As we watch world events, we are seeing so many people losing their homes through extreme weather, war, and economic problems. And of course, this touches all of our hearts.

There is another tragedy that is occurring that is silent and that is affecting so many of us. And this is how we are allowing ourselves to get pulled outside of ourselves. More and more people are feeling scattered and more disassociated as we move into uncertainty about where the future is leading us and as we are surrounded by so much change and stress in our lives.

I think that this is an issue that we all must address for ourselves. For it is the ego that moves into a state where we feel the need to disassociate more and more from life and from our sense of self.

And what the planet and all of life needs right now is for us to stay home and rest in our divine spirit and shine our light in the world. But I do notice that for many this is becoming difficult as the stresses of life are allowing the ego to take over and many people are losing their sense of being centered. This of course is a type of soul loss.

It is time to make a clear decision to come back home to our spirit. There is a need for all of us to perform a type of soul retrieval to call ourselves back again.

Of course, if you have suffered a trauma, you might consider going to a shamanic practitioner to receive a soul retrieval. And there is a global list of brilliant practitioners on

But the type of soul loss I am writing about is where we have allowed life to pull us out of ourselves and where we have lost our center, but where we have the ability to return on our own.

The process of healing needed in this instance is for us to make a decision to get focused, come back to center, and to rest in our spirit.

In Medicine for the Earth, I wrote up an exercise that originates from Psychosynthesis. In this therapy it is acknowledged that we are more than our bodies and mind. We have a spiritual component that has a sense of impermanence and moves with grace and ease through change.

I have been working myself with repeating: “I am more than my body and my mind. I am an unlimited spiritual being.”

Whenever I feel pulled out of myself from the stress of life, I start to repeat the above sentence. I immediately move into a state of inner peace and feel myself expanding versus contracting.

Either going outside and lying on the earth or putting on some nice music and imagining yourself lying on the earth will help you to center and to align with the spiritual heartbeat of the earth, the heartbeat of divine perfection.

When you find yourself being pulled outside of yourself by a past event or fear of the future bring yourself back to the present by thinking about something you love about life. Move into a place of gratitude.

Work with opening up your crown, third eye, and heart chakras. You can really work with transforming your perception when you observe the world through the eyes of spirit. This entails opening up your third eye. When you bring through divine wisdom this opens up your crown chakra. And of course, opening your heart allows you to embrace all of life with love. When we are in a loving place, we create a home to come back to.

The ego perceives fear. And this is the nature of separation. Do the practices you have learned to move back into a state of oneness and divine light.

We are all being challenged by the outer world to move within to find true peace and security.

On that note I did write another blog for the Huffington Post that was posted in September. The title is: “How to Create A Rich Inner Garden”.

You might take a look at what I wrote for more ideas on how to come back home again. The link is:

I was communicating to Gail, a friend of mine, about the topic of the need to call our soul back home. And Gail used the metaphor of a magnet. She was saying how it is important to magnetize the soul back home.

Gail talked about the image of a bar magnet, one side with a negative charge and one side with a positive charge. As you know if you hold two bar magnets you can hold one stationary and then rotate the pole of the other to attract or repel the stationary one.

Gail was saying that the stresses of life and the ego flurry of action/worry have the daily effect of reversing the pole – so a field is created where one’s essence ends up getting pushed or spun away.

It is important to find ways to magnetize your essence towards you instead of pushing it away. Gail uses dance for this. I know I have a variety of hobbies that can create a magnetic pull of my essence back home.

In How to Thrive in Changing Times I wrote about using two magnets to get the sensation of the energy needed to receive our desired outcome. This month you might try using two magnets to get the physical sensation of what it feels like to pull your essence back to you when it scatters due to life circumstances.

Take some time to check in with your inner self each day and do what ever work you need to do to make sure you are present and centered.

Don’t allow yourself to get lost by what is happening in the outer world. Find your inner strength. Rest in spirit. And know that you are an unlimited spirit that surfs the changes that life is bringing for all of us with grace and ease.

The full moon is October 11. Take some time and if needed call yourself back home again. Travel within and experience your inner light. Now imagine the beautiful bright web of light we have been weaving together. Imagine reaching your fingers filled with divine light touching a part of the web. Thousands of us will be touching the web together on this day. Observe the light and love of our global circle rippling throughout the web of light.

If you are new to reading The Transmutation News, please read the instructions for Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage of this site. And then join in with the above instructions.

Let us all hold our global community in love and perceive all of us as shining, healthy, and joyful beings of light.

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