Transmutation News – February 2015

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If you have been reading the Transmutation News over the years you have probably figured out that I am a true eccentric. I have been writing the Transmutation News for 15 years now!!

I wanted to share with you some of my process in writing Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life.

I have been writing my books and my Transmutation News on one of the first iMac computers. I have had my computer since 2001, and her name is Blueberry. Blueberry and I have formed quite the partnership. Sometimes we get so merged I think Blueberry starts doing some of my writing as words form on the screen, I don’t remember writing. 

I looked on the web to see how long a computer as old as Blueberry will continue to live. I have read posts that allude to a life span of about 13 years. Well Blueberry has surpassed predictions. We wrote two books together in 2014. I am sad to say I do believe my time with Blueberry is coming to an end. And I want to honor all she helped me bring into the world through my books and my monthly columns. Well, we will see. We are not done yet! 

The house I live in has a very strange electrical system. And my office is adobe and that means the walls are very thick and hold in the cold. The way my office is wired is if I turn on Blueberry and a portable heater at the same time the fuse blows, and I lose electricity.

I have not had heat in my office for the 20 years I have lived in my house. Can I get this fixed? Sure! Do I want to “No!”. I get some kind of enjoyment in staying connected to nature as I write. I personally love the cold and winter! Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. 

The photo I have attached is of me writing Walking in Light on Blueberry on a very cold winter day in February 2014 – one year ago. I have on two sets of glasses, my father’s hat, my mother’s heart necklace (which you can’t see in the photo) and gloves. Thought you might enjoy seeing this. I definitely look different than in the photos I use in advertising!

I believe Walking in Light is an important book. I summarized the teachings I have been sharing for years. I truly believe if we put into daily practice shamanic principles as I outlined in Walking in Light we would feel empowered and the world would become a better place for all in the web of life. 

I hope you will read a copy! 

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To start the New Year, I journeyed to the track “Rattlesnake” on “Shamanic Visioning Music: Taiko Drum Journeys”. The Odaiko drum really took me deep into a journey. By “synchronicity” my journey was about why a snake sheds it skin. As we know a snake sheds its skin so it can continue to grow.

In my journey, it was suggested to me by Snake, and my helping spirits, to look at how I have started to outgrow my old beliefs and old stories. I was told that it was time for me to be reborn into a more expansive being that continues to embrace life, sharing from the depth of my spirit, and moving past my perceived limitations. 

I think this is a great message for all of us to journey on as we move forward together. 

To order Walking in Light and/or the taiko drum journey CD please visit:

Unlike a snake, as humans our skin continues to grow. Although our skin does shed, we more go through a major shedding on a spiritual and emotional level as we continue to experience the initiations that life brings for us. We don’t always get to see how much change we have been through and how our presence has changed as our skin does grow with us. We continue to grow into new skin. 

There is a balance between being too passive in life and trying too hard. Balance is created by achieving a state of harmony between being active and passive. This is really the key to much of what we need in the mastery of life.

On the note of being passive, I find that often times we get so caught up in predictions. I have written about falling prey to predictions in many columns of the Transmutation News that begin the New Year. People often get caught up on wanting someone to tell us the forces that will change our life and the world we live in. But this is akin to weather predictions. At this point in time the weather moves in patterns that no one could have predicted. And I do believe that the same will be true in all areas of life. We live in a time of unknowing, anything can happen, and our creative potential is great if we tap into it.

My advice is to pick one spiritual practice that I have been writing about in the past issues of the Transmutation News. Work with it on a daily basis and allow it to become part of your life. As you work daily to integrate a spiritual practice that calls to you, you will find yourself growing into the work naturally and it will become who you are. In this way you live and work spiritually from a place of balance instead of waiting for some outside force to change your life and the world or trying too hard to work spiritually to force change. We need to focus on our spiritual work and let it change us at the same time. 

I have been so inspired and changed myself from teaching my teleconferencing course. The virtual ceremonies I have been leading is giving direct experience of the true power of joining together as a community to create a collective field of energy that is so alive and vibrating with change. 

In the course participants have been stepping in fully into the virtual ceremonies I lead. I can feel and see how when we enter into a collective field engaging all of our senses, we have the opportunity to open the veils between the worlds and bring through the power and healing of the invisible realms into the tangible realm. This has been so exciting to be part of and witness.

We do this in our monthly full moon ceremony “Creating A Human Web of Light”. The key is that when you perform your transfiguration practice and experience your inner light you must step fully into this state. And you need to step fully in the collective field that our global community has been and continues to create together. This is where the change happens. The healing happens as we learn how to bring the invisible into the visible. This is required to experience a positive tangible change. 

Our collective paradigm and model is broken and cannot be fixed. So, we need to continue to support each other as we engage in spiritual practices to envision a new model and weave a new fabric of reality into being. Performing ceremonies together is such a powerful way to create positive change and join together in the feminine model of collaboration and cooperation. 

A few months ago, I recorded an audio program with Dr. Lewis Mehl- Madrona. I asked him to speak with me about the power of telling healing stories. He is the author of Coyote Medicine and is a Native American healer. In his practice he weaves indigenous culture into his practice as an MD and clinical psychologist. 

In this talk with me he shared that we are sum total of all the stories that have ever been told about us, and that we have told about ourselves. He said, “Let’s only tell good stories so we can have more good people!”

And then I heard the shamanic teacher John Perkins share a powerful story and teaching. When John Perkins visited the Amazon rainforest, he had the opportunity to listen to the stories of the Shuar people. When John asked an elder how we could help them the response he received was: “If you really want to help, change the dream of your people.”

The time is now to reach deep within, beyond personality and the distractions you create. It is time to tap into and discover what your soul came here to express. Move past all you tell yourself about why you can’t reach your potential and manifest a new dream for yourself and the Earth. It is time to let go of your distractions and manifest your soul’s destiny. Time is moving so quickly and change on the planet is intensifying. It is no longer appropriate to say “I hope someday…..” or wait to for someone else to change our lives. You are being called to participate fully in life now.

We can grow into deeper and more creative people as we sink into the true power that each of us holds within us to be positive changemakers. 

We must let go of the old stories that no longer serve us personally and on a collective level, and we also need to change how we are daydreaming the world we live in into being. We have the opportunity to grow into an unlimited being in this lifetime. 

Albert Einstein said, “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Here is a story shared by a reader of the Transmutation News that I think goes with bringing the invisible power of word into the visible to inspire tangible change.

Please note in future columns I will only share a paragraph of people’s stories. But I felt that this story flows with what I wrote.  

Jenny worked with the practice I shared in the October 2014 Transmutation News. The practice was to work with one word for a month and really feel the vibration of the word working in and transforming all your cells. This is a powerful practice and worth repeating. You can re-read the October 2014 Transmutation News by clicking on 


Jenny wrote: 

“I was Given the word ‘HARMONY’ in my Meditation. At first it did not seem that inspiring. . . . Then I did my Medicine Wheel ritual later that morning, and suddenly it sort of, “took off”. . . . . .

I wrote to a friend: Sandra has some lovely simple advice. Like just focusing on one word, for a month. I was ‘given’ the word ‘Harmony’ , and I have had such joy, in looking at all its meanings and applications. For harmony within myself, all my parts, my cells, my child, my soul, etc. As well as music, colour, scent, and between people, both those close, and all humanity, and Mother Earth. 

Harmony is in music, and in dance. It is in the Air, the birds singing. It is in Water, the waves in the sea. It is in the Sun and the Moon and Colours, like a rainbow. Each colour different, but all creating a harmonious whole. It is in the Wind, and the leaves and branches moving in it. In the Stars, and the Universe, the Planets circling the Sun. 

Harmony can be within ourselves as individuals, and between us all as humankind, and in the whole of Mother Earth, and all sentient beings, and all creation. 

The Divine as the conductor of a huge orchestra, that is all of us. Each of us is a different sound, in the orchestra, but together, under the direction of the Divine, we can make wonderful Music, wonderful songs, all in Harmony. Each instrument different but contributing to the whole. In fact, if all instruments were the same, and we all played the same note, there would be no real harmony, and it would all sound quite boring, lacking depth and interest. Harmony requires different sounds, different colours, different scents. There is much in Aromatherapy about harmonizing scents too. 

On a more personal level, I have been Healing over the past 6 years, from recovered memories of terrible sexual violations as a child, leaving my body, soul, emotions and my myriad child selves, very tattered, fractured and separated. I understood from the word Harmony, that my Healing is bringing all of myself, me, back into harmony. All parts of me, resonating and integrating into a harmonious whole. This is what Healing is – restoring harmony to our Being. There is harmony between the chakras. Colour harmony and sound harmony. Harmony between the Heart and Mind and Soul and Voice, and Body and all levels of our Aura. Our past and present lives. All can be brought into Harmony, and really that is what we are about, that is our aim. To be wholly and fully ourselves in complete inner harmony, and to express ourselves within this authentic harmony.

Love is Harmony. The Ultimate Harmony.  Peace is Harmony within ourselves, and between people.  When there is Harmony, there cannot be War and Violence. Harmony has a flexibility, an ability to move and adjust – a rhythm, and a dance to it.  It is never rigid, hard or unbending. 

Contemplating the word Harmony, made me want to make my family relationships more harmonious, and gave me a vision I can hold for all of us.  

Harmony is a Flow, and is Beauty, and Joy and Laughter. Harmony is what we want for the Earth, and what the Earth, Mother Earth offers us, if we will but bend to her Music, and listen to what she has to say to us, and take time to allow her to embrace us. 

Harmony is now part of my life. I often think of it at different moments in the day.  So, thank you Sandra, for that lovely simple idea, and thank you Spirit, for the beautiful word you gave me, and all, the Joy and inspiration it has brought me. It has been like opening a window in my Soul.”


Take a few minutes and close your eyes, Feel the vibration, light, and power of “harmony” feeding your cells and your soul. 

We are entering our fifteenth year of performing together the full ceremony “Creating A Human Web of Life”. How amazing! Time really is moving quickly.

The full moon is February 3. I invite all of us to step fully into the collective field of energy we have woven together over the years. In shamanism we spin threads from the invisible world into the world of form with the work we do. Journey within and experience your divine spiritual light and allow that to radiate into the world joining with the love and light of others to weave a vibrant harmonious fabric into physical form. This fabric creates a web of light that flows within and throughout the Earth.

If you are new to reading The Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human of Web of Light” on the homepage for instructions for our full moon ceremony.


Copyright 2015 Sandra Ingerman All rights reserved.

Transmutation News – January 2015

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We join together in love for our global community and on behalf of all of life while we cycle into a New Year. It is really amazing to watch how many communities create ceremonies, rituals, and celebrations to welcome in the New Year. Talk about a virtual collective field of energy weaving excitement and a wish for new hope as we enter into another part of the spiral of life.

This month I would like to encourage all of us to reflect on the following themes:

Inspiration, Excitement, Preciousness of Life, Tapping into Our Creative Genius, and the need to Wake Up!!

I had a few very inspirational teachers while I was in school. They really impacted me and helped to shape my life and my work.

When I was in ninth grade, I had a chemistry teacher Mrs. Goldstein. She graded on HOW we solved chemistry and math problems not on the answers we came to.

I rarely answered test questions correctly. Or when Mrs. Goldstein asked a question in class, I rarely got the correct answer. But I was inspired to think, and I always could share my process of how I came to an answer. It was such a great inspiration to see my teacher’s eyes light up as she would listen to my willingness to think a problem through while not focusing on the outcome. I received a great grade in all my tests due to my willingness to 1. try and 2. be creative in my thinking process. What a gift this was in my growth as I was inspired to be creative.

Then I had an amazing teacher in college while I was studying Marine Biology at San Francisco State University. I was taking a course on the study of algae. My instructor at the time of the class had reached the age of 65, and this was the last course he was teaching before retiring. He was one of the top world experts on the study of sea algae.

I do not remember his name. I remember his face, his stature, his voice, and how he dressed as we wandered the tide pools. I mostly remember the bliss and radiance shining through his eyes as he welcomed students into the magical, mysterious world of sea algae – this is a path not many follow. The mystery and magic of the red, green, and brown algae is a deep rich world that most do not explore. Some of the most beautiful and intricate plants that exist are some of the red algae.

My instructor would jump up and down in such excitement, and we thought he would pass from his excitement as my classmates would wander, and we each found rare and wonderful algae in the tide pools.

For our final test of the semester we had to collect as many species of sea algae we could individually find and collect. We had to keep them alive. And then we had to lay them out on a sheet on the floor and say their names.

My teacher would use a stopwatch (as we only had a certain amount of time to go share our collection), and he would jump and cheer loudly as each student went through their collection naming the algae correctly.

I would practice the names of all the algae I had collected for hours each night. I had friends who would come to my apartment in San Francisco and support me during my memorization process.

Did this add to a life mission – no! But this taught me about the power of excitement as I joined in with the amazing energy my teacher radiated. I was not trying to prove anything to my instructor. I did this for pure excitement and joy! Why, because through his love of the subject he inspired me and others to learn.

And lastly, I am deeply grateful for Vern Haddick who was one of my instructors while I was getting my MA in Counseling Psychology at CIIS in San Francisco. Vern taught me about the power of unconditional love and how we can hold people in love and accept them unconditionally. I will always be grateful for how Vern simply accepted me unconditionally during a time in my life when I felt so insecure about my own gifts and talents that I had to share.

In this time of continued challenge, despair, and unrest on the planet we can inspire and create excitement about the preciousness of life. We can teach people to tap into their own thinking process and creative and spiritual inspiration.

We can inspire people to wake up!!

What are you excited about? And how can you share this excitement with friends, loved ones, children, co-workers, and others in your local community?

My teachers led me to be available to my students of shamanism and help them feel welcomed into the practice and into the circle of our community, to shine, to laugh, to feel excitement about unlimited possibilities. I love to watch and match the energy of excitement as my students step onto the path of shamanism.

Be a force of excitement and inspiration with your friends and community!

Help people to Wake Up!

It is important to remember that the helping and compassionate spirits only see us in our beauty and light.

It is up to us to live a more conscious life and shine our beauty and light in the world.

At this time of the New Year where hope for a new chance and positive change abounds rededicate yourself to your spiritual work.

Continue to work with the practices we have been performing together that I have shared over the last 15 years of writing the Transmutation News.

Transmute and transform the energy behind your thoughts and words.

Align your thoughts and words to create a positive outcome.

Cultivate your inner landscape and inner garden.

Be conscious of the power of your words and your thoughts to create in the world.

Release core limiting and blocking beliefs that prevent you from tapping into your creative energy.

Wake up each day and give thanks and gratitude for your life, earth, air, water, and fire (as in the sun), and for the exquisite life forms that live in all the elements, for the moon, stars, planets, your helping spirits, the spirit of the land, your helping ancestors, the Hidden Folk and so on. Reach into your heart and give daily gratitude to those who you wish to thank. By giving thanks for your life every day you create so much positive change for all of life.

Look at changes you need to make in your life to find peace, balance, and harmony.

Spend time in nature!!

Continue to perform your dreaming practices to dream into being a world filled with love, light, peace, abundance, harmony, honor, respect, and equality for all.

Be open and find balance in how you give and receive.

Surrender the outcomes. Perform your spiritual work no matter what you witness in the outer world. The spiritual work we do does make a difference. But yes also take actions in the physical world to be a positive changemaker.

Continue to feel the love of our global community who joins together as we continue to work together in behalf of all of life.

Be a light in the world!

In my new book Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life (Sounds True) I take you by the hand and lead you through all the practices I have shared with you over the last 15 years. The book will be released February 1. 

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The full moon is January 5. Let us continue to weave a golden web of light into the fabric of reality. Do your preparation work so you are fully engaged with the practice. Move out of your ordinary state of consciousness and enter into a state of oneness. Connect with our global community as we weave a radiant web of light within and throughout this great Earth!

If you are a new reader to the Transmutation News please read “Creating a Human Web of Light” on the homepage.

Early one morning in December I had the most extraordinary dream. I shared the dream on Facebook but not all of you follow me on Facebook, so I want to share it here.

The first part of the dream was very complex and deep, and I do not remember it. I know I was in an apartment in a city having a very deep discussion with others, and I think the topic might have been on death.

Anyway the discussion had moved to a place where I knew it was time for me to leave. And I had come to the city as I wanted to buy light blue mascara. So, I decided to move on with my mission.

I was walking through the streets of the city, and I came to a construction zone. There was a new development being built for commercial properties and stores.

A river had to be drained for the building projects to proceed. I know this sounds strange, but this was a dream.

The next part of the dream will be with me forever. I walked along the drained riverbed. The sand was still wet. It was not like where I live where I walk along arroyos which are dry riverbeds. The sand in this river was still very moist and wet.

As I walked the river started singing to me. The song was exquisite. And every new curve I came to in the river the song changed. I came to one part of the river where through the song symbols started appearing in the sand. I went back and forth the entire length of the river and kept listening to this beautiful song. The song remained constant depending on where I was on the river.

I was so touched and moved by the beauty of this song and that the river was still singing although the water had been drained.

I walked back to a group of construction workers. And there was one large Native American man with two very long braids. I thought to myself maybe he will listen to me. I told him my story that the river is singing. He looked at me, and when I started crying, he said he would walk with me and try to listen.

We walked to the riverbank and started walking the length of the river. At first there was only silence. And then a song emerged. It was different than the one I heard when I was walking alone, but it was a song. I asked him if he could hear it. At first, he could not. And then the song got stronger and louder. He looked at me in amazement as he heard the song. And together we walked the length of the river listening to the river sing.

He went back to the group of other construction workers and said they had to stop the project for the river was alive and still singing. I left the group knowing they would stop the work.

And then I went on to buy my light blue mascara.

I woke up so touched by the dream and the song of the river! In the early 1970s I drowned in the ocean in Mazatlan and I experienced myself traveling through a tunnel into a light. I found myself in an extraordinary garden and sat on a stone bench while I listened to the most beautiful music that I will never be able to describe or have never heard in this earthly realm.

Everything in life sings and the song is eternal.

Go out and sing to the land, the waters, the air, the sun, the moon, the stars, and to all the exquisite and amazing beings who live in the elements. Open your heart and listen as they sing with you!

Happy New Year!


Stories Shared by Our Community

I was truly overwhelmed with all the stories people sent me about the power of engaging in shamanic work. I guess I should not have been surprised by this as we all know the power of shamanic work which includes the Medicine for the Earth work. Right now, I have about 30 pages of stories combined into one document.

I will include some stories sent to me by our community in future columns of the Transmutation News.

Due to the length of this month’s column I will only share some links to blogs that a couple of our people in our community wrote:

  • Simin Uysal in Turkey decided to write up her story in a blog. It is quite beautiful and touching. Here is the link: 

  • Jeff Nixa had shared some articles he wrote that I found quite powerful. You can read them at:

The first story posted in Nov. 2013, We’re All Living on a Rez: My Week on Pine Ridge Reservation

The second story posted this Nov. 2014, Where The Heart Is Hidden In Plain View.