Transmutation News – February 2013

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I know that so many of us experienced a variety of challenges in 2012. These challenges have led us to a state of expansion and growth. In challenging times, we open our hearts more which expands our ability to be in a state of compassion. We deepen who we are.

The challenges are initiations which facilitate our growth towards the light.

As I have written previously, my teacher Isis shares that our love for life will always light our path through both smooth and turbulent times.

Also, I have found that maintaining and feeding a state of hope is crucial to creating positive healing and transformation. Hope is a state of grace.

Some people who engage in spiritual practices believe they will be protected from the challenges of life. But life brings us situations to help us grow and evolve. Spiritual practices give us the tools to deal with what life brings for us.

When our body and mind get worn down by life’s circumstances, our spirit keeps shining and lighting the way. Our inner spirit has the strength to carry us through. The key is strengthening our connection with our inner spirit.

When we travel into the Inner Worlds and work with the shaman within, we find the initiations we go through take us to a place of surrender and moving from “will” to “WILL”. We then find ourselves living a spiritually driven life.

This leads us to experiencing our inner shaman. Our helping spirits can guide us, but they cannot do the work for us.

We must come from living from the heart and being moved through life by our heart and strong eye. Our strong eye is our sixth chakra also known as the third eye.

Shamans see from their hearts and strong eye.

It is also time for us to strengthen our bodies. For our body does carry our spirit. Our spirit does not carry our body.

Many people wonder if 2013 will be as difficult as 2012. It depends on what you choose – following the stream of ego or choosing spirit.

To develop your connection with your divine light, Source, and inner spirit make sure you keep up a regular transfiguration practice. The more you do this the stronger you will feel on a spiritual level. You will be able to surrender to your divine light and Source. You will feel like you are truly being carried by spirit through life.

For those of you who need help developing a transfiguration practice, here are my books and CDs where I teach transfiguration:

Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins
How to Thrive in Changing Times
Awakening to the Spirit World: The Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation

Miracles for the Earth” – CD
Shamanic Meditations” – CD

The full moon is February 25. Let us together strengthen our connection to spirit and radiate our divine light throughout the earth and the web of life. Let us continue to weave a beautiful web of light strong, radiant, and vibrant into being.

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Transmutation News – January 2013

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Let us join our radiant energies together as we wish everyone a Happy New Year! We have gone through many personal changes. We have also experienced many in the world around us. And throughout all that has occurred, our global circle continues to hold you and all of life in love and light. Experience and soak in the love and light of the circle. Continue to feed that love and light. Giving and receiving is all part of one cycle.

Take some time out of your daily routine. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down and imagine yourself being in a beautiful place in nature. Take some deep breaths and notice where you are feeling any tension in your body. Breathe into the tension and let it go. Allow the energy behind the tension to be transmuted into light.

Start to align your breathing with the heartbeat of the earth. Notice if the rhythm of your heart is out of alignment with the heartbeat of the earth. By simply stating your intention to create balance, allow the rhythm of your heartbeat to align with that of the earth.

As you do this, start to experience the vastness of your energy field. Allow your energy to keep expanding while you let go of your limitations.

Life in the physical and material form is like a garment made of many-colored threads. There is a range of colors and experiences that we all experience in life.

There are very dark shadow states that are filled with anger, despair, and fear that can lead people to acting in unthinkable ways.

The range goes from the darkest states to the highest brightest state of light. This is all part of nature as in nature there are different cycles. There are different cycles in the day. There are different seasons we are all part of. And there are the different lunar phases.

We all have deep compassion for those who suffer during tragedies. We all grieve when children in all countries around the world die from violent behavior. We grieve for all the species that are killed from ignorant behavior towards the value of all of life.

We grieve and have compassion and at the same time we must also pick the color thread that we want to be that makes up the garment of the physical world. Other ways of experiencing this might be what is the musical note or chord you want to sing in the choir of life? What is the frequency you wish to contribute to the vibration of life?

The time is now to make a choice and fully become that color, that musical note, or that vibration. Experience it fully now. Radiate that color, sound, or vibration into the world. Make a commitment to continue to be a vessel of unconditional love and light into the world.

This is what is needed for the healing and evolution of the planet.

When you feel ready, come back into the room you are in with a renewed sense of commitment about being in service.

I was reflecting on what in the practice of shamanism is called “The Shaman’s Death”. I know many of you reading The Transmutation News do not practice shamanism. But this type of initiatory death does appear in all spiritual traditions.

There are no exercises that one can lead in any type of workshop that provides a true “shamanic death”. Life brings this initiation to us. We might experience a “spiritual death” spontaneously in a meditation, journey, or dream. But you cannot plan for such an initiation as it comes in its own timing. This true initiation has no safety net. In such an initiation we lose the identity we are attached to on an egoic and personality level. The recreation and rebirth come as we learn to journey within and find our inner voice and authentic self.

Life circumstances that provide such a death experience are typically very harsh as the turbulence of life helps to reshape us and sculpt us into our true nature and strips away anything that is inauthentic and no longer serves us. In the end as we surrender to our new identity, we emerge reborn and refreshed.

I am bringing this up now as I feel that so many of you have been experiencing this type of death/rebirth. Life circumstances are creating shifts and changes within that lead us to the place of evolution we talk about and many write about. But again, this evolutionary experience is never pre-planned by our rational mind. Our soul creates this at just the right time.

I feel that the power of shamanism in the 21st Century is about journeying to our Inner World. We have been journeying within over the last years as we have been doing practices that cultivate a rich inner garden. We live on planet earth, which is a garden. And inside of us is a garden that needs to be cared for and cultivated. We are caretakers of our earth garden within and without.

The practices that I share in my books Medicine for the Earth, How to Heal Toxic Thoughts, and How to Thrive in Changing Times are filled with practices and meditations that help us to plant strong and healthy seeds. These practices and meditations also assist in removing plants that have grown deep roots that no longer serve our health and wellbeing.

I have shared all the practices I wrote about in my books on this monthly column in order to assist all of us in our global community who have been reading the Transmutation News. I have made the information available to everyone.

All of the practices I have shared over the years create a beautiful inner garden that led us to a place of understanding that “I am enough”. When you evolve into this place you are no longer thrown off center by all that happens around you. For you can now move through life from a place of being centered and from a stance of grace.

The New Year ushers in a feeling that we can “begin again”. Of course, we cannot go back and change the past. But we can spiral back to a place of deepening the practices that we have been doing that lead us to a richer and healthier inner environment.

Many of us feel we have new opportunities as we move into a new cycle. And we do. Every shift in season provides new opportunities for growth.

I suggest that as we look at beginning the year with new eyes and a desire to experience a richer and healthier life that we revisit our inner garden we have been cultivating.

Put on some nice relaxing music and travel into your Inner World with the intention of examining the soil in your garden. Don’t worry about the seeds and plants in your garden. Just examine your soil. Notice the texture, the depth of your soil, the level of moisture. Does your soil seem rich and fertile? Does it seem dry and uncared for?

Allow your own inner knowing to provide you with the instructions of what is needed to make sure the soil of your inner garden is rich, healthy, and fertile.

For your spiritual practices to take root you must have a healthy base of soil for any new seeds of knowledge, inspiration, creative spark to take root in and grow in.

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Last month, to end 2012, I asked all of us to release what energies that do not serve us into a great cauldron of light.

This month to help to create rich soil in our inner garden I invite you to drink from the cauldron we created. Drink the light of the divine. Absorb this light. Take it in. Be fed by it. You deserve to be fed and nurtured by the love and light of life. Feel the healing power as this light is ingested and absorbed by all your cells. This light is eternal and ever abundant.

Now let us imagine taking a glass – a beautiful glass that you might use for a celebration. Fill this glass with the light and love of the cauldron. And let us raise our glasses as a global community toasting each other as we wish each other a glorious New Year.

The full moon is January 27. Let us open our hearts and embrace with love every living being on this earth. Let us give gratitude to earth, air, water, and fire for all the life and nurturance we receive from these life-giving elements.

Journey deep into your inner world and experience your divine light. Let that light flow through you as it merges with the light of each of us as we continue to weave a beautiful, potent, and strong web of light within and throughout the earth.

For those of you who are new readers of The Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage of this site.

I wish all of you a joyous New Year filled with the best that life has to offer!