Transmutation News – February 2003

Over the last couple of months I received letters from many of you saying how potent the winter solstice ceremony we did together was. I know for myself I felt a great stillness throughout the day after I performed the ceremony. It felt to me like so many people were focused on honoring, which created peace in the midst of world strife. So thanks for joining in.

Great changes are happening on the planet today. There is a greater interest in spirituality than has been seen before. Yet at the same time there are huge challenges as humankind grows towards a consciousness of unity versus separation.
We have all seen that we cannot rely on one political, religious, or spiritual leader to create a different world for us. Yet the old myths that have inspired us speak to a hero saving us from evil forces and destruction. I do believe that the time for looking for a hero or heroine to save us is over. This is the model of hierarchical structures of “the few” having the power to care for the people.

I believe it will be communities of people gathering together to create change that will bring the planet back to a state of harmony. We need a new myth that begins with the people gathered their energies together to move out of the darkness, finding the light from within to transform our planetary crises.

I know that you are all creative souls. I invite you to write and send in a poem or very short creative story; mythical story that speaks to the people gathering together as our new heroes and heroines. The community instead of one or a few leads us out of darkness.

You can send in your own story or maybe a group you work in might create one together. You can send in a story for children that will speak to all of us. I will post these in the Transmutation News over the next few months.
Your reward will be knowing that you are inspiring thousands of people around the world to continue to gather, speak the truth, and focus and concentrate our energies together in this perceived time of darkness.

You can send your stories, poems, or any comments to me at:
P.O. Box 4757, Santa Fe, NM 87502.

Since I was a child the intense beauty of the earth has struck me. It’s not only the life giving aspect of our environment I feel I need to fight for it’s also the beauty. It is such a gift to live on a planet with the beauty of water, trees, flowers, etc. The beauty of the earth has always fed my soul. Even as I grew up in Brooklyn I loved to sing to the trees on my street, the moon, and the night sky.

When I indulge myself in my fears of the future, I fear for a time when our environment becomes solely cold gray buildings with smoke filling the air.

The spirits I work with gave me a nice practice we can all perform throughout the month. It goes along once again with the principle of as above, so below; as within, so without.

Think of one or more beautiful images about the earth that are precious to you. It could be a pristine river, forest, garden, the night sky, etc. Put on some meditative music and travel deep inside yourself. Imagine with all your senses these precious parts of nature being inside of you. Breathe deeply through your heart and truly experience the beauty inside you. As you can really experience the incredible beauty of the environment inside of you and as part of you that beauty will always be reflected back in our outer world. But we have to keep the practice up. Make this a part of your regular spiritual practice.
It is truly shocking to watch the rise in illnesses coming from the pollution in our environment. Yet, our environment is not being looked at for the cause of life threatening illnesses.

David Frum, a former speech writer for President Bush, says Bush himself refers to environmentalists as “green-green-lima beans”. Bush is described as incurious and ill informed on the environment.

I recently read an article in the newspaper where the EPA is saying that the gas that comes from oak trees might be causing cancer in urban areas.

It continues to amaze me that the connection is being missed that when we put poisons in our air, water, and in the earth it creates illness for all who breathe, drink the water, and eat the food we grow.

As I have written before it is important to educate people. It is amazing how many people in the U.S. are unaware of the consequences of our poisoning the environment. People outside the U.S. are much more conscious and concerned for environmental issues. Bill Moyers has done a few shows on the devastating effects of environmental pollution, but there are a greater number of people that must be reached. The media is not educating people to the consequences of environmental pollution. This is where I feel working together and gathering our energies together comes in.

In last month’s Transmutation News I encouraged you to write letters to the editor of your local papers to educate people. After I wrote this I met an acquaintance who had just spent time with some staff of the Sierra Club. She said that the Sierra Club was not going to try and push through legislation this year, but rather spend more energy in trying to educate people. 1 also met with a Native American who meets with elders from around the world who said that we need to spend more time with educating the public. So this idea seems to be in the collective at the moment.

The current statistics are 1 out of 8 women are being diagnosed with breast cancer. The cases of ovarian cancer are staggering. The children being born with physical abnormalities is frightening as well as the cancer rate and auto immune problems of young children. Men are being plagued by a variety of illnesses also.

In the world today there is such a concern about terrorism, and people are not facing the silent terrorism caused by humans poisoning the environment that is killing life.

Look on a metaphorical level at the staggering statistics of environmentally caused life threatening illnesses in women and children. We have created an environment that no longer supports the feminine or the innocent. It’s quite a statement of where we are in the world today.

I would like to suggest that we start a meditation/prayer going every full moon for the next six months that we can advertise to the general public that will raise awareness. If we begin to raise awareness we might find that people might actually get out and vote with a bit more consciousness. We have to give our best effort to try to get people to understand the consequences of environmental pollution. We cannot force people to change, but we can give it our best effort to raise awareness.

For the general public we want to keep this practice simple. I suggest we post flyers and send letters to editors in your communities. Post announcements anywhere you can – newspapers, stores, over the web. Let’s try and get the masses involved and reach as many people as possible. Invite people to join in with thousands of people around the world on the full moon. We will take a few minutes in silence to honor the enormous percentage of women and children around the world who are becoming ill from environmental pollution such as chemicals and pesticides in the air, water, and in our food. We also ask that a prayer be sent out into the universe that balance be restored to our planet so that all life might live. We ask that the divinity of all living beings be honored. During this time we all take time to honor our own feminine and innocent energy that lives inside of us.

If you are a person who is teaching spiritual practices that might be helpful for people today you could post your phone number for further information. We also want to let people know that there are groups who are teaching spiritual practices to transmute environmental pollution. You could refer people to or this web site for more information.
Even if you just choose to let people know this meditation/prayer is happening that is enough of an effort to begin to raise awareness.

I have been writing over the last few months about my desire to bring “the quantum” back into how many modern practitioners practice shamanism today. Basically, I have been trying to return to how shamans lived and experienced unity instead of experiencing separation.

As so many illnesses today are environmentally caused some of the traditional shamanic methods don’t work as well as if an illness has a spiritual cause. One can say that all illness has a spiritual cause, which is true. But healing methods must evolve to deal with the number of illnesses that are being caused by chemical poisoning as well as the evolution of bacteria and viruses.

Many different spiritual traditions have worked with bringing through energy from the source without form and without technique. One sees this with mystical Christianity, East Indian mystics and healers, Chinese healers, and other traditions. There are also many shamans who work in this way.

In our culture we have gotten very technique oriented and as we live in a world that emphasizes form we often limit our healing work. Many shamanic practitioners I see today perceive their helping spirits as a form such as an animal or human teacher. The practitioner perceives him or herself as a form. And the client is perceived as a form that is ill. With this way of perception we limit the true power of healing that is needed to transmute the carcinogens, other toxins, and bacteria and viruses in our bodies.

The key to the Medicine for the Earth work as you know has been the process of transfiguration. In this process we let go of what keeps us separate from our own source, divinity, power of the universe within which is our true identity. We have had great results with working with water and people who have been part of the transmutation ceremonies we perform in workshops.

I have also received a lot of feedback from practitioners who work with the process of transfiguration on a regular basis and the benefits in improving their life on all levels.

Last fall I began to work with another level of formlessness. I had merged with my spiritual teacher Isis and I was answering questions for a group I was leading. Someone in the class asked Isis if she could see everyone’s power animals and teachers.
Isis replied that our power animals and teachers are just energy. We give them form and call them into being by giving that energy a name.

When I returned home from the training I decided to try a shamanic journey where I asked to merge with the power of Isis and not her form. I asked her to let go of her form so I could experience her energy. I experienced the pure power of source energy. I was struck by the gentleness of the creative force of the universe while aware of the immense power at the same time. I was aware of the waves of energy and vibration versus the electric energy I often feel in my journeys. And at the same time I experienced the same calm, peace, and love I experienced in my own near death experiences.

As I continued to explore working deeper with this energy I have experienced the immensity of the force that connects with all the galaxies.

It has been important for me to experience the spirits without form and at the same time acknowledge the importance of working with them as form to act as intermediaries in the vastness of creation.

As intermediaries of the divine and source they can work with us as teachers and guides to help us with each step of our creative path in life. In working with them without form we can tap into the unlimited source of power of the universe, the web of life to bring through for healing the illnesses we are dealing with today.

The learning curve for bacteria and viruses seems to be greater than the learning curve of humans. Bacteria and viruses are learning to transmute must faster than traditional medicine can keep up with. Carcinogens and other chemicals block our light and our own DNA’s potential to create cell repair and heal what needs to be healed.

By bringing through unlimited energy from the creative force of this galaxy and galaxies beyond this one shares with people the energy that can go where it needs to go to heal. We can’t heal another person, but we can give them the power needed to stimulate their own healing process. I love the metaphor that Jack Schwartz used which is we can only act as an AAA truck giving the battery of a person a charge, but then that person must keep his/her foot on the accelerator and continue to move forward.

Combining the information that we receive from descendants about how to heal with sound and light and working with the formless power of our own divinity and of our helping spirits is the focus of much of my work now. This is what I teach in the Advanced Healing class I have been offering. There is so much more to explore and I am inspired by the unlimited possibilities when we let go of our attachment to working with techniques and form and surrender and open to the power of creation and the universe coming through us.

Of course there is so much more to this work than I am mentioning here. As vehicles for this divine force we must strengthen our own physical bodies to be able handle such energy. For clients we must teach them how to restore balance and harmony and transmute toxins that we are constantly exposed to. I am glad that I wrote Medicine for the Earth before I started this teaching so people have ways of working with their continued process of healing.

The evolution in my teaching is actually bringing through very ancient ways of working. It is through our modern day work and way of perceiving reality that we became caught up in form and technique. So we are really returning to what the ancients have always known.

In all of the Transmutation News as well as Medicine for the Earth I share daily spiritual practices to integrate into your life. We must learn how to strengthen and flex our spiritual muscles so we do not despair over the world situation. The world needs people who are willing to devote themselves to the spiritual practices needed to transmute the energies around us today. Please keep up your work.

I shared with you in the past the work I have been doing with journeying to the descendants. I asked them what I could for them in return. Their only response was, “You are sacrificing an entire generation.”

Many children are losing their magical world view and the sparkle in their eyes at very early ages. I have been inspired to write a book that helps bring the Medicine for the Earth work to children. I am now in the process of writing a book proposal.
I am looking for some stories to share in the book that have to do with children who learned spiritual practices and how this effected their growth and evolution. If you were taught spiritual practices yourself at a young age how do you feel this impacted your life? Did you teach any children a spiritual practice and watched them blossom from the work?

I am not looking for spiritual practices that were taught to a child. I am looking for the impact of the spiritual practices on his/her life.

If you are willing to share a story with me you can either write it up or just send me your phone number and I will call you to interview you.|

Once again my address is P.O. Box 4757, Santa Fe, NM 87502.

As we bring a new meditation into our lives on the full moon we want to continue our practice of creating a global web of light. The full moon is Feb. 16. I’ll see you then.

Transmutation News – January 2003

I want to wish you a New Year filled with an abundance of light!

As we are all interconnected with nature we have an unconscious drive to experience life in cycles. We are always reminded by nature of the cycles of life.

Some cultures and traditions live by a lunar cycle. As living beings so affected by the moon we do follow a lunar cycle whether we are aware of it or not. Many of us come from cultures that follow a calendar based on the cycle of the sun.

There seems to be an innate desire in all of us to know that in following cycles there is a time when we can leave our past behind and look forward to a new beginning. For most of us around the world this time of new beginnings comes with the celebration of the New Year.

There tends to be a feeling of excitement as we perceive ourselves beginning a new cycle. We can see how our past shaped and sculpted us into the beings we are today. Those of you have been reading the Transmutation News are all people who have made a shift in consciousness and we can be in gratitude for all that has happened that has brought us to this place.

I was recently talking to a friend who reads a lot of the news coming from Starhawk who is also an author and teacher. Starhawk has been seeding the idea that most of us have been under a spell. This really makes sense. I too believe many people are under a spell that collecting material objects will bring us happiness, that we have no personal power to create change, and that there are authority figures who will keep us safe and healthy. This spell also includes the illusion that we are separate from nature, each other, and the rest of life.

Those of you reading this have been in a process of waking up from the spell that has been cast on the masses. But there are still many who continue to sleep. I do believe that part of our spiritual work is to try to wake the sleeping masses up. There is a lot of unconsciousness to truth these days.

The key and also a challenge is how to keep others and ourselves from taking an “us vs. them” position and see that it is “we”. How do we communicate to others that we must wake up without generating anger and division?

There are many causes one can get impassioned about right now. For me I tend to focus a lot of my energy on the environment. It is quite extraordinary to watch how humankind continues to poison the elements which bring us life.

It is amazing to me how many people do not know that we even have an environmental crisis in the U.S. This is not the case in many other countries, as those of you reading this from outside the U.S. know.

As we look towards a new year and a new beginning I invite you to look inside yourself and see if there are some different ways that you can begin to educate those in your communities to the issues we are facing. I do believe that writing letters to the editor of a local newspaper is a place to start. Keep your intention clear. Bring through the consciousness of being in a divine state as we have been working with in the practice of transfiguration. Communicate from a place of love not trying to create fear or anger. Have your intention be one of education and inspire people to look for new solutions on a community level. Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Educating people to the principle of interconnectedness is also important. Danah Zohar in her book The Quantum Self: Human Nature and Consciousness Defined by the New Physics says:
“Everything that each of us does affect all the rest of us, directly and physically. I am my brother’s keeper because my brother is a part of me, just as my hand is a part of my body.

If I injure my hand, my whole body hurts. If I injure my consciousness- fill it with malicious or selfish or evil thoughts — I injure the whole nonlocally connected field of consciousness.”

Although I read a lot of non-fiction so I can keep up on what other people have to share I really love to read fiction. I like to learn through stories rather than by lectures. I recently bought the book Prey by Michael Crichton. I have only had the opportunity to read the Introduction. In the intro which is not fiction, he talks about what we have done to the environment and our current ignorance to the nanotechnology that is being developed.

Here is a very popular writer. He has written many books and many of you might know him from his books Andromeda Strain and Jurassic Park. In educating people in his intro he is waking people up to a situation that most of us are not aware of. And with his popularity he can reach masses. There are many people popular to the masses such as Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Oprah Winfrey, and a host of others who in their own way try to wake the masses up. We can if we choose to do this on a smaller level.

There is an incredible wealth of information that is being shared today on the environment, quantum physics, and other related topics. The information is very enlightening, but having information does not create change. The only way change will occur is if we change our consciousness and our way of living. We must be able to live the information not just store it. We need to work with spiritual practices that can help us embody the wealth of information being shared today.

I believe this is a strong point of Medicine for the Earth. It is filled with daily exercises and community ceremonies that can facilitate a change in consciousness and help you create a new way of life. You might consider inviting a local Medicine for the Earth teacher to come to work with members of your community. You can find the nearest teacher to you by visiting:
Some of you reading the Transmutation News might want to stay out of any sort of activism role and continue to keep up your spiritual work. This is also extremely important. We all have to find what feeds us and keeps us feeling strong and empowered.

Danah Zohar quotes Jung, who said,
“If things go wrong in the world, this is because something is wrong with the individual, because something is wrong with me. Therefore, if I am sensible, I shall put myself right first.”

This of course goes along with what I wrote in Medicine for the Earth and in all the Transmutation News. As we remember that we are divine and connected to all and find harmony inside of ourselves our outer world will reflect that back to us.

This brings us back to the key of our work which is spiritual practice. As we begin the new cycle of the New Year we have the opportunity to keep building on what we have been doing spiritually. As we do this we change on a cellular level. This will affect our own health and sense of well being and the world around us. Keep up your transfiguration practice.

From a quantum physics understanding how you focus every thought and emotion does effect the non-local field. If we can keep our focus on a positive vision this is the fabric that is woven non-locally which will effect what ends up being manifested.
This month I do encourage you to repeat the practices I have been teaching about the power of words. Words are alive; they vibrate and create form out of the void. They are a potent tool to how we create in the world. Words are how we call things into being. This month let’s all stay conscious to what we calling into being with our words.
One of the principles of shamanic journeying is that we have the ability to journey outside of time. Occasionally, in certain workshops, since the mid 1980’s I have asked participants to journey shamanically to meet with descendants. The type of advice I asked people to get from descendants depended on the workshop I was teaching. In the last few years I have on and off brought in a journey to descendants in my Medicine for the Earth Gatherings. I have asked participants to journey hundreds of years into the future and speak to descendants who heal with light, sound, and vibration. The information we have received has been quite powerful and valuable.

What 1 have realized is that we have taught our descendants this information to pass on. As we have forgotten how to work in this way our descendants are teaching it to us. By doing so many journeys I realized that a solid bridge has been created from our time into the future. When I do the drumming for these journeys I can hear the descendants chanting for us.

As I have been so moved by this connection I journeyed to the descendants to ask if there is anything I could do for them. The information they gave me was, “You are sacrificing an entire generation of children.” I knew exactly what they meant. We are passing on our same empty values to our children. Children are losing the sparkle in their eyes at an earlier age. The abuse and neglect of so many children is far beyond any of the horrors we have become so focused on with terrorism. The terrorism of our children in all cultures is what needs to be focused on.

The suicide rate and violent behavior of teenagers is sky rocketing.

We are all aware of the problem. Again, as with the environment, the situation will not change on its own without some action on our part. We do have power to start to work with our own children and the children we are close too.

All the practices we are doing we can bring our children into. I will begin seeding some ideas in all of the following Transmutation News.

For this month we can share the practice I have asked you to do this month about the power words with children you have a close relationship with. Practice saying different words and have the child blow the energy of the word up into the air. Or find a photo of someone or something precious to the child. Have the child blow the energy of the word at the photo. This starts to entrain children to see that as they say words they are blowing the energy of the word to another life form that is also precious.

This is one place to start.
We have been working with the principle of as above so, so below; as within, so without. We have been working on transmuting the energy that is sent out with our problematic thoughts and emotions.

This month let’s turn our attention to transmuting the toxic energies in our environment. We take these toxins in through the pollution and chemicals in earth, air, and water as well as with the problematic thoughts and beliefs around us in the world today.

From a very esoteric viewpoint of energy we can work with the concept of all energy is neutral. First I believe that we must bring consciousness to what we put out into the world. Otherwise, this concept becomes a rationalization for not wanting to work on ourselves and how we express ourselves in the world. But once we have been working on ourselves and how we communicate we can evolve our practice to look at how all energy is neutral.

This month meditate or journey on ways that you can take in all that life gives you while neutralizing and transmuting any toxicity. You might take a look at pages 247-248 of Medicine for the Earth where I share more on this.

Remember to use the formula for transmutation as you work.
Intention + love + union + harmony + concentration + focus + imagination = transmutation.

Until we do change how we live, what we put into the earth, air, water physically and mentally we need to find practices that allow us to transmute what we take in on all levels to maintain our own health.
For our worldwide community ceremony this month let’s repeat a bit of what we did for the fall equinox in September. The full moon is on Saturday January 18. This could be a good time for us to work together.

If you have not read this web page before look at the Transmutation News for July and August 2002. This will give you the instructions for both the practices of transfiguration and creation.
Let’s together transfigure and experience peace fully as if it has already occurred. Remember in the creation process it is important to see, hear, feel, smell, and taste what you are creating. And it is important to experience it as if it is here now. If you experience it as happening in the future you are not calling it in to present time.

Breathe in peace, breathe out peace.
Breathe in honor, breathe out honor.
Breathe in gratitude, breathe out gratitude.
Breathe in love, breathe out love.
Breathe in appreciation, breathe out appreciation.
Breathe in unity, breathe out unity.
Breathe in harmony, breathe out harmony.
Again, breathe in peace and breathe out peace.
Use the elements of transmutation and transfigure into your divinity as you have been practicing it. As you experience yourself in a divine state of being allow peace to permeate all your cells and senses. Breathe through your heart. Concentrate and focus breathing your experience of peace through you and out into the field. Repeat any words you feel appropriate to go along with the vibration and energy you are sending out.

When you feel you are disconnecting from the process start to bring yourself back. Ground yourself feeling yourself being here now.
This is the full moon and our time to keep weaving a human web of light. Allow yourself to feed the web either while you are transfigured or when you are done and still experiencing the afterglow.
If we keep concentrating and focusing our energies together from a place of love, unity, peace, harmony, and beauty we change the fabric of the web of life changing what manifests on the planet.
Winter is an important time to gestate the seeds you want to grow in the new year.
Please remember to look at my calendar for 2003 if you are interested in attending a training.
“I don’t know what your destiny will be, but the one thing I know: the one’s among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” Albert Schweitzer

“To be human is to be challenged to be more divine.
Not even to try to meet such a challenge is the biggest defeat imaginable.” Maya Angelou