I have really enjoyed writing the last few monthly blogs. I have written about healing toxic thoughts, being harmonious in changing times, creating a new vision for the planet, and cultivating our inner-garden.

The wealth of information I have shared with you has been passed down from spiritual traditions for thousands of years. And if you really practice what I have written you will create a richer and healthier life for yourself and the planet.

And at the same time there is some work that you might need to do to really be able to engage in your creativity. For the success of using the practices I have written about is dependent on how much you trust your own creative potential.

Many of us grew up with family members, teachers and other authority figures telling us that there are a limited number of people on the planet who are creative geniuses. And many of us were told that list of creative people does not include us. We were taught to fit into society, not to stand out, not to shine our light too brightly in the world. And by conforming and making ourselves “smaller” than we really are we would get by in life.

Following this advice has led to a great deal of depression and hopelessness. For we were all born to shine our light as brightly as the stars in the night sky. Our destiny is to be creative just like the creator who created us. When we do not let our creativity flow our energy becomes blocked leading to a variety of emotional and physical issues.

It is time for each of us to truly follow our soul’s journey and to step into our inherent creative potential. This might mean focusing on creating a better life for yourself. Some of you might be called to be in service during this great time of change.

You must explore your inner-garden, your inner-landscape to see what core attitudes and beliefs you are holding that prevent you from tapping into your creative power. At a very young age you had seeds planted in your subconscious that has been sabotaging your ability to create what you desire in this lifetime. These seeds have grown into strong plants and every time you try to make positive changes you hear an inner-voice that tells you all the reasons you are not capable of creating something new. Also there might be a voice that tells you that you do not deserve the best that life has to offer.

The first step is to put on some relaxing and expansive music. Find a comfortable place to lie down or sit. You want to be able to take at least 15-20 minutes without being disturbed.

As you listen to the music take some really deep breaths and start to repeat the question, “What are my core attitudes and beliefs that prevent me from fully tapping into my creative potential?” Keep taking some really deep breaths and imagine yourself sinking deep within. Allow your own subconscious to reveal the answer to the question.

Another way that you can get the answer to this question is by using automatic writing. With this method you would write the question on a piece of paper. Close your eyes and just let your hand start writing. With this process your own subconscious will reveal what you need to know. You can also put on some music to facilitate the process.

You can also take a walk in nature while holding this question. As you walk and wander through the beauty of nature, let your mind go and notice what your inner-knowing reveals to you.

Once you have the answer to your question you want to start to work with releasing this belief or attitude that sabotages your creativity.

You can make an object that is imbued with this belief and burn it or you can even bury it in the earth. Of course please use environmentally friendly things from nature that you can burn or bury.

You can use water to wash away your blocking belief. Or you can build a small boat from objects in nature and let your boat set sail in a body of water.

You can blow bubbles while focusing on what you want to release and let the wind carry it away.

Whatever method you choose please make sure you set an intention to transform the energy of this blocking belief or attitude into light so that you are not dumping negativity into the earth, water, and air you are working with.

I wrote a deeper explanation of this work and more suggestions of practices to work with in Awakening to the Spirit World: The Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation and also in How to Thrive in Changing Times.

During this time of fall it is time to release all that no longer serves you so that your inner-landscape supports new growth. It is your birthright to create a good life. Use this time of fall to free yourself of blocking energy so that you can unlock your creative potential.

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