I hope you are enjoying the beautiful season of fall.

On the recommendation of friends, I went to see the movie “Seabiscuit.” I did enjoy it, but what struck me was the reaction of the audience. I can not remember being at a movie when the audience clapped at different places throughout it and at the end. I remember when I was a child everyone clapped at the end of a movie. But that doesn’t seem to be the case these days.

Obviously what excited folks was how inspirational the movie is. One of the themes that I have been writing about for years is that people want and need to be inspired. Times are perceived as tough, since we have gotten caught up in the illusion that we are separate. There is a lot of suffering going on for many on different levels. I think that “Seabiscuit” helped people feel that when times are tough, not to give up. In not giving up, there is success.

My point being, as much as you can use words and bring conversations with others to a place of inspiring hope instead of getting trapped in discussing how bad things are and asking “what is the use of trying to do anything about it,” we become uplifted instead of depressed.

In the spring I recorded a CD called “The Beginner’s Guide to Shamanic Journeying.” It was produced by Sounds True. It will be available for sale between October 15 and November 1.

The CD is 74 minutes long. On the CD I talk about the practice of shamanic journeying and how it can be used to access spiritual guidance in modern times. I give instructions on how to journey to the Lower World, Middle World, and Upper World. I also talk about different kinds of journeys one might choose to take. The CD ends with a 10 minute drumming track, followed by the return beat.

The CD has enough information for people to start journeying for themselves. I did not have the time to delve into how shamanic journeying can be used for others.

If you are interested in ordering the CD, you can get it from Sounds True. You can call them at 800-333-9185 or 303-665-3151, or you can visit their website: www.soundstrue.com.

I did a second project for Sounds True that will be out this February. I took what I lectured on in “The Beginner’s Guide to Shamanic Journeying” and expanded it into an 80-page book. I had a lot more space to go into more details about journeying and was able to tell more stories that are based on my experience in teaching. Included with the book will be a CD of three different drumming sessions. One is 10 minutes long, one 30 minutes, and one is a 30-minute double drumming session. Again, all the drumming includes the return beat.

This will be available in February, but I will give you a reminder when it comes out. Both projects can be used to teach others how to journey if you have been wanting to start a journey group, but have been unsure how to introduce the practice to others.

To anticipate the interest that might come from the general public from these two projects, I have started a new website: www.shamanicteachers.com. This website will list local teachers who are available to teach basic shamanic journeying skills.

As my teacher trainings in shamanic journeying and shamanic healing proceed in 2004, I will be able to add to the list local teachers who can teach workshops on shamanic healing.

The website is up now if you would like to visit it.

In April I put some pictures of the water we photographed with a GDV camera that works on the Kirlian effect. I was so excited about being able to show people the energetic changes in water as we worked on it. The pictures have a greater impact on people than talking about the change in pH.

You can see these pictures by either looking at the April Transmutation News or visiting www.medicinefortheearth.com and going to the “results” section. There you will find an explanation about the camera and about Dr. Konstantine Korotkov, the Russian doctor who developed it.

It was also exciting to take pictures of the participants in our circle before and after they transfigured. There was quite a marked difference in their energy fields.

The excitement about the pictures of everyone who has seen them inspired me to get a GDV camera that I can use at my workshops. In 2004 I will have the camera present at my trainings in Santa Fe so people can see where their energy fields are and how spiritual work affects their own health and well-being. Most of us don’t need pictures to show us this. But there are some who really need to see the physical proof. The pictures do inspire us to keep up our practice.

We will also continue taking pictures of the water and it will be a way for us to try different kinds of spiritual practices and see how they affect the energy field of water. We will also be able to observe the changes over time. I am excited about bringing in this tool to my trainings so we can get feedback on how our work is going.

I have been doing some spiritual work on my well. Last month I was guided to transfigure and then merge with the water in its divinity. It was a very powerful experience for me.

This month, continue the practice with water that I gave you in the September Transmutation News. This time, keep working on the same body of water you picked in September and transfigure and merge with the water in its state of divine perfection.

The full moon is October 10 and I ask that we join our divine light together to continue weaving a human web of light around our earth.

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