This summer a woman from the University of Michigan Medical School contacted me. She had attended a Medicine for the Earth Gathering. After the training she became interested in proposing a research project to study the effects of the transfiguration process and other Medicine for the Earth spiritual practices on people’s health. We are in the process of developing the study.

As we are looking at a good trial population to work with, I sent an e-mail to all the Medicine for the Earth Teachers asking for how the work was impacting participants in their trainings. The trainings are focused on working environmental pollution and we do work a lot on water. As we are mostly water, the work will also impact us.

I was very excited to get some wonderful feedback. There was a lot of success with people who had been chronically depressed feeling that their depression was gone. Participants have been reporting a general sense of well being and an increased level of energy. There were some specific physical problems that cleared up. Some people had gone into remission with cancer. A couple of people had successful results with a noticeable change in diabetes, hypothyroidism and kidney stones. There has been noticeable success with people suffering with environmental illness.

Over the last two years participants have reported back similar results to me. And people who have been keeping up a regular transfiguration practice are telling m that their behavior and way of communicating with others has changed in a positive significant way. Attitudes about life are changing. It seems like people who are making transfiguration a regular practice are really noticing a change in who they are becoming. As you know for me this has been the point of the work. For as we change so does our environment. It’s a very exciting time of seeing so much spiritual work occurring and the results of this work. In speaking to people who have been conducting experiments on a scientific level to track the results of spiritual work, we are all seeing a one time ceremony is not enough.

For example, Kirlian pictures were taken of water where love and appreciation were directed on the water. The water showed a 300 times higher vibration and energy field than before the work. But after a few hours the water went back to the same state it was before the work.

We have found similar results with our own work with water. It does not hold the change. As we keep working on the water the healing does increase. But we do have to keep up the work.

This is why every month I keep repeating the same phrases over and over again. For the Western model that most of us have fallen into is the “quick fix”. The point I keeping making is the work has to become us. As Gandhi said, we must be the change we want to see.

We all love to see the pictures that come from sending love and appreciation to the water. But as with ourselves we must keep up the work.

We must continue our ceremonies of sending love and gratitude to our environment. But we will see the long-term effects when we become love and appreciation.

In collecting results and hearing about the effects of the Medicine for the Earth work I am excited to hear that many teachers and practitioners are taking the work out of the classroom and into the environment. Many people are beginning to work on bodies of water where they live. This is wonderful as one can only go so far in a classroom experience.

Some people are beginning to take water from rivers and lakes where they are teaching and working on water from these locations and testing it. So far I have also heard good results of changes in pH or nitrites or nitrates depending on the testing used. Recently one teacher reported that her group took water from the Missouri River. In using a pH meter they found the starting pH to be 6.4. After the transfiguration ceremony the pH went to 7.4 to neutral.

It’s really wonderful to watch the work evolving and the incredible commitment of so many people to stay with the process. It gives me so much hope as we continue to be bombarded with so much news of environmental disasters.

I recently read a newsletter put out by Dr. Sherry Rodgers . You might have heard that there are now reports of perchlorate pollution, which comes from rocket fuel. The Wall Street Journal just published something about this problem.

The contamination of perchlorate is in most drinking water in the U.S. The government has imposed a gag order on the EPA publicly discussing the problem.

Recently some tests were done on mixed organic baby lettuce greens. 121 parts per billion of perchlorate were found. According to Dr. Rodgers this means that millions of U.S. women of childbearing age are exposed daily to more perchlorate that the EPA has recommended as a safe dose just from organic lettuce alone.

Research has shown that the concentrations of perchlorate are not only able to masquerade as numerous symptoms and diseases, but are particularly devastating to young developing infants.
I am not giving you this news to depress you. For we know that spiritual work can change that toxicity. We are seeing it over and over again. But the work has to be kept up. When you eat your food give thanks and appreciation for the light you are receiving. Know that you are divine and pure light and that the food and water you are drinking is pure light. As you live in this way you raise the light vibration of everything that you take in. Mystics have been doing this successfully for thousands of years. It is time for us to know that we have the same abilities of the greatest healers throughout time. Their message has always been to find the divine inside of each and every one of us. And today we are really being asked to “step up to the plate”.

And equally important to you “stepping up to the plate” is to educate your children. Start each day and every meal with a ceremony. Teach them about how everything is connected and light. They know this more than adults do. Sometimes they need reminders as we do as they get caught up in the fast paced life of our times. Take time out with your children and do ceremony work. Don’t wait for me to write a book on how to do this. And if you ask them to lead you in a ceremony they won’t even have to think about it. Children when acknowledged come up with great ceremonies to do to bring in thanks, honor, love and appreciation.

At a workshop I taught this summer on soul retrieval there was a wonderful woman from Belgium there. She had been involved with work being done on water at a lab at the university in Stuttgart in Germany.

I am very excited about learning about the work being done there, and I am looking forward to visiting the lab when I teach in Germany this October. Minnie Hein is a teacher and healer who is doing research there. She also travels to Peru often and works with a shaman there.

Minnie and others are involved in many projects, which I will keep you informed of as I learn more. But there was one study they did that I find particularly fascinating. In the German language when you are feeling ill, the term you say is “I am not in order”. This is what they are finding when they put toxic water under a dark field microscope. They find that the water molecules are chaotic and out of order. When they take the saliva from people who are ill and put it under a dark field microscope they find this same chaos and disorder.

Many of you might be aware that homeopathy is very well recognized in Germany. A company who puts out homeopathic remedies there contacted Minnie. They wanted her to do a study to find out why their remedies were not as potent as they used to be. Minnie decided to test the saliva of the people who put the remedies together. She found that they were “out of order”. When she could teach them how to hold a sacred space while working and come back into order the remedies once again achieved their high potency.

I think this is a great example of how our state of being can effect the food we create when we cook, the creative projects we are involved in, our gardening and basically everything we do. It is hard to stay centered and in order with the fast paced lives we have created. As we make our spiritual practices “a habit” we find that we can learn to maintain a state of order for longer periods of time. We must become a living intention.

In working with the transmutation work, as I am presenting it, it is important to not only recognize our own divinity but also the divinity and perfection in all living beings. When we are working with water that we label as polluted, we must go deeper and look into the divinity and perfection of that water.

This month merge or transfigure with a body of water near you that you consider polluted. See it’s light, divinity, and pure essence. In recognizing the water’s light and divinity this aspect of itself can shine through. We end up raising our vibration as well as the water’s vibration by seeing it in its perfection.

Again this is an exercise you can do with children. You don’t need to have a child merge with water or transfigure. Children need to learn how to maintain their own boundaries. Talk to your children about the life force in water and how water nurtures us. You can teach how we are also water. You get the point. You can take the information I wrote about in Medicine for the Earth on working with the elements and put it into language your child will understand.

By teaching children at a young age to know that everyone is divine and light is quite powerful, as children will grow up working on a higher vibration. As you do your work with water also have your child recognize the light and perfection in the water you are working with. As you drink water in your family, keep talking about the light, divinity and the light force that is being shared.

As we do rituals for and with water, earth, air, and fire it is important to remember they are interconnected. We have a tendency in our culture to create separation. For example, we separate our different vitamins forgetting how all the vitamins interact with each other. We treat body parts and organs as separate entities. If you hurt your arm it affects your entire body.

It is time for us to work with earth, water, air, and fire as one living organism. Pay attention to this during this month. Watch how you tend to perceive the elements as separate. Notice as you change your perception to seeing the elements as one organism how your understanding of the principle of interconnection change.

A lot of education needs to be done in teaching people about the principle of interdependence and the life of all things. My heart broke in August when I read an article in the newspaper that really shows an extreme amount of ignorance to the preciousness of life.

In New Mexico we are losing most of our pinion trees to a beetle. The immune system of the trees here have been compromised by the extreme draught we are in. It is expected that by 2006 80-85% of all pinion pine will be gone in New Mexico.

Here is what a forester said:
“I think it’s actually a blessing in disguise. I think it’s wonderful. Me and my field team and all the people I work with, we’re just excited, we’re just having a great time out there looking at it, observing it and studying it.” (he is referring to observing entire hillsides of dead trees.)

I understand that he is referring to the evolution of the landscape that will occur. But to be so callous that millions of living beings are dying and to be excited about it brought me to my knees. For me it would be like hearing millions of children are dying and isn’t it great.

Yes, evolution is happening and on some level this is all perfect. But living beings on a mass scale are dying and let us honor the life that is leaving as something new will be born.

Of course, this brings us into honoring the change in season, which occurs this month on the autumnal equinox, which is September 23.

The season of fall continues to teach us about the cycle, transition, and rite of passage of death/rebirth. On earth we are all bound by this cycle. Something must die as something new is born. Many of us resist anything to do with death and letting go. We cling to what we know and the known. We forget that something is always born out of death. We forget that the light is born out of darkness.

I journeyed on how we can work and support each other in ceremony during the equinox.
My power animal suggested one ritual to do is to light a candle on Sept.23 in honor of all the people living and other living beings that have died this year. In their death we know that some form of regeneration and new life will be born.

In lighting the candle we honor and give gratitude for their presence on earth and wish them well in their journey on and in their own rebirth.

Allow yourself to connect hearts with all the people around the world reading this web page while we all honor together that which has needed to pass so something new can be born. Let’s create a circle of love and light as we do this work together and feel yourself as part of a loving supportive community.

If you choose to do more on this day you might wish to meditate or journey on the attitudes and belief systems that need to drop from you as the leaves do during this time from the mighty beautiful trees. The leaves of the tree drop and the leaves create food for the earth. What attitudes and beliefs keep you from regenerating and experiencing new birth and change in your life? What do you need to let go of, so something new can be born in the spring? What do you need to let go of so regeneration and new life can gestate during the winter month?

You can do a fire ceremony where you create a talisman, which you can empower with these limiting attitudes, and beliefs, which you can give to the fire. I wrote about performing fire ceremonies in Medicine for the Earth if you need more information.

Or you might wish to visualize transmuting these beliefs and attitudes and giving them to the wind, or burying them in the earth, or letting the water take them to the sea. Please remember to transmute the energy behind them to light so you are not dumping negativity into the elements.

Use the gift of imagination and create a ceremony which creates a connection between you and the invisible worlds to state your intention that you are willing to release that which keeps you from bringing in new life.

You can work with a group and all support each other in your work. Remember if you work in a group let your support also go to those who are working alone. If you do this work on your own know that circles and people around the world are supporting you in invisible and energetic ways.

Fall is my favorite season. I look forward to it every year. Nature looks so strikingly beautiful at this time of year for me. It reminds me of the beauty and magic of transitions.

We have been working at getting in touch with our light with the practice of transfiguration and through shifting our perception about our true nature.

For this month let’s see if we can lift people up and spark the connection to their own inner light. Be an instrument of love and light. As you meet and work with people say something like; “You look like you are shining today.” Make a remark on how bright someone might seem. As you are in the grocery store try to beam your own light and watch how people around you change and respond.

On another note, I wanted to introduce you to the work of Myron Eshowsky. Myron is a brilliant teacher and healer and has been teaching workshops on shamanic journeying and healing. Over the past years he has been involved in teaching community healing work and international peacemaking. He has started a non-profit foundation out of his work called Pathways Foundation for Peace and Healing.

They have a number of drumming and healing circles in the Michigan prison system and the probability that these will expand into the women’s prisons as well as the men’s. They are doing a number of youth at risk projects. They have started a dreamers project where journeying is used to look at how to bring peace into the world and do peace projects.

One of their goals is to continue to create shamanic/healing-based projects geared towards peace and healing on a community/global level. They plan to do some conferences with indigenous people on a non-traditional approach to peacemaking this year.

Myron has been working a lot with the international peacemaking community. He went to Russia for the international conference there twice and got extremely positive response to his teachings.

I really support Myron’s efforts and dream to create a society of Spirit, which fosters peace and healing for all. For more information you can visit

Please remember to check the Important Links Section if your first language is not English and you are looking for reading the Transmutation News in German, Italian, French or Slovakian.

The full moon this month is September 10. Please let’s continue to transfigure and experience a great human web of light circling our planet. Shine your light in its fullness and light up all those who you meet.

Happy Autumn!!

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