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I have been in an intense process of healing for close to 6 years now. I started getting shamanic healing work. And then went on to see many alternative practitioners. Everywhere I turned there were no solutions. I always knew that the true cure was inside of me just like I have been teaching on the Transmutation News for 20 years.

But in our culture whenever we start to feel ill we immediately look to others who might have a solution to what is impacting us instead of traveling deep inside to the inner reaches of our soul where our body can tell us exactly what is going on, what is out of balance, and what we need for our healing.

But some of us are very stubborn, like myself, and although I felt that the signs kept turning me within rather than without it was easier to look without for a solution. Then things changed naturally with my process. For five years in the deepest hours of the night, when shamans do their most powerful work, I journeyed and worked with my helping spirits. The work was to identify the issues in my past and present that were still haunting me causing my body to twist in pain.

I kept unwinding the pain out of my body for five years. The feeling was really incredible. I can say that this was a time of suffering for me, but the lessons were so amazing, and I learned so much about myself, others, life, the web of life, and the cycles of nature. The cycles of nature actually gave me my biggest clues of how to find my healing.

I went even deeper during December and really focused on trying to create as much quiet around me as possible. It was very difficult as people are used to emailing me and asking me how I am doing as well as asking for help from me. But I really needed complete silence. I needed to find a way to get off of Facebook and off of email. I can say I didn’t do it in the most graceful way, but I did it and I got the quiet that I needed.

As soon as I got the quiet that I needed my body and helping spirits started talking to me nonstop leading me step-by-step to where I needed to go. I really needed to let go of my past. My past had become one of my burdens that was too heavy to carry me forward. Most of my past I just literally forgot. Issues that had molded into my personality no longer served me and were holding me back. I performed a lot of releasing ceremonies.

I found that the key in my healing was to look at my past, not holding onto it, and also being willing to step away from it. When I was able to step away, I found myself walking off trail. And I can honestly say that I can’t even see my way back to my old way of being. It feels like I am stepping into a new life. But I cannot engage in that new life until I fully step away from my past and say goodbye to it.

I am sharing this with you because we are moving slowly into a new paradigm, but we can’t take our past with us. There is no way to step into a life of freedom and a life filled with love and light while carrying bitterness on our shoulders and being burdened by our past betrayals and hurts.

Imagine climbing a mountain, and when the path gets too steep you have to drop heavy supplies. Once you get to the top you can’t believe you were willing to carry so much stuff with you for so long. You could have enjoyed the journey and the scenery if you were not so weighed down.

I had five years to work with this. I know that many of you have been very focused on working on all levels spiritually emotionally and physically. If you are excited about the new opportunities, we have coming the only way to step into a new dimension of reality is by releasing your past burdens that are keeping you held in an old bubble.

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The full moon is February 27. Let’s step out of old bubbles that keep our psychic power contained and allow our light to flow freely touching all of life and the Earth.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please visit Creating A Human Web of Light on the home page to read the instructions for our full moon ceremony.

I hope you all enjoy the ceremony I recorded for you this month. Those of you new to this newsletter, I am now recording a journey or ceremony each month. And we have a new inspirational Facebook page Shamans Are Gardeners of Energy. If you would like to join the password is “Transfiguration”.

Here is the link for this month’s beautiful ceremony. Thank you, Sylvia Edwards, for recording the video for us. Join us!!


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And please help to support my work by buying or referring others to my books and audio programs. They are so helpful for our times.  Walking in Light and The Book of Ceremony are filled with tools to help us stay on the path!

Due to the times we are living in I am sharing workshops that teachers I love and respect are offering. I wanted to let you know of the wealth of offerings.

During this exceptional time and the need for social distancing the teachers and practitioners I trained are offering virtual circles and courses and are adding more during this time. The circle link is  We also have a section for online courses:

Starting February 2, I will be teaching a course Shamanic Journeys into Nature: Connect Deeply with Nature Spirits to Expand Consciousness & Your Sense of Belonging to the Web of Life.

A couple of years ago I taught my all-time favorite online course to teach. This was a course on building strong relationships with nature. I decided to teach the course again. I will be teaching the course differently this time. Last time we mostly focused on emanating love and light with groups of nature beings.

This course will focus on learning from nature beings and the elements about how we can live and work together in community, how we are all interconnected and how we are caretakers of the Earth, simple ways we can make changes to create harmony between humans and nature.  

For more information, go to:  

Unconditional Living: Balancing our Warrior and Goddess Energies

An online healing journey with HeatherAsh Amara author of Warrior Goddess Training andThe Seven Secrets of Happy and Healthy Relationships (co-authored with don Miguel Ruiz Jr.)

11 am PST Saturday, February 13th

Register at

In many traditional cultures our deepest healing happens when we harmonize our inner masculine and feminine. HeatherAsh, author of the bestselling book Warrior Goddess Training, calls these two qualities your warrior and goddess energies. In this 45-minute journey we will explore the impact of deficiencies or excesses of warrior and goddess energies, and the importance for all genders to embody and integrate these two foundational essences.

Drawing on her extensive background in European shamanic traditions and Toltec wisdom, HeatherAsh will share insights and meditations on both the warrior and goddess energies and how you can heal, balance, and align yourself to holistically integrate clarity, unconditional love, faith, and creative expression in all your relationships.

Everyone is welcome!

Register at

Everyone who registers will receive a free downloadable meditation and be entered into a drawing for a personally autographed copy of Warrior Goddess Training and a gift from HeatherAsh’s collection.


We are experiencing critical times for humanity and every living being on Earth.
Crisis, in Chinese, is the same word that opportunity. In these times of profound changes, we are all called to shine forth, unapologetically, our fullest potential, our authentic and creative souls, to start trailblazing new paths.

I would like to share the words of a Spanish poet, Antonio Machado, who can inspire us to find our direction forward:

Walker, there is no path,
The path is made by walking.
Are you ready to start walking?

Join this unprecedented bilingual Summit in English and Spanish, created with the intention to build bridges so we can all be possible

This conference is created by the courageous soul Mar Guerrero (literally in Spanish the Sea Warrior), who is the founder of Almakhemy.

In this extraordinary and timely event, you will hear from 40 speakers — including me — who have been specifically chosen to inspire you in these critical times of transformation and opportunity to embrace your fullest potential. They will bring together ancestral wisdom and modern techniques to inspire you the courage to be yourself. Shamanism, Astrology, Coaching, Dreamwork, Martial Arts, Dance… to ignite your own fire!


Nurturing together the Heart of a Universal Revolution
It begins on January 21st! Click here to register, free.

The People’s Inauguration: 10 Days to Activate Revolutionary Love
A 10-day online transformation

The story of America is one of continuous labor, and the fight to create a more just and loving society isn’t over.

Valarie Kaur, renowned civil rights activist, author, and founder of the Revolutionary Love Project invites you to The People’s Inauguration—a free, 10-day online journey to help us reckon with all we have lost and point us toward a vision of the society we can build together, grounded in love.

Snow Raven contains rhythms and tones for transformation through shamanic journeying as co-created by Laini Risto and Janet Elizabeth Gale.   Listen to the invocation and set intention, then allow the Snow Raven to weave magic and wisdom through you as you journey through the realms of understanding and alchemy.  Snow Raven is available through most streaming platforms and download services and also at:

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