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Welcome Everyone to 2021!

I have been receiving some beautiful and amazing messages from Isis, and I would like to share one with you in this newsletter.

First of all, a while ago the spirits started sharing with me a state of consciousness that’s growing in the spiritual community. And they said that we really have to be careful about moving into a state of psychic hyper vigilance.

We all know about hyper vigilance. Anyone who grew up with trauma which was most of us learned how to be hyper vigilant to constantly try to tune in to our surroundings to see if we are safe. I was told that what is happening right now is people are trying to use their spiritual practices to tap into psychic vigilance to predict what might happen next.

They said the point is to learn how to stay present and to focus on exactly what’s happening right now and stop looking past and looking forward but just stay present. As we do this, and as we stop listening to other voices and listen to our inner voice, we will be guided on everything that we need for our next steps to move forward towards creating health for us and the environment that we live in.

Isis went on to share We have been raising consciousness in a really beautiful way. People are waking up all over the world from the initiation that we’re going through. But we have to understand that we’re in a cycle, and all cycles must be completed before a new cycle can begin.

What Isis shared with me is that people have been changing consciousness and this needs to lead to a new order that is harmonious. But world orders take a long time to create.

The metaphor that Isis shared with me is that what’s happening right now is like driving on the freeway with so many lanes merging together that all the cars are colliding. She said what’s happening is that people are trying to learn so much spiritual information mentally that we’re not working on the right level which is spiritually and energetically.

She said this is happening as we are doing so much personal work that we are in transition, and there’s an opening because of the chaos that’s been created. There’s an opening that can allow any forces in right now. So, we must be dedicated about not spreading our spiritual energies too thin by trying to learn too many spiritual methods and not immersing ourselves in the work. We are trying to force the transformation that will happen in its on timing.  There is no sense of order among humans right now.

But to do this takes concentration beyond what a lot of people in the spiritual community have been capable of. We allow ourselves to get so distracted by everything going on in the outer world, and if we don’t get into a place of psychic hyper vigilance, we can journey deep inside of ourselves where all the answers that we need to finish the cycle are being held. But we must let go of the distractions of the outside world to do the deep work that is required.

Isis said that the human race is actually a very new species on this planet. But yet we feel we have sovereignty over the Earth and over all of life. She said that we actually have not earned the right of dominion because we haven’t been here long enough. And she said that to create the order that is needed to bring harmony back to the planet again is working in community and working with the feminine principle she’s been sharing for 20 years with me of it is who we become not what we do in the world that’s important.

She said the issues we are facing are due to male dominance.

We’re getting too caught up in our ego and mind instead of surrendering to the power of spirit. The power of spirit will guide us through finishing this next cycle. But Isis said that the human race is actually facing its death, and when a person on the planet starts to face their death the spirits start to flood them with love. That’s what’s happening on the planet right now is spiritual forces are coming in that are flooding us with so much love.

This love of course is “the cure”. And right now, what we really need to do is to receive this love and to go deep within and to do our transformational work. And we must explore how Nature works because Nature is always in perfect order. So, humans have more to learn from Nature now rather than trying to save it.

Isis said the desire to heal the planet is not what we should be focusing on right now. The Earth has been going through climactic changes since the beginning of her birth. What we’re experiencing now is no different than what has been experienced in history. It is just that human beings decided that they were evolved enough to know what was best for all of life and the Earth and for each other. We must turn our attention to Nature right now. Nature has a perfect order and humans have created chaos that has led to a lack of order that are required for the next stages of evolution.

She said this chaos is being created by people performing practices to calm down without working with the new energies flooding each of us and the Earth. Now we must come together as a unified field. She has been asking me to write about this since the 9/11 tragedy. The forces of darkness are so concentrated we must rise up with our deepest strength.

The spiritual community has always been divided. But now we have divisions among humans that are pulling us apart in such destructive ways that we have brought the human race to the initiation of fighting for our freedom and right to live.

She also shared something interesting about declining health issues in people in the spiritual community. This a topic I speak about with other teachers as teachers outside of my close circle are facing health challenges. I am too.

Isis said that we are making ourselves feel guilty and feeling shame about our physical illnesses as if we failed. She said we have no idea of the battle gifted spiritual practitioners are doing in the psychic realms during the darkest hours at night. She said we simply need to rest during the day. You can let this go if it doesn’t speak to you. It is something I personally am taking to heart. Just rest when you can. I know everyone has obligations in their life.

If I was going to say the core of what Isis has been sharing with me it is stop letting your ego lead and let Spirit lead. But you must quiet down to be able to hear the messages of Spirit and the messages of Nature.

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Let Spirit lead instead of your ego.

As I wrote last year, I will continue to write The Transmutation News in the format we have now. And the columns are so generously translated into many languages.

To add to the offering each month I will prerecord either a journey for us to do together or a guided ceremony. Sylvia Edwards has agreed to record the offerings on Zoom and a link will be posted.

After time goes by, I will invite teachers listed on to record an offering. Their work is brilliant, and I want to introduce them to you. So at some point we will rotate. But I will do most of the recordings.

To be clear there will be one recorded journey or ceremony per month.

Then the exciting news is Sylvia and I started a new Facebook page just for our global circle. The Facebook page name is Shaman’s Are Gardeners of Energy. If you have been reading the column you know this became my favorite teaching The Ancient Ones shared with me.

If you want to join, click on this link:

There is a question to join. The answer is “Transfiguration”.

The first video of the ceremony for the December Solstice can be found here:

The full moon is January 28. Let’s gather together as one unified field of energy – with no division and perfect concentration and focus. Let’s feed the Earth and all of life with Light as we do our practice to create a Human Web of Light.

If you are new to our full moon practice please read the instructions for Creating a Web of Life on the homepage.

Remember Shamans are gardeners of energy. And what we feed grows. What energies will you be feeding in 2021? What will your thoughts and daydreams be? Our future depends on how you answer this question.

Happy New Year!


I am still in love with working with Renee Baribeau on our weekly podcast The Shamans Cave. Join us by subscribing on

And please help to support my work by buying or referring others to my books and audio programs. They are so helpful for our times.  Walking in Light and The Book of Ceremony are filled with tools to help us stay on the path! 

Due to the times we are living in I am sharing workshops that teachers I love and respect are offering. I wanted to let you know of the wealth of offerings.

During this exceptional time and the need for social distancing, the teachers and practitioners I trained are offering virtual circles and courses and are adding more during this time. The circle link is   We also have a section for online courses:

I really miss teaching workshops at retreat centers. And I was hoping to teach physical workshops this last year. But obviously that was not possible.

A couple of years ago I taught my all-time favorite online course to teach. This was a course on building strong relationships with Nature. I decided to teach the course again. I will be teaching the course differently this time. Last time we mostly focused on emanating love and light with groups of nature beings.

This course will focus on learning from nature beings and the elements about how we can live and work together in community, how we are all interconnected and how we are caretakers of the Earth, and simple ways we can make changes to create harmony between humans and Nature. The level of illness people are experiencing show we are not nurturing the Earth or being nurtured by it. How do we correct this?

Of course we will have a lively Facebook page to stay connected with our community. For creating stronger communities will be a theme of this course. And that is the strong point of my online courses is the community we create giving everyone a feeling of belonging.

By learning the language of Nature we learn how to survive. It has taken human cultures thousands of years to learn the language of Nature, and how we are interconnected. We must create strong reciprocal relationships.

Without making lifestyle changes we will not see positive changes happening for all in the web of life. Shamans and mystics for tens of thousands of years have lit the way to work with powerful healing ceremonies to create true change and transformation. But we must increase the level of concentration, focus, and discipline needed to bring about positive change. The ancients say we can do this. But in today’s world the speed of life has increased to levels that have created a lot of stress and distraction. You cannot do remarkable spiritual work and be so distracted at the same time. 

It is amazing how thousands of people who journey to the different species in nature keep getting the message that there is compassion for us as we grow into higher selves and evolve.

By communicating with multiple species, we have the ability to learn how to adapt to our current changes, honor and respect every being in nature, make necessary lifestyle changes, and learn how to design ceremonies that we can perform to be in service to the Earth.

In our seven weeks we will focus our work with communicating with life forms who have so many tools and help to offer us. And each week we will perform a different healing ceremony in behalf of places of the Earth that cause us deep concern.

Communicating with the beings of nature that live on the earth, in the waters, and fly in the air, as well as with the elements themselves brings us deep wisdom at the same time filled with joy that comes from such a deep and precious connection.

I will also include how to bring children into the work.

I will of course send you registration information. But for now, save the dates if you are interested. The seven-week course will start on February 2.

Llewelyn Vaughn-Lee has written extraordinary books on ecological issues. He is a profound writer. He has been guided to share a short eBook he wrote as a gift to the global community. There is no catch. This is a beautiful and generous offering from Llewelyn’s heart.

Painting Dreams into Reality

Jacirendi writes, “It is sacred gift and honor for me to weave, together with the client, their dreams, hopes and blessings into something tangible, that becomes a Soul Art Portrait, celebrating the receiver and empowering the individual on their life’s journey”

Marci Shimoff, Dr. Sue Morter and Lisa Garr have written a powerful ebook The 4 Biggest Mistakes that Keep You From Living a Miraculous Life where they share their proven formula for recognizing the mistakes that keep miracles away and replacing them with behaviors that make you a magnet for miracles.

They are giving this ebook away for free for a limited time.

You might already know Marci, Dr. Sue and Lisa.

Marci is not only a powerful happiness mentor, she is also the #1 New York Times best-selling author of all the books in the Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul series and was a featured teacher in “The Secret”.

Dr. Sue is a master of Bio-Energetic Medicine, Quantum Field visionary and the bestselling author of The Energy Codes.

Lisa is the creator of The Aware Show, and also hosts shows on Hay House Radio and Gaia TV.

What you probably don’t know are the stories of their personal struggles and their dark nights of the soul… and how they turned their lives around.

They share those stories in this ebook and it’s very moving

Click here for your free copy:

I really love Michael Stone’s work. I first met Michael after Medicine for the Earth was published, and he had me on his radio show. Our friendship built up over the years, and I think his teachings are fabulous, incredibly deep and profound!

Michael is offering a very powerful experiential and embodied inner workshop in the Way of the Mystic programs he’s offering. If you’d like to find out more you can go to:

Barbara Jo Kammer is a music therapist & bandleader/singer-songwriter from Lafayette, CO. She has been working with elders in retirement homes since receiving her MA from Naropa University in Transpersonal Counseling/Music Therapy Concentration in 2000.  She has released two solo albums focusing on her personal journey in recovery from alcoholism and addiction. “One Song at a Time” and “Big Blue Sky in the Morning” can be found at, Facebook and music platforms.

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