During my lectures on the Medicine for the Earth practices that I teach, I share a formula of elements that I have found are part of miraculous healings. The formula is: intention + union + love + harmony + concentration + focus + imagination. I give stories and examples of each of these elements and how they work together to create personal and global healing, as I share in my book Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins.

As I talk about love, I typically say I hope I do not have to explain love. It is love that heals, vs. methods or techniques. For truly the power of love to create healing and transformation is unlimited. Love creates miracles.

Now the question arises — do we really understand love? I think we all have a basic understanding of love, and I think one reason we were born into this world is to learn about love. All living beings want to be loved and want to share love. But as an egoic being who perceives itself as separate from the divine source, can we truly experience the true nature of universal love?

When the spiritual masters of past and present times have performed miraculous healings, they have all been in a state of oneness where true love flows through from the power of the universe. Universal love is not a concept that can be understood or rationalized. Universal love is a formless energy that has no bounds.

When we look at the process of creation, we can experience how much love went into our creation. The creator created us from universal love.

If we really experienced true unconditional love of source and allowed that to flow through us, would we be seeing the illnesses and challenges we are facing today? And if love does heal, how do we move our rational mind out of the way and surrender to this pure power? This love is in our cellular memory as we were created from unconditional love. Universal and unconditional love transcends and is beyond our egoic understanding.

What would happen if we ask the universe, God, the goddess, the divine, to help us? What would happen if we say, “Thank you for helping me open to your love”? What would happen if we stop trying to understand how to get to a luminous state of being and just open and give thanks for the experience of love?

If you feel like you have been trying too hard to reach a luminous spiritual state it might be time to simply open and surrender to the creative force of the universe to experience the power of true unconditional love. And only in the experience can we be a channel for that love to flow through us to heal.

As we approach the spring equinox, we tend to think of new growth bursting forth. We all know how love feeds the new growth, flowers, plants, blossoms, vegetables, etc. We all have witnessed the difference of a garden tended with love. Do we try to give love to a garden? Or is this just a state of being?

Do we try and give love to a baby? Do we try and give love to a family member or a life partner? Or with true love do we just enter into a state of being?

I am raising all these questions, as it seems like we are experiencing a quickening on the planet. And the time is now to experience that true power of love flowing through us. Yet it is a state that cannot be learned by following a rational path of “education.” We need the divine to help us to experience the strength and beauty of this power.

Start to decree everyday, “I give thanks to the divine force, the creative force of the universe, source to help me to open to the experience of love that went into my creation.” Keep this up every day. As we open together as a global community, love can once again flow through each and every one of us, creating healing and transformation.

Go outside and feel your connection with the earth. Feel the energy of love for life evolving from a mental concept to a true energy that feeds you, all of the life and the earth and the elements. Write the word “LOVE” in the ground. Share your love with the earth.

On the spring equinox, wake up in the morning look at yourself in the mirror and reflect on the shine in your eyes and the brightness that you are radiating. Even if you do not perceive yourself as bright, acknowledge that you are. Our perception creates our reality. When you feed your light, your light shines through you.

Take some deep breaths and experience love for yourself and life. When you can love yourself you can share love with others.

And with everyone you talk to during this day, comment on how their eyes are shining today or how bright and wonderful they look. Breathe through your heart and be a vessel of universal love. Watch what happens as you do this. I can guarantee you that you will start a chain reaction of bright smiles wherever you are willing to bring through love and acknowledge the light in all you meet.

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