the work that still needs to be done. This is a good thing. Practitioners must become comfortable with uncomfortable states arising for clients after healing work. It is not a realistic expectation of practitioners or clients that everyone will feel ecstatic and happy after one session. For true healing is a process. I hope you get the point.

The full moon is August 11, please continue to weave a planetary human web of light.

Please remember to experience the feelings of love and appreciation for yourself and all living beings as much as possible. The more you do this your life changes as well as you change the vibration of the world around you.

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