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The Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light Training in Estes Park, Colorado was truly marvelous. Everyone really embraced the work. The film crew present became part of our circle, and they participated in journeys and ceremonies when they could. We had some beautiful healings that occurred due to the work including some amazing remote healings for people whose names were under the altar.

And the most exciting part for me is that participants went home and many immediately started sharing transfiguration ceremonies in their communities and even teaching their children the work.

The true excitement for me in teaching right now is to see how participants in both my residential workshops and online courses are bringing the Medicine for the Earth and other shamanic practices into their families, workplaces, and into their communities. And I know many of you are doing this too. And I am so grateful to all of you sharing this profound work.

Dean Radin wrote a fabulous book Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe. It is phenomenal for a scientist to offer a vision of a scientifically informed magic and explains why it will play a key role in exploring the frontiers of science. And he includes shamanism in his discussion.

Shamanism does offer amazing keys to healing the issues we are facing on the planet. And again, it depends on if we take the incentive and opportunity to become the work.

Recently I received a message in the dream, “healing comes through you, not to you”. When I woke up, I remembered that this is the same message Florence Scovel Shinn shared in her teachings where she taught that “creation comes through you, not to you”.

This message ties in with some interesting conversations I have been having with other shamanic teachers. For it is so clear that the Western world is stepping into the path of shamanism in the opposite flow of how this would occur in an indigenous culture.

And after all the conversations I have been having I realized that this is what I have been so passionately sharing in all my workshops and books where I speak to the difference of “curing” and “healing”.

I don’t want to over romanticize shamanic cultures. As humans we do not always behave in ethical or responsible ways. Our ego and personality must continue to be worked with to keep us focused on bringing our gifts into communities. This includes people living in indigenous communities.

But children in shamanic cultures were acknowledged for the gifts and strengths they contributed to their communities, were taught how to speak with all the beings in nature, how to perform gratitude practices no matter what is happening in the outer world, and to use discipline with their words, thoughts, and daydreams as blessings instead of focusing on using this powerful energy to curse oneself and all in the web of life.

Then once they entered puberty, elders would oversee life threatening initiations where the initiates would then have to rely on their spiritual strength to carry them through. This helped them to evolve into a responsible adult who contributed to the strength of the community.

It was then that community members were introduced to the path of the shaman.

In the Western world we tend to enter into the path of the shaman before we are grounded in how to be a strong dreamer who knows how to work with words, thoughts, daydreams, and energy to help create a healthy collective. We are stepping into the world of the shaman without having the knowledge of how to create pristine sacred space and communicate with the spirt that lives in all things.

Clients show up for shamanic healings expecting an instantaneous and magical cure without having the tools for doing their inner work that leads to long term healing instead of a quick fix.

Everything that we are all dealing with in life could be dealt with if we did our inner work and understood that it is by working within your inner world that builds the invisible form of substance necessary to manifest our greatest desires for ourselves and all of life. 

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The full moon is June 28. Let us truly immerse ourselves and merge with the shimmering web of light. Don’t separate yourself from the web of life. Become the web of life. You are the web of light. Radiate your divine light as you go deeper into your experience and “BE” the web of light.

We radiate our light together perceiving all in its in divine perfection. This work is strong and powerful and does create change. Go deeper with your transfiguration work on the full moon.

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We join together to celebrate the solstice on June 21. We welcome in summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

We remember that the solstice is not a separate event. For there has been a flow of energetic change and changes in the quality of light that led up the solstice. The solstice marks a change that we are part of. It is always good to do a merging journey with the land where you live on the solstice to experience how you are changing with the change in seasons.

It is important to tune into your body and feel how the changes in nature are impacting your own nature and being fully aware of the shifts in the texture of the land, the smell of the wind, the sounds of the birds and other nature beings who live in your area, and the changes in the plants and trees. You can even taste the change in the air.

For thousands of years people have universally been watching and experiencing the changing signs in nature to inform them of their behavior in how to prepare for the change in season. It is always best when your body is the barometer of change instead of focusing on the calendar.

Whether you are welcoming in summer or winter this is a great time to see ourselves as gardeners and caretakers of this great Earth.

Find organic and compostable materials and make a little container that holds a prayer for yourself, the web of life, and the Earth. Plant your prayers into the earth where you live. Energetically this seed prayer will grow as you nurture it with your love and light. What we feed grows!!

I join our circle in wishing everyone a beautiful solstice!!


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