Transmutation News – February 2001

I was finishing high school and entering college during the time of the Vietnam War. I joined the scores of people who demonstrated against that war, as it did not seem just. I was very disillusioned to find that the results of voicing my wholehearted opinion was to be hit with bottles, shoved, called names, etc. This was a very difficult time in my life as I felt that expressing my voice and feelings created no results.

It took me a long time to heal from this. Some people who go into social and political activism thrive on what they do. For me I was eaten up trying to go this route.

When I got into shamanism I found that this was a way for me to create change on the planet and thrive. I was able to find healing for the difficult times in my young adult life. I was also happy that through shamanic healing I could help others who did go to Vietnam and became wounded on spiritual levels.

Today I find myself seeking for how I can best be of service. For it looks like there are challenging times ahead for what I would stand for on environmental issues and what might actually take place. My memories take me back to how I was eaten up by my activities of activism. How can I make a difference, but not destroy myself in the process.

We all have different fates and destinies. We all find different ways to be in the world that feed us and make us thrive.

I have chosen to work on the spiritual levels where I feel I can make more of a difference. In choosing this direction to work with environmental issues it is who we become that makes the difference not what we do. The spiritual practices that help us become in touch and one with our divinity will illuminate the world creating change. This is the piece of the puzzle I attempt to share in Medicine for the Earth.

I had consulted with a lab in Santa Fe that tests water when I was beginning my scientific experiments with polluted water. The owner Greg asked me a very interesting question. He asked, “Will you change the water or will you change the people working on it so much that they will not be affected by any toxins?” I continually think on this question, as toxins did not affect many of the world’s mystics. Throughout the following months transmutation news you will notice me repeating the statement: “It is not what we do that will change the world it is who we become.” So yes we are trying to change in a radical way.

As I journey and work with the material I wrote about more and more it seems that in a strange way I need to let go of my own humanness to walk this path. As a person who feels passionate about my beliefs it is easy for me to fall prey to my emotions. As an empath it is easy for me to lose myself in the pain and suffering I perceive around me. To work with accessing the divine inside of myself I am being asked to let go of the emotions I rationalize having and hold onto. This takes a tremendous amount of focus to work with this. Remember focus is one of the elements in the formula for transmutation.

If the spirits do not experience pain and the divine does not experience suffering how can I bring through that healing energy if I am filled with pain myself? How can one truly illumine light into the darkness if that light does not have a clear container which to shine through?

Herein lies much of the work I write about in Medicine for the Earth. I have shared many of the ways I have learned to work with transmuting negative thoughts, attitudes, and emotions as well as finding one’s passion in life, and living in harmony with all life and nature itself I also encourage everyone to let what I have written stimulate your own ideas of how to work. We are all creative geniuses and we all have the information we need to heal the planet and ourselves. Sometimes we just need a jumpstart.

In Part I, I wrote about the importance of knowing your own creation story, which will help you become in union with the divine in a way that miracles can be created. I emphasized getting a symbol that has no boundaries so that you can experience union with your creator.

The area I did not stress in this chapter is looking at how your creator created life. In looking at this piece it will give you clues to your own creative process. So go back to the creation story that I asked you to write in Chapter 1 and make sure that you included this piece. If you didn’t, journey or meditate on this question to access the information. This is an important piece and it might take you a number of attempts to get the information you need.

I hope you are keeping up with the meditations to shine your light in the world on the full moon and connect with others doing the same. I frequently find myself throughout the day meditating to tap into the web of light. You can keep adding to the light of the web without waiting for the full moon.

A thought to think about this month: “According to the spiritual law, as we repair damage on the spiritual level, the natural world begins to be repaired at the same time.” Ron Roth author of The Healing Path of Prayer.

Transmutation News – January 2001

I hope you had a happy New Year and joyous solstice celebration. I know it felt great for me to feel so many people around the world begin to create a human web of light on the solstice. May we keep feeding this web with our light whenever we think of it. Please remember that I invite you to formally connect with others with this same intention on each full moon.

What I am writing this month is similar to what I wrote on last month’s page with some subtle changes. Working with the subtle changes I outline below will allow you to go to a much deeper level with your experience.

As you begin to see the beauty in all things you might notice the indiscrepancies that come from being a spiritual being in a physical body. If we just perceive ourselves as physical bodies we are ruled by the biological need for survival. We find ourselves trying to keep ourselves safe, fed; we compete for money, space, territory, power, love, etc. When we focus our energy only in this direction most of us feel generally unfulfilled.

As we allow our awareness to incorporate that we are not just a body but also a spiritual being we see that throughout our day we constantly are being presented with choices of how to perceive our reality and what actions to take. Do we feed the spiritual side of life and ourselves or do we only feed the physical? To truly be on a spiritual path means we must also feed the spiritual aspect of ourselves.

The spiritual being (which we all are) is always perfect, always present, Is a true reflection of the divine, and is pure divinity. So theoretically it does not need to be fed as it is always in a divine state. But our connection to our divinity needs to be fed. This has always been the true purpose of prayer, which has been to establish and maintain a connection with the divine.

As I wrote in last month’s Transmutation News our illusion that we are separate from the source of all creation created our fall from grace. This same principle holds true for our disconnection from the divine part of us. We crave to feel and experience this connection again.

So as you go about your day bring your awareness to what part of yourself you are feeding. Are you only feeding the biological being that wants to be safe or are you also feeding your connection with your own divinity, which ultimately will lead you to feeling fulfilled? We are spirits in bodies and we must create balance with feeding all aspects of ourselves.

When you perceive that you are a spiritual being that sees the beauty in all things you feed the connection to your own divine spirit. The same is true when you tap into your own light and let it shine through you as have been practicing the last couple of months. Watch how at every minute of your day you are presented with a choice of how you perceive yourself, others around you, and life. Notice and observe what parts of yourself you choose to feed. Do you choose the part that fights for survival or the spiritual part that knows that all life is of the light? There needs to be balance. Are you feeding one more than the other? Keep a journal for this month so you can keep track of the feelings and experiences that you have as you shift your perception. Once again as you shift your perception your reality will change.

Visualize your body and spiritual being merging together as one. Recognize that the body with it all it’s programs to survive is really a vehicle for your spiritual being. The body allows your spirit to manifest itself and have experiences in the physical world. The ego gives your spirit the experience of space and time.

We chose this great adventure of life on earth to give our true spiritual essence the opportunity to see, hear, feel, smell, taste, and move through the earth.

Let’s remember we are not our bodies or emotions but rather that which has a sense of being, permanence and inner balance. We are pure consciousness in a body with an opportunity to experience this connection.

Using your intention, concentration, focus, and imagination visualize yourself merging your spiritual essence into your body experiencing the union, harmony, and love of this connection.

The above practice works to expand your perception and way of being in the world. We don’t want to expand too much forgetting we are spiritual beings in bodies living on the earth. So to add to the expansive work let’s also add to the work of healing the environment by establishing a strong relationship with the elements.

Everyday for the next month and hopefully longer take a few minutes to connect physically with the elements. When you wash your face connect with the water you are using. Take a breath and connect with air. As you go outside take some earth between your hands and rub it into your skin connecting with earth. Go inside yourself and feel your fire of life or connect with the sun’s rays above you in the sky.

A thought to think about as we start a new year:

Your projections mold your reality.