Transmutation News – February 2005

See each person in their own divinity knowing this adds to their strength to cope with their situation.

Be careful about sending energies that might be too strong for people in trouble to deal with. Sometimes we can become overzealous in our desire to help. We don’t always maintain good psychic boundaries. Work with your helping spirits if you journey or do other psychic work to make sure you are sending appropriate spiritual help.

If you are trained spiritually to help people who have died cross over do this work. I advise that in situations where a lot of people have died at once not to work alone. You can be overwhelmed by too many souls needing help. It is best with mass death to work with a group.

If you are not trained spiritually in helping people cross over don’t attempt to do so. This work known as psychopomp (a Greek word meaning leader of souls) is not to be taken lightly. People not trained properly can end up becoming possessed.

If you want to help but don’t have any training I suggest that you direct your prayers to asking that a way be made for the souls of the deceased to go back to their spiritual home again. This does help.

My spirits keep asking me to hold people, the earth, and all of life in their light and divinity. There are many mysteries that we must learn to hold as the earth does what she needs to do to balance out her vibration and purge herself of toxins. We don’t always know what is needed. But holding the earth and all living beings in their divine light is always helpful.

We all must focus and concentrate on maintaining a divine state of consciousness and being in a loving state as much as we can throughout the day. It is not enough to meditate or journey once a day or a few times a week. There is nothing “to do” right now. We must change our state of “being” if we really want to be in service.

Evolution is happening on many different levels. On a personal level we must evolve to a place of surrender to “thy will be done” as well as change our state of being in the world. We can do all the spiritual work we can muster, but if we do not recognize the power of our thoughts we have really not done much. We affect our environment on every level with what we put out psychically. I really believe we must clean up what we are putting out in our environment if we really want to help.

Learning how to concentrate is essential. Shamanic journeying alone does not teach concentration. If you feel you need help in learning how to concentrate spiritually you might take a course on meditation, tai chi, chi gong, breathing, chanting, or yoga. There are other systems to study these are just a few that come to mind.

Learning how to concentrate and also be still I think is the next step in learning how to survive. You might be aware of how much is being written about how there was not much loss of animal life from the tsunami.

Researchers are busy trying to research what “special powers” animals have that gave them the warning to move. Even elephants that were chained broke their chains and escaped to higher ground.

I do understand that animals have a better sense of hearing and also smell than do humans. But I believe that the ability to sense danger is an ability that humans have but we have allowed our extraordinary perception to go dormant.

After 9/ll my helping spirits instructed me to help people find stillness. They told me that people will not be informed of danger from their spirits but by learning how to get still and receive information on when they are in danger and how to act.

I have slowly started to bring this into trainings and will be more active about this in 2005. I have been talking about it for years.

Many of you who read this website are students of shamanic journeying. I realize not everyone who reads this page practices shamanism. It was never intended for only a shamanic audience.

Many of you who do practice shamanism I know have been involved in what neoshamanism calls “core shamanism”. This is the belief that the core of shamanism is shamanic journeying.

For years now I have been saying that shamanism is so much more than journeying. For me it is like saying that flour is the core element of baking a cake and that you should stop using any other ingredients.

Shamanism is spending long periods of time alone in nature, connecting to the plants and animals in ordinary reality, learning to read omens, watching for changes in weather patterns, finding food sources, performing ceremonies and singing and dancing. Using the journey to meet up with helping spirits is one part of shamanism. To really practice shamanism you cannot ignore the other practices or it is like trying to create a cake only with flour.

Tribal peoples used to sit around and watch campfires creating a deep state of stillness. They had to learn how to listen, see, feel, and smell in more sensitive ways to how we do so today in order to track and find food. They watched the water for hours and became still. The wind provided the songs listened to instead of the radio.

The long ceremonies involving dancing and singing kept people in touch with the earth’s vibration.

As we became more reliant on technology and science for survival we became disconnected. Our minds instead of our bodies and spirit took control. We no longer know how to open our perception to shifts, changes, and the deep knowledge of what action we need to take. Stillness is what teaches us this. Observing life is what teaches us this.

I think the next form of “Darwinism” for humans is the ability to be still and listen, see, feel, hear, and smell in a much deeper way. I can’t encourage you enough to spend more time alone in nature learning how to connect again and find practices that bring you to a place of deep stillness.

On a similar note I recently received an email talking about the Mayan elders saying that we were not watching the signs we are being given. They feel that more catastrophes will happen if we don’t wake up.

It really does not take a rocket scientist to follow of the energy of what is happening on the planet right now. Can we create change? I do believe that we can. But we must get serious about spiritual practices.

I was talking to a friend on the phone about the spiritual movement. There are many people who are serious about their work and some who are just “checking out” spiritual practices but not really engaging in them. The word “intoxication” came up. I thought about this word.

We live in a world where politicians, religious leaders, spiritual teachers, and TV and the media intoxicate people. Of course there are other ways we “intoxicate” ourselves in life. For those of us on a spiritual path we must pay special attention to make sure we are not being “intoxicated” by the spiritual path we are on. We must reach inside ourselves and find our own inner truth and live it.

In previous Transmutation News I have written that I write each months column when I have time in between my teaching schedule. This means that sometimes I miss current events that as a community we need to focus on. This happened with the January Transmutation News. I wrote it and sent it to Bob our webmaster before the great tragedy in Asia.

Over the years I have written how to best be in service during troubled times. So I know you had the tools to work in the ways in which you were guided.

We have done a lot to the earth and we must expect that the earth will purge from all the negativity we have dumped on her both physically and psychically.

Here are some keys to remember when extraordinary events like what occurred in Asia happens:

Don’t move into a place of pity for the people who have been impacted. When we pity people we lower their vibration. We can have compassion, but pity and compassion are two different energies. Pity robs people of their power.

In the January Transmutation News I wrote about building up a relationship and friendship with the elements. Again I wrote this before the earthquake and tsunami happened in Asia.

As in many things in life there are always paradoxes to deal with and mysteries to hold. If as a planet we had been in a conscious relationship with the elements would we have polluted the earth so much that now she has to purge so violently?

Our bodies are made up of earth, air, water, and fire. When we take in too many toxins our bodies will purge as a survival mechanism. Is this what the earth is doing now with the earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and fires we are seeing on the planet today?

When we become in right relationship with the elements does healing take place? Let’s look at your own health and well being to answer this question. When you respect and honor your body and take care of yourself doesn’t your health come back into balance? I hope you are answering yes to this question.

Think of the earth as the macrocosm and our bodies as a microcosm. We can use the same principles of healing ourselves to that of the earth. Working with divine light is a spiritual way to heal. Establishing a relationship with the elements and moving into a place of love, respect, and honor is a physical way to heal.

It is important not to move into a place of seeing the elements as being destructive. The elements are working to create balance in the macrocosm.

As the planet moves toward healing itself there will be great loss for humans and other life forms. We must have compassion for those who suffer and go through our own grief as we are impacted in different ways. There is the big picture to what is happening as well as the emotions we must deal with on the human level. The work is to embrace it all.

Every time I meditate or journey on what is needed right now I keep getting the same message as I have been writing about for years. Meditate and experience all living beings and the planet as spiritual light. See the beauty all around you and be in deep appreciation for the great beauty that surrounds you. And do things that bring you joy!

As we have shifted from a consciousness of oneness to the illusion that we are separate we have disconnected from the web of life. As we have disconnected with nature we have lost our inner connection with the vibration of the universe.

It is important to our health and well being on all levels to move our vibration into harmony with the web of life of life again.

Chase Carter was a student of mine and he has been working on creating restorative vibrational sounds. When he first contacted me months ago on what he was working on I told him I would journey and see what my spirits had to say. I was a bit shocked by just how enthusiastic my spirits were about Chase’s work. They told me that his work in the future would be part of creating a big evolutionary change on the planet. My spirits have not been that excited about anyone’s work including my own.

Chase has different CD programs available. The one he shared with me is called “Whispers to the Soul”. In his write up Chase says:

“This calm and relaxing music has particular tones, frequencies, and vibrations that has been known to open blocks and speak a language that only your mind, body, and soul (spirit) can hear. Each track will speak to you in a very unique way, yet gently assisting you in your “Human Process” of learning and healing.

The inspiration to record this collection of music came after years of several “near death” experiences. I have gone through ‘The tunnel’ to the universe or heavens numerous times. While traveling through this tunnel I heard the most beautiful and wonderful music that, I now believe, was generated by vibration. Some have referred to this music as angels singing, however, I believe the sounds of universal vibration is the method utilized by the cosmos to communicate with all living matter. My goal has been to utilize those vibrations so we can create a healing process for our mind, body, and soul.”

I thought about what Chase wrote. I had a few near death experiences in my life. During one I drowned in the ocean and went down a tunnel into an incredible garden. I sat down on a stone bench and listened to the most beautiful and unearthly music.

As I have traveled presenting at different conferences I have listened to different CDs sold which were said to duplicate the music people hear during near death experiences.

As I have listened to these CDs I never felt any of them duplicated what I heard. After what I read from Chase I realized that the music I heard was more than just music but different vibrations. It was not music to be duplicated. This change in perception was very exciting to me.

I love listening to the different tracks on “Whispers to the Soul”. Chase has been developing a process that utilizes sound and vibration as a healing device.

If you want to learn more about his work and also how to obtain a copy of “Whispers to the Soul” you can visit his website at:

Barbara Crowe has been a long-term student of mine and shamanic practitioner. She just wrote a book called Music and Soulmaking: Toward a New Theory of Music Therapy. Barbara has been the director of music therapy at Arizona State University since 1981. She is a past president of the National Association for Music Therapy and has co-authored the new Standards for Educational and Clinical Training for the American Music Therapy Association.

I have been waiting for Barbara’s book for many years. She really put a lot of research into it. She provides concrete examples of the effect music can have on patients with diseases as varied as Alzheimer’s and Down Syndrome.

The full moon is February 24. As we continue to weave a web of light within and around the earth let’s deepen our process. This full moon don’t just visualize a web of light. Experience yourself as part of this web of light. Experience yourself as a light being connected with thousands of other light beings making up this great web.

Transmutation News – January 2005

Here we are again celebrating a New Year. This is a time when many feel that there is opportunity to begin again. It is important in honoring the nature of cycles to always see that there are times of new beginnings. We acknowledge and honor the events of our past. We hold the knowledge that our past has brought us to where we are now. There are no isolated events. We are on a continuum in our evolution.

Last month I asked you to create a dreaming space where you can begin to draw your energy within during this time of winter. So much has happened in the world around us during the last year. It is important we take the time to pull in a reassess our lives and where we are going.

During this dreaming time we have the opportunity to create a strong intention for the next year for our planet. It is time for us to review how we can best be in service to all life right now.

The times we live in seem to support people in looking outside of themselves for answers. The ancients for thousands of years have been teaching that all we need to know is within. We can be inspired by the work of others, but it is important not to give our power to others.

At this time there needs to be no weak links in our web. One of the issues that create weak links is people on a spiritual path who believe that others have more power or hold the answers. There is no hero or heroine to save us now. We all must add our power, energies, and light together to create a harmonious world. The more we can “step up to the plate” the greater the success of our work will be. We must be a strong community of people willing to hold and share the light. We must not depend on others to do this for us.

This means going within and gathering strength. This means going within and really getting in touch with our inner light so it can continue to shine forth in the world.

This is a powerful time for us to gather our light and shine it. Don’t get lost in the chaos of the outer world making you one of the weak links. Take the time to be strong in your inner knowing. Set a strong intention for the year. Intention is everything.

I will continue to teach and also to write The Transmutation News. But in some ways I feel I have shared what can be shared. For it comes down to practice. We must do our spiritual practices to go within and find the source of knowing and light. No techniques replace spiritual practice.

Over the years I have had many miraculous experiences with the elements. I don’t want to share all of what has happened as I don’t want to break the magic by analyzing it and talking about it. But I can say that I have had many experiences where it was truly clear water, or earth, or air, or fire was helping me out on a personal level.

These experiences have led me into a “love affair” with the elements. I know for certain that the elements are living beings that respond to the relationship I have created with them. All great partnerships demand a good relationship. This means time, honor, respect, communication, appreciation, and love.

One way that I work with the elements is by talking to them as friends especially in times when their behavior creates fear for me. In strong winds or rains I talk to the elements and share what is coming up for me, and I listen to what they have to say. Listening to the elements means “opening up my invisible ears” where I can perceive their messages to me.

I sing in praise of the elements. I thank them for all the help and life they have given me. And I do this daily and throughout the day. And from doing this they are responding back.

My suggestion to you this month is to pick one of the elements of air, water, earth, or fire that you have “issues” with. Set an intention to communicate with it this month as you walk through the world. This is not a journey or meditation. This is interacting physically with an element. Create songs of appreciation to the element and hum or sing it throughout the day. Listen for messages coming back to you. Notice if your relationship and understanding change. From my own experience I know it will.

In such a time of division in the world we must support all those on a spiritual path. I feel strongly that we need to transmute the belief in divide and conquer. This does not mean remaining silent if you see abusive and/or unethical behavior. We all live on the same earth and our heart beats are connected to the one source of life. It is in this letting go of division and feeding the energy and power of unity that we will finally see a shift in the world we live in.

Last month we gave thanks and appreciation to all those who work on this website to keep the information flowing around the world and keeping us connected.

This month I would like to thank all of you for your love and support. I do feel it! And let’s give thanks to the community of readers around the world for all you do to hold the light.

I know many of you loved the movie “What The Bleep”. Last month I saw another great movie called “I Heart Huckabees”. It is about the principle of oneness and the connection between all things. Dustin Hoffman and Lily Tomlin play existential detectives. It is very funny and yet very profound. Check it out if you can.

I also wanted to remind you that “Miracles of the Earth” is now out. This contains a lecture on the Medicine for the Earth material as well as experiential exercises. You can order it at

If you are looking for some inspirational reading for the winter months ahead here are some ideas:

I recently had the incredible opportunity to meet with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee who writes and lectures about Sufism, dreamwork, and Jungian psychology. His depth of knowledge of the inner worlds is quite extraordinary.

Llewellyn has written a few books. The book I have finished reading is Working with Oneness. He writes about similar things to what I teach in the Medicine for the Earth work. But his wording of course is different. The second half of the book was true magic for me. The concepts he spoke of and the words he used to explain the teachings inspired me to go much deeper with my own work.

In February 2006 Llewellyn and I will do a one day event in the Bay Area. He feels strongly that spiritual teachers of other traditions must come together and create sacred space together for a real collective shift to happen.

His book is published by The Golden Sufi Center. You can visit for more info and how to get the book.

Dr. Edward Tick is a psychotherapist who works with the effects of war on many different levels. He works with veterans from all different wars. He is a key educator in the effects of the chemicals and bombs used in wars. He is on the board of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners (check Important Links to find out more info about the society.)

He is known for his work with Vietnam Vets and bringing them back over to Viet Nam to heal. His work is incredible and I don’t know anyone receiving the same results as Ed is getting.

He has a website which I will be adding to the Important Links Section. The website is He has written books and articles and you can visit the site to learn more.

I met Dr. Edward Tick at the Bioneers Conference this year. I have never been so moved in listening to someone talk about the work he does with vets. I had no idea that this was going on. Many of you reading The Transmutation News have been impacted by the Viet Nam war. I feel it is so important to learn about what Ed is doing and what is happening in Viet Nam today. The people’s ability to forgive and love those who return is amazing and gives hope of the healing possible.

I have not read Ed’s books yet. I did listen to the tape of his lecture at the Bioneers called “War, Earth, and Soul, Apocalypse and Transformation”. I got the tape through Conference Recording at This lecture will make you cry in sadness and at the same time give hope that healing can happen.

I cannot recommend enough that you learn more about Edward Tick’s work.

And one of the most unusual books I have read also has a profound teaching in it: Agnostic Prayer by Paul Sutherland. It is a very small book, and I did find myself walking away from it saying “wow”. On the back of the book it says, “Agnostic Prayer…A story about love, chocolate, adventure, art, romance, Italy and France, and a man who sold his painting to an idiot.”
It is not your usual book, but I certainly did enjoy it. You can order it from Amazon. It is published by Karuna Press.

I recently wrote a chapter for a remarkable book called The Heart of Healing. I announced it a few months ago. This book gathers, in one volume, powerful strategies for getting well and staying vibrantly healthy. Concise chapters by Deepak Chopra, Dean Ornish, Joan Borysenko, Andrew Weil, Bernie Siegel, Larry Dossey, and others, explain their most powerful ideas. The book also unearths many little-known but powerful therapies from new, previously-unpublished practitioners, with approaches that give relief to people who have been helped by conventional medicine- and it gathers the most advanced thinking about the future of medicine. On the book’s website at you can read sample chapters and learn more about the book.

If you want to read the Transmutation News in German, Italian, Spanish, or Slovakian, please go the Important Links Section of this site. We now have a new French translator who is working on translating the Transmutation News. We will be able to add French again shortly.

The full moon is January 25. It is so important to keep weaving a web of light within and throughout the earth. Please join in with all the people around the world doing this work.