Last month I wrote about waking up out of the trance of mass consciousness. We can wake up to new feelings of vitality and new perceptions. In February I suggested that a first step is to set an intention of wake up.

When we set an intention at first it might feel like we are in a mental state. But setting an intention does activate our own subconscious to manifest our goal. What might feel like a mental concept at first moves quickly into being a body experience.

As we set our intention to wake up out of the dream we are now living in, we will find ourselves moving into a deeper sense of awareness.

Another step is starting to observe and reflect on how we nurture ourselves. We have been looking at connecting with universal love for others and ourselves. We also must reflect on how we have been taking care of ourselves.

Nurturance comes on many levels. Part of being able to receive true nurturance is absorption. And we must reflect on what we are absorbing. What do we absorb from life?

On a personal level it is time to reflect on the following questions:
What energies are you absorbing from the media?
What energies are you absorbing from your own thoughts?
What energies are you absorbing from what others around you radiate?

Are you working with the practice of intentionally transmuting energies you take in to your psyche and body from people you know and from the collective?

Are you working with replacing defeatist thoughts with positive thoughts?

By holding these questions and reflecting on them you will find yourself feeling the energy to fuel new intentions.

We are constantly absorbing energies. As we learn to raise our frequency it is essential that we learn to absorb and nurture ourselves with divine light to support a higher frequency.

This is also true of the food we take in. There is a higher frequency in nature that most of us are asleep to and unaware of. There are so many dimensions in nature itself. To support our bodies to be a vessel of a higher vibration we must put our attention to absorbing the highest frequency of nature. This means as you eat food, drink water, bathe, breathe air, and walk in the sun we must focus on absorbing the divine light of nature.

We often talk about shifting consciousness, but our bodies must be supported in making the shift too. We have to learn how to open the veil to a new dimension of how we perceive our food and the elements we take in. We need to open the veils between the dense consciousness of how we treat nature to the highest level of nature’s intelligence. Nature is a helping spirit. It is time to receive divine nurturance from nature itself and learn how to absorb it. We must remember we are part of the divine intelligence of nature too.

When the fog of the collective beliefs lift you can experience the momentary pleasures that create joy. These might include waking to the birds singing or feeling the warmth of the sun after the weather has been cold, watching the beauty of snowflakes falling, hearing the sounds of children laughing, or seeing a beautiful tree or flowering plant on one of your walks in nature.

This is all part of waking up from the trance.

Two of the core teachings of the Medicine for the Earth work are:

The energies that we feed we give life to.

Alchemy is the practice of working within and through the dense darkness inside and learning how to transmute our inner states to gold light consciousness.

As we continue to work with these teachings, we get to a place of realizing that our personal stories and the collective stories we feed into are just stories created by the ego.

For on a spiritual level there is no story where there are people to feel sorry for, to heal, to blame, etc. The only spiritual story that exists is that we are one with universal love and light.

As we live spiritual teachings, we start to see the illusion in all the stories we get attached to.

The story can also affect how we do our visioning work. For the ego is not just satisfied with holding a positive vision, the ego wants to see an immediate outcome.

At the same time when we get attached to our stories, we often end up lowering our expectations about life where we create a dullness decreasing our own vital life force.

To get beyond the story and the attachment to the outcome spiritual traditions teach about the power of simply radiating light. We can see ourselves, others, the planet itself in divine light.

And as we do this the divine intelligence of nature supports the blueprint, we were born with to unfold. We allow solutions to come through us instead of forcing solutions.

For myself I keep seeing that the more I can keep surrendering to the divine intelligence within the more I can move beyond my egoic need to stay attached to “my story” and to be attached to any outcome.

This creates space inside of me to channel universal love and divine light without attachment.

And my own soul yearns to move away from how attached I am to the conditioning of society. My own soul yearns to feed the internal light and fire within and to be a light in the world.

Spiritual teachers for thousands of years have taught to do this one must move away from looking at life through the eyes of ego and see the world through the eyes of spirit.

Not all of us feel ready to do this. For we are on a life adventure and we all have to walk the path in a slow and steady fashion.

Some of us still need to explore the past conditioning that creates a certain looping story that keeps playing like a song that our mind attaches to. You know how sometimes a song gets caught in your mind and it keeps playing over and over again.

And for some the song has played so much and we know where the song of our story emerged from. It is time to replace the song of our story with a new one. It is all about timing.

If you keep to the path you are on, you will find a deep inner freedom when you can let go of the needs of the ego. We find freedom when we detach from the story and a need of immediate gratification of wanting to see certain outcomes.

Consider where you on in your path. And as we move into a change of seasons consider if you are ready to feed the light of life.

If your answer is yes, as we move into spring in the Northern Hemisphere and fall of the Southern Hemisphere make a commitment to radiate light into your life, your stories, and into the collective stories.

Unburden yourself from the need to know how to solve problems from a mental line of thought. As you experience the light of life the true solutions will bubble up from the seed of knowing that lies within. For many of us this seed has been waiting a long time for the right conditions that will allow it to germinate and start to sprout and blossom.

This month Sylvia Edwards is gifting us by providing us with a disk that we can work with to move into Divine Light. A write up on the disk and the image of the disk to meditate with appears right before The Announcements.

In the past I have asked you to do a meditation or shamanic journey to meet your creator or the creative powers of the universe. In this way we could begin to understand how we were created and could deepen our practice with transfiguration. For when we transfigure into the divine it is helpful to have some cellular feeling of the divine.

I have also been asking you to experience on a cellular level the love that went into your creation. For you were created from the energy of universal love and the more we can absorb this the more healing and transformation takes place for us on so many levels. And we can also become stronger vessels of universal love.

This month I would like to ask you to do a meditation or shamanic journey to meet with the earth. Put on some expansive meditative music. And ask to meet mother earth who you are part of and who nurtures you. Experience how much goes into your care. As with the creator the earth nurtures us with universal and unconditional love. Experience it and absorb it.

Within the same meditation or shamanic journey now deepen your experience and merge with the earth where you live. We are moving into spring in the Northern Hemisphere and fall in the Southern Hemisphere. Experience the change in earth as the season changes. Feel the change in movement in the soil and notice any qualitative feelings of change.

Learn about earth and the change in seasons by merging with and becoming earth.

Experience how the earth waits for the new seeds to be planted. These seeds might be planted by humans, carried and dropped into the earth by the wind or water, carried by a bird, an insect, or other life forms.

The earth waits patiently for these seeds to be planted in her body, her soil. And then she nurtures each seed without judgement of what is carried in this seed and what will grow and blossom from it. She just nurtures with unconditional love just like our creator.

As humans it is up to us to use discernment about what we plant. For the earth will take our seeds and nurture them unconditionally.

If we plant seeds of fear, anger, and hopelessness then our inner garden and our inner earth will nurture these seeds without judgement. We must choose to plant what we wish our inner earth to nurture and grow.

On the equinox choose carefully the seeds that you wish to plant in your inner garden. Your inner earth waits patiently for these seeds.

On March 20, the equinox, let us together set an intention to plant seeds in our outer and inner gardens with discernment. Let us plan together the garden we wish to see grow. Plant seeds with intentions, words, thoughts that contain the creative potential of peace, love, light, and unlimited opportunities.

We are the gardeners of this great planet earth. Let us work in harmonious partnership with each other and the earth herself to grow a garden of true beauty and true love.

On the equinox go outside and connect with the elements and feel how you are part of all of life. It does not matter whether you live in an urban environment or in nature. Just go outside and stand on the earth.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths and feel yourself connecting with the heartbeat of the earth. Raise your arms up to the sky and open up to life. Open up to a message that the wind brings to you today. The message might come through a gentle breeze or through a strong gust. Listen. Experience the power of the sun feeding you. Even if the sun is not out and shining where you live it is still providing the energy for your life.

At some point during the day drink a glass of water absorbing the incredible nurturance water brings to you.

We are not separate from the elements. We are one with the elements. The spirit of the elements is so supportive to us. They are helping spirits – Nature’s divine intelligence. Experience how we are all connected to this intelligence.

On this note I received two different correspondences from Medicine for the Earth teachers within 24 hours of each other. Lauren had a vision about transfiguration. She shared how the consciousness of everything – the air, local vegetation, the spirits could all turn their eyes and focus on the vision of transfiguration. She wrote, “It was like the air’s consciousness was a divine eye, that turned and looked at me.” Lauren saw how we could invite the spirit of nature to join in on a transfiguration ceremony.

The next day I received an email from Karen who had just led a transfiguration ceremony in her local area. And she wanted to let me know that the group felt that the spirits of nature and the elements had joined in and were present during the transfiguration ceremony.

It was an interesting synchronicity to receive these two emails within twenty-four hours of each other about nature joining in on transfiguration work.

I have to wonder if we are getting a clue of a way to deepen our work.

The full moon is March 8. Let us join our hearts and divine spirit together in love for the web of light that connects us all. Let us radiate divine light and universal love throughout the planet. Experience the radiation of light going deep within the earth feeding all the roots of life that connect us all. Let us continue to deepen our transfiguration practice feeding and nurturing the web of light.

Let us invite the spirits of nature to join our full moon ceremony to create a human web of light. Experience the divine eye of the elements turning towards us and partnering with us as we experience our divine connection feed the web of light.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage of this site. Instructions for our full moon ceremony are written up there.

The times we live in call us to deepen our spiritual practice. We must not take our spiritual work lightly. All of life needs those of us who are willing to pull out all the stops and open our hearts to bring through wisdom, light, and love from the deepest spiritual place that lies within. Let us germinate the seeds that hold unlimited knowing. These seeds have been waiting for the right conditions to germinate. The time is now!

I wish you all a joyous spring and fall!!

Here are two quotes from Einstein to inspire us during this equinox:

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

I believe in intuition and inspiration. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Sylvia Edwards, the webmaster of this site, is gifting us this month with a disk that we can work with. You can learn more by visiting her website

Many of you are working with Sylvia’s disks. I know I have, and I find them quite transformative. So, I am grateful that we can all work together with this disk which assists in letting go of the egoic mind, our stories, and move into Divine Light.

The disk is called “Divine Light”. You look at it for 4 seconds and what you take in, in those 4 seconds stays with you for 24 hours.

Looking at this disk, one surrenders into the Divine Light of all of
Creation. It is the thing that creates all things – the spark of life. It
is the thing, the substance, emotions, thoughts seen and unseen, in all realities. It is the purest of pure.

As you look at the disk for the first 4 seconds, the mind can become busy, even in those 4 seconds. The next day when you look at it, it begins to quiet the mind. Looking at this disk day after day brings stillness within, to be mindful in the moment, to be in one’s breath, in Divine Light where all answers are, all clarity, all good, all happiness, all peacefulness.

There is no symbol on this disk because it doesn’t anchor one into one thing, one idea. It is all things, all ideas, everything all of the time.

It brings back the memory when one transitioned from being in spirit to being in physical – remembering one’s purity at that state and letting go of our current day stories to move into a higher light.

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