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We can still wake up from the current destructive dreams that the collective is dreaming into being. But this will take a tremendous amount of mental concentration and focus. This kind of mental energy needed to change the dream is a dormant skill or does not always come naturally for people living in a busy modern-day culture.

Steps can be taken to sharpen our concentration and focus. And nature is such a great teacher to help us exercise spiritual “powers” within that have gone dormant. I cannot encourage you enough to spend more time in nature to heal, increase your level of awareness, and to learn how to tap into your own psychic gifts. Spend time in nature and start to use the practice of Deep Listening to learn what the earth, air, water, and fire have to share with us at this critical time on the planet.

Before you do any journey work or meditation make sure you prepare so that you can step away from your ordinary thoughts and daily activities. You have to pull up the “anchors” to your ordinary thoughts to go deep enough to access the guidance and perform spiritual practices needed to create true change and transformation.

This month I invite everyone to perform a shamanic journey or meditation to a territory in the invisible realms called the “Land of Dreams”. You can put on some expansive music and listen and just dive into your own inner landscape to find this territory. Once you arrive in this landscape request to meet a master or mistress teacher of dreams. With the assistance of this teacher ask to be shown what you are daydreaming into being. Watch your current daydreams all the way through to see the final outcome they lead to. This is a truly enlightening practice. Consult with this wise helping spirit and, ask to be shown what you and also the collective are dreaming into being by the use of your imagination. Once again consult with this helping spirit and ask for practices to use concentration and focus to shift what you daydream about during the day. We truly do use our imagination to create the dream we are living in. If we are not willing to use our concentration, focus, and imagination to shift the dream we are living in then you can see the path ahead. There will be no surprises. We must step up our dreaming work as a collective. We have important work to do as dreamers, and the work can’t wait.

Honoring our dreaming work, let’s perform a simple ceremony this month. Choose a day to perform this when you can hold a relaxed but focused attitude, close your eyes and begin to travel into the invisible realms. As we have done in the last couple of months, walk the path from the room you are journeying or meditating in. You might find yourself walking down a path that is surrounded by tall, beautiful, strong, and healthy trees. The earth you walk on is fine and you are stepping on rich dark soil. You can feel your footsteps making an impression on the earth. As you walk you listen to the beauty of the sounds in nature and take in the exquisite fragrances shared by the local trees, plants, and air which give us life. Is there grass growing? What other nature beings are in this place? You can even experience how the air tastes. Notice if there is a body of water in this place, and if you can hear running water. Feel the power of the sun as it is setting, and the stars and moon above start to shine their beautiful light.

As you walk feel your heartbeat and just notice what you are feeling. We have taken the time to open our hearts in love to each other. Feel your connection to a family of like-minded souls who do everything possible to be in service to others and to the Earth.

As you continue to walk you arrive at a large clearing. Use your imagination to see, feel, hear, smell, and taste all that is around you in this clearing. Step fully into this clearing rather than watching your journey/meditation/daydream as if it was a movie. Be here now. Give thanks to all the helping spirits you continue to work with who are now also part of our circle.

As you enter the clearing you will be met by a guardian spirit who will cleanse you on a spiritual level. This compassionate spirit might cleanse you with incense, or a feather, or sing over you, or touch your hair, or whisper a message into your ear. Be open and know these are helping spirits who wish to help you feel unburdened by your ordinary thoughts and concerns.

Notice the fire burning strong in the middle of the clearing. This is the same fire that has been burning for months receiving the blessings we wish to manifest and the wounds we wish to transform. Step up the fire and listen to the crackling sound and smell the smoke. Sit with the fire for awhile and ask it for a message. Fire is intelligent, alive, and a true source of wisdom. Share with the fire a dream for yourself and the planet you wish to see manifest. Feed the fire with the beauty of this dream for all of life.

The full moon is April 22. Let us imagine our divine light being woven together in rainbow colors that embrace the earth and all of life with love. Perform your transfiguration with passion. Combine intention + love + unity + harmony + concentration + focus + imagination to experience your divine light and connect and merge this light with others doing the same.

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