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I know that so many of us experienced a variety of challenges in 2012. These challenges have led us to a state of expansion and growth. In challenging times, we open our hearts more which expands our ability to be in a state of compassion. We deepen who we are.

The challenges are initiations which facilitate our growth towards the light.

As I have written previously, my teacher Isis shares that our love for life will always light our path through both smooth and turbulent times.

Also, I have found that maintaining and feeding a state of hope is crucial to creating positive healing and transformation. Hope is a state of grace.

Some people who engage in spiritual practices believe they will be protected from the challenges of life. But life brings us situations to help us grow and evolve. Spiritual practices give us the tools to deal with what life brings for us.

When our body and mind get worn down by life’s circumstances, our spirit keeps shining and lighting the way. Our inner spirit has the strength to carry us through. The key is strengthening our connection with our inner spirit.

When we travel into the Inner Worlds and work with the shaman within, we find the initiations we go through take us to a place of surrender and moving from “will” to “WILL”. We then find ourselves living a spiritually driven life.

This leads us to experiencing our inner shaman. Our helping spirits can guide us, but they cannot do the work for us.

We must come from living from the heart and being moved through life by our heart and strong eye. Our strong eye is our sixth chakra also known as the third eye.

Shamans see from their hearts and strong eye.

It is also time for us to strengthen our bodies. For our body does carry our spirit. Our spirit does not carry our body.

Many people wonder if 2013 will be as difficult as 2012. It depends on what you choose – following the stream of ego or choosing spirit.

To develop your connection with your divine light, Source, and inner spirit make sure you keep up a regular transfiguration practice. The more you do this the stronger you will feel on a spiritual level. You will be able to surrender to your divine light and Source. You will feel like you are truly being carried by spirit through life.

For those of you who need help developing a transfiguration practice, here are my books and CDs where I teach transfiguration:

Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins
How to Thrive in Changing Times
Awakening to the Spirit World: The Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation

Miracles for the Earth” – CD
Shamanic Meditations” – CD

The full moon is February 25. Let us together strengthen our connection to spirit and radiate our divine light throughout the earth and the web of life. Let us continue to weave a beautiful web of light strong, radiant, and vibrant into being.

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