Transmutation News – February 2022

This is the month where love is celebrated almost universally. It would be a wonderful dream to focus on, of a world where people share love on a daily basis with each other and all of life.

In the past I have always taught that spirits take a form to incarnate on the Earth to manifest a unique talent they wish to express in this lifetime and to experience the beauty and wonder of having a physical form. Spirits can’t see colors, taste food, smell the fragrances of flowers, feel textures, or hear the sounds that bring us so much joy.

But recently I received such a beautiful message from my spirits. They told me that the true reason spirits take form is to be able to feel others’ heartbeats. I thought about this, and I feel this was such a profound message to share. For it is such a joy to experience the heartbeat of the Earth, all of life, and especially our loved ones.

There is so much about being human we just don’t understand. We give so much importance to collecting tangible things and accumulating more of what we don’t really need to find meaning and joy in life. We talk endlessly without appreciating the power of silence.

But we keep using phrases of the importance of evolving into beings that live a life of unconditional love while we tend to support power over, greed, and division.

And most of us are really seeing the devastating effects of so much division being displayed in the world right now. It is really sad to experience so much hate being sent into our collective when we came here to learn about love.

And truly “division” is what is creating our current initiation. For dismemberment happens by some destructive force breaking up life as usual so something new can be reborn out of the death of the life we once knew.

I always wonder how bad things have to get before people wake up to the power of unity, being a presence of light, and emanating love. Imagine how different our lives would if we lived in harmony with each other.

I have found myself disconnecting almost completely from what is going on in the world. There is an energy being projected that does not feel good to be part of.

I keep focusing on the work I have been sharing over the years to bring the feminine principle into balance as the masculine energies continue to run the world. Yes, the feminine can be fierce as we witness in the actions of Kali, Sekmet, and goddesses from other traditions. But the fierceness is to cut through illusion. And we are certainly caught in illusion right now.

When I read most of the arguments that people share about the Covid, politics, race, climate change, and ways of living, it actually seems like people are losing their minds. For so much being shared is from pure ego and not from a true place of spirit. We just have not been here on Earth long enough to understand the complexities and dynamics of spirit and the mysteries of the universe. But so many people are acting like they are privy to so much that we really can’t know in our limited perceptions of life.

I am finding a true state of inner peace by focusing on my spiritual work, spending time writing my new book, and being in nature.

I know many readers want to stay in the “the fight” and this is your destiny to try and engage in the collective and be a voice of change.

As I did this many times in my life, now I am learning about the beauty of silence and peace.

Recently my husband and I were turning off the TV to go to bed. But we got mesmerized by a program that was running on unusual sea creatures. The wonder of all the nature programs is that we can witness the amazing imagination and creativity that went into creating some nature beings. It is just remarkable how unique some of these beings are and you can’t help but be completely taken over with a feeling of awe and wonder when you see some of the beings we share the Earth with.

My favorite part of teaching courses on the Spirits of Nature through the Shift Network was the photos of unusual nature beings people shared. I was in continual wonder as I never imagined the wealth of nature beings most people will never get to see but who are extraordinary.

On the program we were watching one of the beings they were showing were Nautilus. This ancient being is over 500 million years old and has not changed in their evolution much like the dragonfly which I love writing about. These beings have been here so much longer than us, and adapted without making many changes to their form. And although they are impacted by environmental changes they still live their lives as they have for millions of years.

What intrigued me about the Nautilus was not just its unusual appearance but the fact that after spending its days on top of the ocean they drop 2000 feet into the sea to get deep and protected rest.

I was thinking about how I always write about the power of finding quiet and deep rest through silence. Silence is not something we get to experience in this world run by technology which is always creating sounds 24/7. We have to drop really deep into our Inner World as the Nautilus does at night.

And I have encouraged you to drop down deep into yourself to learn about the spiritual strength in your inner landscape and find the silence that not only allows you to rest but a state where you can listen to the directions of your soul and spirit.

I think the more we can do this, we get the energy to evolve, make changes in our lives, and adapt in these changing times.

So when we celebrate Valentine’s Day this year let’s think about all the beings that depend on us to create a new dream by allowing our hearts to open more, embracing all of life. For the continued division will certainly destroy all we love.

And the heartbreak of these times does expand our capacity for compassion, empathy, and love.

Let’s choose to hold the planet and all of life in love during our continuing intense times of the dissolution of a way of life as we have known it.

February 16 is the full moon. Let’s focus on opening our hearts in a way that shows our unlimited capacity to be a being of love and light. And let’s also focus on absorbing the love of the Creator and the creative forces of the universe. For loving ourselves is part of our evolution of consciousness. We tend to be so hard on ourselves which blocks our ability to be a true presence of love and light. For if you judge yourself too harshly how does this impact your presence in our collective energies.

Perform your preparation work so that you can step away from your humanness and transfigure into a divine being that only knows light and love. Emanate this throughout the collective. And feel your heartbeat merging with the love of our circle and the heartbeat of the Earth and the entire web of life.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage of this site.

Whether you are spending the day alone or with a loved one let’s wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day and know that you are truly loved!

For this month’s journey Fotoula Adrimi is bringing a huge gift of retrieving our essence. Fotoula lives and teaches In Scotland. She has a marvelous reputation with all her students. She is one of my trusted teachers, and is one of the teachers I asked to keep my work going when I am gone. I trust her so much and her commitment to responsibility, commitment and integrity.

To learn more about Fotoula and her work please visit her website

Here is what Fotoula writes about her recording:

In this recording, Fotoula, guides participants into a shamanic healing journey. The intention is to retrieve the primordial memory of wholeness and heal at soul level. Through the ancient practice of shamanism, the helping spirits offer us a way to retrieve the parts of our essence we are now ready to receive and incorporate into our life, so that we can walk our spiritual path towards the embodiment of our light. Fotoula shares how these ancestral ways were almost lost in her Greek family lineage and voices a heartfelt invite from the ancestors for us to remember this ancient spirituality of the Earth that is part of our human heritage.

To watch this month’s journey, click on

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Right now due to the Covid, and the massive airplane cancellations due to weather, lack of pilots, and staff, Isis’ statement she made in the 1990s is definitely relevant right now. She said there would come a day when students could not afford to travel to workshops or travel would start to become impossible. Therefore in 2004 I began training wonderful teachers teaching all over the world. Please visit to look at the wealth of workshops you can take and are probably close to where you live.

And on you can find shamanic practitioners from all over the world who trained with me who are doing remote healings right now. And many are working with people in person.

I am waiting until I know if I can complete a Practitioner Training while we are still dealing with the Covid and the danger of retreat centers having to close. I am waiting to see how things proceed for the Practitioner Training I will teach at a physical retreat center. As you know I believe teaching advanced healing workshops online is unethical and dangerous. The internet is not a way to transmit the ancient healing practices that can be the difference of life or death in a client’s life.

I still have Evergreen Courses that are already recorded on Journeying and other topics. Check out my Training page for further information.

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Transmutation News – January 2022

We join together as a sacred circle to welcome in a New Year filled with new choices that we all must make.

Life feels so surreal to many of us right now. Time does not feel like it is following a linear cycle. But we do use certain markers of time to help us ground, giving us a sense that life keeps moving on in the midst of dissolution and also rebirth cycles.

Many people feel relieved when a New Year is welcomed in. For just celebrating that event helps us put some of our past behind and gives us a sense of something new to look forward to, and we get inspired to regain a sense of hope even though many of us have lost so much during these times of such upheaval that will lead to a different way of life that we can’t quite imagine yet.

I can almost copy every column of the Transmutation News that I write to welcome in a New Year. In fact, I actually said publicly on a summit that I have been writing this column for over 20 years and basically if you read the thousands of pages I wrote, you will notice that I just keep repeating the same lessons and practices. For since I began writing the Transmutation News our world has suffered one trauma after another: sickness, division, war, and atrocities towards others and nature that are beyond our wildest dreams.

This happened in ancient civilizations too that were as advanced as us technologically. And then there were civilizations that had mastered the esoteric and psychic powers to create extraordinary sacred structures and magical ways of life.

Yet something took these civilizations down. In my workshops where we journeyed to some of these ancient civilizations, and we asked what destroyed them the answer was always the same – greed, ego, power over, division.

Over the years I have written about the Anasazi who I believe shifted into another dimension as they all disappeared simultaneously. Looking at artifacts from the land they seem to have all simultaneously disappeared during dinner. These beautiful beings lived 700-1200 AD in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah. From my journeys over 30 years, they transcended into a different dimension and are living a peaceful life.

We are once again at a choice point. There were theories that were shared many years ago that the Earth suffered a nuclear war once.

Will we keep making destructive life choices? We seem to be split on this issue. But there are so many spiritual practitioners, like all of you reading this column, that are working on choosing love, light, peace, kindness, and honor for all in the web of life. We perform our ceremonies together and keep taking small steps out of the darkness into the light.

Every New Year people get excited to read about the predictions of the year. Either they are looking for some hope or inspiration or want to know what they will have to prepare for if times get more challenging.

Each year I write that Isis recommends that we don’t read predictions and that we learn how to stay in the present. For the present creates the future. And if you are too focused on what will happen next, you are not creating a new dream for the Earth.

For myself I wish to share a couple of themes to focus on for the year. And these themes are reigniting our spiritual strength and passion for life.

When we are walking through the Dark Night of the Soul the greatest tool we have is being guided by our spiritual light. And as I keep sharing the only way out is through. The power of our inner spiritual fire has the strength to keep us walking so we eventually find our way into the light.

My mother Lee Ingerman was my role model on what spiritual strength can do. I watched her suffer throughout her life, but she never let her spiritual fire go out, and it kept her moving and living to almost 99.

When she was 94 she became ill with a septic infection. One day the doctors at the hospital told me she would not live through the night. So I sat with her all night. In the middle of the night when she was hallucinating, I told her it was okay for her to go. And she sat up so straight in bed and with her fists striking the bed she yelled out loud “I am not ready to leave this life yet!” And she didn’t. But right after she came out of the hospital, she broke one of her hips, and her spiritual strength and her passion for life got her through this event again.

I watched how her spiritual strength and passion for life kept her alive and living a good life until 99. She loved life! When she died her brain was better than mine. I always felt like she had super power as she lived on chocolate, cookies, and Coca Cola.

We cannot deny the power of spiritual strength and passion for life and all that will help carry us through.

We must find the courage to dig deep into our own inner landscape and find your spiritual fire and keep it ignited this year so that your light can carry and guide you into the light whatever dimension of life that spirit brings you to.

In my second book Welcome Home I shared my most powerful soul retrieval case study of working with a young woman dying of HIV. The case study is fascinating and too long for me to repeat here. But I will share the message of my guardian spirit that works with me for healing.

Due to my client’s long history of many illnesses, my guardian spirit said that the cause of her illness was apathy. And that the cure was passion for life. He said her lesson in this lifetime was what occurs when viruses, bacteria have more passion for life than we do. They thrive while we get so ill.

This was a powerful message to share with the world. For my guardian spirit said if viruses and bacteria have more passion than life than we do they thrive!

When you look into the eyes of others do you see the light of passion through the general global population?  Or do you see the emptiness in their eyes? I don’t see most people in the modern world having burning passion for life. I see a lot of apathy, emptinesses, and hopelessness.

How do we survive the times we are in without the fire of spirit and passion for life? This is a question to ponder and to come up with some answers so you can change the reality you are living in right now and rise up to making new choices that will bring health on all levels into your life.

This month I will lead a journey to welcome in a New Year where we can make new choices that change the path we are now walking on.

For those of you who cannot join in with us on the journey you can do this work on your own. What are simple things you can do that will bring passion and meaning back into your life? Make sure you don’t get too grandiose in what you come up with or you will end up procrastinating as you did not create a bridge from where you are now to creating a life filled with spiritual fie and passion.

I hope you will listen to what I have to share, and I will talk more about the case study I mentioned above.

To listen to the recording of this talk on Shamans Are Gardeners of Energy, click on or click below.

January 17 is the full moon.  Spiritual healing actually happens by our presence and how our energy field is filled with light, love, spiritual fire, and passion. With your transfiguration practice for this month please do whatever preparation you need so that your eyes light up with the passion of life and of your spirit. And become the light of the stars, sun, or the moon. And let that light radiate in a way that guides all of life through the darkness we are experiencing right now. If you are looking for ways to be in service, well this is a great practice to do. Transformation` is actually easier than the complicated ways we tend to look at to create deep changes.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News, please read Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage for the instructions for our full moon ceremony.

I want to wish everyone the best for the New Year. And I call in the spiritual fire of this circle to assist all of us in looking forward to the great changes and teachings that this New Year will bring! I wish you and your families good health and peace during these times of dissolution and rememberment.


Due to the Covid and all the unknowns I am waiting to make plans for when I can teach a physical workshop. Keep watching the announcements and of course I will send out an email if something changes.

I have been teaching on Zoom since 2015. And it is just not a platform that allows me to go deep enough with my work. So I am keeping to writing a new book and journeying to see how my spirits want to keep sharing the spiritual work that can take us deeply into a new dimension of life.

In the meantime, I have my incredible list of teachers I trained who are teaching a lot over Zoom for in person. Please take a look at the workshops being offered by so many brilliant teachers on  And on this site, you will also see the practitioners I trained that you can receive healing work from to strengthen your spiritual strength.

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