Using the metaphor of breathing in and out, I feel as is for the last year or so I have been doing a long exhale.

I have been writing long web pages for the Transmutation News. A few months ago I sent my agent a book proposal on bringing spiritual practices and ceremonies to children (which is circulating among some publishers right now). I have been teaching more workshops than usual and lecturing at a variety of conferences.

In May I cleaned every inch of my house physically and spiritually and cleaned out my closets and gave a lot away.

I have learned from experience that when I go on such intense cleaning missions some change is getting ready to take place in my life. It feels like a time for me to prepare for what is the next step with the Medicine for the Earth work and pause and move into the process of inhalation and inspiration.

I still believe that the key to the work is transfiguration and that continual practice with shapeshifting into our divine nature is needed to transform our lives and the world we live in. But I am a person who is always exploring how to go deeper with what I have been given and what I am sharing in the world.

I do hope that you did the work I suggested last month. We need to get to a place where we are really making a difference in our own lives and the lives of others through transfiguration. When we transfigure into our divine self we end up transmuting what needs to be transformed around us.

I know I have heard from many of you that bringing in the process of transfiguration on a regular basis has completely transformed your health as well as your relationships to work, people, money, the earth, etc. in a positive way. What has been described in the letters I have received is that practicing transfiguration on a regular basis is getting people back in flow with the river of life and creating a state of harmony.

As we keep up the practice I know we will continue to see positive effects.

When we look at the ancient and modern day mystics who have shown the immense power of being in a divine state these mystics have no question about their ability to shift. We need to keep doing the work that we started to do last month. By looking at the blocks and beliefs that keep us from fully embracing our divinity creates a path to truly being a vehicle for the divine. We need to be able to access this state of being with no hesitation or question.

Please keep up your exploration of what might be keeping you from bringing forth the spiritual light of your own divinity.

You might also explore the following questions:
When you drink water are you focusing on taking in pure spiritual light that nurtures and heals you?
When you eat your food do you receive the light that the earth and sun is sharing with you?
When you go outside do you feel and receive the energy of the sun which gives you life?
When you breathe do you fully take in the sacredness of each breath and share your light on the exhale?
When you are around other people, as in the grocery store, do you notice that you lift the spirit of people you meet by sharing your spiritual light?

As we move so fast in our lives we seem to move through the world in an unconscious fashion. Along with doing the meditative practice of transfiguration we must move the practice into a place of living this state of being.

Keep up your meditative practices but please start looking at bridging your meditations with how you walk through the world.

We also need to try to find ways to educate people to the basic fact that earth, air, water, and the sun gives us life and that we must honor these life giving elements.

Have you noticed that the elements are trying to get our attention in the floods, tornadoes, drought, fires, earthquakes, and high winds being experienced throughout the world?

I saw a headline in the news that it could be the air we breathe that is effecting women’s ability to get pregnant.

As I have been stating for the last few months the public is not “connecting the dots” that when you pollute the elements that give life there will be an effect on your health.

We need to find a way to communicate this while at the same time sharing that there is a way to clean up what we have created. It is obvious to me and others that the reason people are keeping the blindfold on their eyes about the effects of environmental pollution is because it all feels to overwhelming to them. And of course it is easier to believe that technology will fix everything.

What environmentalists are finding is that the best technology is not being effective in cleaning up the pollution we have created.

I have been hearing from many sources that people who are active in the environmental organizations are moving into a place of burn out and despair. They realize that the technology is not being effective in dealing with the toxins being poured into our environment. And at the same time they watch the Bush administration pass laws that keep the destruction of our environment going.

As we move into a place of despair it is a rich time for new ideas and ways of working to be created. I think that we might begin to see an opening in receiving information on spiritual ways of working that others and I have been presenting. There might finally be an opening for people closed off to the spiritual worlds being willing to give this work a try.

Dr. Larry Dossey has written many books on the power of prayer. He has shared enough research that through the use of double blind studies the power of prayer has been successful in healing.

Masuro Emoto in his brilliant work Messages from Water Vol. 1 & 2 shows how water responds to words and feelings. I have written about his work over the last two years in some of the Transmutation News.

There are countless stories of mystics who have been able to create miraculous healings by transfiguring into their divinity.

I do believe the time has come for those working in environment organizations to embrace the possibility that we can bridge spiritual methods with technology to heal our environment. And of course to add to bringing in spiritual methods we must teach the public how to care for and honor our environment.

I do believe we will begin to see the doors opening to the Medicine for the Earth work as well as other spiritual work that is being taught by a variety of teachers.

Last month I asked everyone to have the experience of merging with the earth this rich and fertile time of spring.

This month I would like to introduce a new way of working with the elements. If you are new to this work please continue the work of merging with the elements that I described last month as well as in Medicine for the Earth.

For those of you who work with the process of transfiguration I wold like you to try and transfigure into an element.

What is the difference, you might ask?

To answer this question we must go back to the principle of as above, so below: as within, so without.

When we merge with an element we perceive ourselves going into some element outside of us and asking for permission to merge with it to learn about it by becoming it. So last month I suggested you go to a plot of earth where you live and ask to learn about earth by becoming it through the merging process.

This month for those of you who already have done a lot of merging work as well as are trained in the process of transfiguration you will shapeshift into an element.

I suggest we work with water this month.

For those of you new to this work merge with an aspect of water whether it be a tear drop, a river, an ocean, a rain drop, mist a dew drop, or a body of water where you live. You want to learn about water by merging with it.

For the rest of us we want to meditate or take a shamanic journey and ask to transfigure into water. If you are up to it see what happens.

As I have described last month, whichever process you use, at the end of your experience remember to disengage.

Many of you might be aware of a worldwide ceremony that will take place on June 21, the summer equinox.

Timothy O’Donoghue, Executive Director of the Foundation of Ecology and Harmony of Spirit, has had a vision. Frank MacEowen, author of The Mist-Filled Path has been helping Tim create his vision.

The vision is for June 21, 2003 to be set aside as World Soul Retrieval Day for the shamanic community to have the day be a day where individuals and groups would gather energies together for the sake of doing journeywork on behalf of the Soul of the World.

The invitation is for people to meditate, pray, and do journeywork, specifically to harness a collective energy, and to connect with the wider matrix of energy that informs the Anima Mundi through two journeys: one that takes an assessment of any energies that need to be extracted or purified, i.e., fear, anger, or conflict, which might be dealt with through some kind of grief ritual, and then another journey to explore through a re-balancing process that we are calling a World Soul Retrieval.

For more information on this please go to I have written something in this page as well as have other teachers. I wrote about the need to keep this work ongoing and bring spiritual practices into daily life to care for the world’s soul so that we are not performing an empty ritual.

If you want to be a part of this ceremony you can let yourself be inspired of how to work.
But I would like to suggest that we work with transfiguration. In the July 2002 Transmutation News I wrote how to use the transfiguration guided visualization for the purpose of a ceremony to transmute negative states of consciousness. Please refer back to that page so that I don’t have to repeat it again here.

You could do one ceremony where you put in the center the negative states of consciousness you would like to see transmuted in the world today. Perform a transfiguration ceremony with toning as you see, feel, hear, taste and smell these states of consciousness being transformed into love and light now. Then you can burn those papers.

Next you can put in positive states of consciousness you would like to see embraced in the world today. Perform the same transfiguration ceremony with toning to magnify these energies while seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, and smelling these states of consciousness being embraced by all now.

If you do this ceremony alone, please remember you are hooked into a greater circle of thousands of people around the world doing this together.

If you are working in a group, please remember as I wrote about last month that there are people working alone. Please remember to include all the people in your circle that are working around the world. Even though you might be physically working alone you are not working alone spiritually.

One June 14, the full moon, let’s gather our spiritual energies together to continue to weave a worldwide web of light as well as lend spiritual support to those who our environment no longer supports.
I want to wish you all a joyous summer solstice.

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