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As we continue to engage in our spiritual practices it is so important to embrace the perspective that we should not consider this as more “work” we have to do.  As shamanism is a way of life, the spiritual practices we have been performing over the years spin together the threads of the actions and behaviors required to feed a healthy life and planet. And the point is to integrate these practices so that they truly become a way of life.

No one should be saying the words, “I don’t have time to perform more spiritual practices during the day”. For focusing on your use of words to “bless” versus than “curse”, the thoughts you are looping, being observant of your daydreams and what you are creating in your life and the world, and shining your divine light are part of how you walk, breathe, work, and engage in fun and relaxing activities.

With our spiritual work, we reshape our relationship with ourselves, how we treat others, our lifestyle, and our behavior in the world.

If the spiritual work you are doing feels like a lot of work to you, stop and reflect on how you are separating spiritual practices from how you live your life. Reflecting on this can be very enlightening.

As you engage in any spiritual or ceremonial work this month, notice where you are efforting too much and how you integrate some of the practices, so they become habitual in a good way as you live the work.

I think with everything we are witnessing it is a good month for us to engage in a shamanic dismemberment practice together so we can all experience renewal and regeneration. It is always good to bring in practices that remind us that life is an illusion and a dream and that we are connected to a larger consciousness than what we are witnessing in the collective energies.

It is a time for us to allow our body and mind to dissolve and be dismembered so that we can remember our authentic identity and that Source is where we came from. We were born from unconditional love and left a state of oneness with the creator and the power of the universe to experience how to be divine light in a body that can manifest beauty, healing, and peace as we walk this great Earth together.

In shamanism the practice of dismemberment is used as an initiation, but it also can be used for healing. With a dismemberment journey you might be burned to ash, or an element or helping spirit might remove your skin and organs. Helping spirits will clean your bones and organs. A physical or emotional illness might be removed.

I have written about the practice of dismemberment in many of my books such as Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins and also in Walking in Light: The Everyday Experience of Shamanic Life.

The regeneration and healing part of the dismemberment process occurs as you release to the helping spirits and the divine power of the universe what no longer serves you. Then you are reconstructed or re-membered as spiritually cleansed and healthy at the end of the visionary experience. 

I will give you brief instructions of how to perform such a journey or meditation. If you perform shamanic journeys, listen to your favorite shamanic music track and give yourself a good period of time for your journey – at least 15 minutes. If you do not work with shamanic journeying, you can still perform this experience as a meditation by listening to a track of your favorite spiritual music.

Hold the intention that you would like a helping spirit, ally, or divine force to dismember and then re-remember you at the end of your journey or meditation. You can focus on an emotional blockage or physical challenge that you wish to release.

Surrender to the power of the universe and trust the powers that be to provide you with what is needed for your regeneration. Let your helping spirit or a divine force set the stage. An animal or element such as a bear, an eagle, ants, a sandstorm, or fire are examples of helping spirits that might provide the dismemberment.

Although these experiences can sound gruesome, dismemberment is a healing practice that provides a sense of reconnection with Source, your authentic identity, and a state of calm and peace.

During the dismemberment, once your skin, organs, bones, and thoughts are removed you will experience yourself as divine light and one with the creator of the universe. If you are burned to ash by a fire or your body is destroyed through a sandstorm you will be free to truly feel your divine light as your true self.

Dismemberment is actually the beginning phase of transfiguration. First you lose your sense of your body and mind so that you remember your spiritual identity. You allow the helping spirits and divine forces to cleanse your skin, bones, organs, as well as your thoughts so you can be spiritually reborn. If you were dismembered to ash or sand during the journey or meditation you will be reconstructed with a healthy body, clean mind, and experience a higher vibration of consciousness.

Once you are remembered, complete your journey or meditation by traveling back to your room. Take your time and experience if you feel lighter, more refreshed, and rejuvenated. Once you return from the journey or meditation please do a grounding exercise to make sure you are fully back from your experience. You can go outside and sit with a tree imagining deep roots connecting you to your body and the earth. Or you can do this as a meditation if you can’t go outside to be in nature. 

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The full moon is April 29. On the full moon experience your divine light and let it shine brightly within and throughout the Earth joining with the light of all in our global community. Let us create and weave together a shimmering web of light that continues to replace the old worn-out fabric of reality and paradigm of life. 

Please note: I will be presenting a lecture and ceremony on April 29 to open the next Year of Ceremony sponsored by Sounds True. My contract asks me to send out two dedicated emails. So, I will be sending out information once I have it.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage for instructions for our full moon ceremonies.

You might want to review the March Transmutation News where I wrote about focusing on the changing qualities of light of the sun and moon. During the month of April take time to observe the changes in the light and energy between the new and full moon. In this way you enter into a deeper flow with the changing lunar phases.

Terri in New Zealand requested that we do join together and transfigure on a regular basis to bring more light to the planet and also to perceive our great planet Earth and all of nature in its divine light. I suggest if you can join with us every Sunday to perform some transfiguration work it will be healing for all of us and all of life to do so. Terri is suggesting we spend 15 minutes each week seeing the Earth in her divinity.

You can also transfigure with a bottle or glass of water present and then gift a body of water in your locale with pure healing water. Whatever we place in large bodies of water will flow and merge together with all the bodies of water in the world. You can place organic and compostable objects on your altar and after transfiguring leave these out in nature on the earth.  As you transfigure focus on perceiving the air as pristine. We will be working in subtle fields of energy despite the difference of time depending on where we live and when we perform our work together. 

Damini Celebre is listed on She is a brilliant teacher and author. I shared the remarkable project she is working on in a past issue of the Transmutation News.

She has started an exciting project to bring healing prayers to the Earth. Here is how Damini describes her project:

“Spirit speaks to each of us differently: sometimes, in rich metaphors that we experience in a journey, sometimes with a flash of clarity and knowing during our waking day, and sometimes in dream state.  During the summer, I had a dream where I saw myself ceremonially placing seed pods in a hole on a hilly, open landscape.  The seed pods contained prayers for healing the Planet.

Since that dream-vision, I have been bringing the ceremony into form, by creating clay seed pods. The pods are made of local clay, and each contains a prayer for the Earth, that is written on paper and placed in the pod’s opening. These prayers have been sent to me from all around the world.

On Dec 22, 2017, commenced the Solstice :: Prayer Pod ceremony. In Pennsylvania, I placed a 108 PrayerPods on the Earth. Over time, and with the cooperation of the Elements, these pods and prayers will dissolve into the earth.

In addition to this ceremony, I have been making smaller Prayer Pods and am leaving them in urban areas. These single pods will either merge with the Land or be taken home— both ways are perfect! 

Since December, other folks have written me that they have been inspired to make their own PrayerPods and place them in their communities. If you are called to make your own pods — I invite you to do the same. On my blog, I have posted all the prayers that I have received from around the world; please feel free to include some of those prayers into your pods and  together we can spread a wider web of healing.

Do you have a prayer-intention-wish for healing the Planet?  If so, I would like to include your prayer in a seed pod. Please email me your prayer at b.shiny(at) and I will place your prayer in a seed pod.

Blessings for All Beings xx Damini Celebre”


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