Focus is one of the key principles I have been writing about on the Transmutation News since 1998. This month I would like for us to deepen our exploration into focus.

I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. And as we moved from winter into spring the winds are blowing strong. This is a typical weather pattern for New Mexico. Spring is our windy season. And as the weather changes around the world our windy season becomes more severe.

The metaphor I use for myself is that the winds of change keep blowing stronger. And as I reflect on this, I am led to understanding the need to build a stronger inner core and a stronger inner foundation.

As I have been writing about focus, I have been teaching about the need to use our imaginations to focus on the words we use, our thoughts, our attitudes, and holding a positive vision for the world.

This is important and this is a practice that is key to thriving in changing times and being the dreamers of a new world as the old paradigm is dissolving. The old paradigm has reached an age where it can no longer sustain itself anymore and does not support life.

But as we focus on our mental state, we can become top heavy. And life forms that are too top heavy do not survive the winds of change. Trees, plants, buildings that are too heavy go down in high winds.

We have to balance out our practice so that we create a strong inner core that can sustain the changes ahead. For the winds of change blowing across this planet are affecting all of life.

We need to understand that focus is not just a mental concept. As we tap more into the feminine principle of life focus is a full body experience.

Think of a woman giving birth. A woman just doesn’t think about birthing a baby into the world. Her whole body gets involved in the process of birthing. A tree or plant does not just hold the intention to grow from a seed. There is a whole process of gestation, nurturance, and bursting forth from the inner earth into the world of the sun.

It is time to explore how our own creative process is deeper than a mental state. Creativity and focus must be a full-bodied experience in order to create new life that is balanced.

We must focus on moving our energy within. I have been encouraging you for years now to use the metaphor of cultivating a deep and rich inner garden. For those of you new to reading the Transmutation News you can skim through the archives. You can also read my article on the Huffington Post from September 2011. The link is:

Use your imagination this month to experience what full-bodied focus might feel like. Take some time to meditate or journey on how you can strengthen your inner core. This will give you the strength needed to hold steady as we experience so much death, change, and transition.

Imagine with your body, not just your mind. Engage your body awareness.

Reflect on the foundation that you have built. For you cannot strengthen your inner core without a strong foundation. Your foundation is your thoughts, attitudes, memories, and your visions.

Continue to strengthen your positive visions and attitudes as we have been doing. Focus on the good memories and let go of the old stories that need to die. Use your imagination to focus on what you do want to experience in life instead of using your imagination to focus on the nightmare scenarios.

And with that foundation allow the energy to move throughout your entire body so that you feel strong roots going into the earth and a strong and healthy core. And from that healthy strong branches will grow towards the sun and increase your capacity to receive and absorb the light of life.

Take walks in nature. For nature already is tuned into the changes to come. Changes in weather surprise human beings. With the best efforts of scientists, we still continued to be surprised by the intensity of change in the weather patterns.

But nature is not surprised. Nature does not need to be informed by scientists what is ahead. For all living beings have the internal ability to sense what is coming. We have seen time and time again how animals know when earthquakes, tidal waves, tornadoes, etc are coming. Animals and birds have their own internal radar and know when to migrate and leave an area.

We are nature too, so we have our own internal sensors. But some of us have tuned out the internal station that informs us. We continue to try and allow others to inform us, or we over rationalize and over think which creates a loss of communication from our inner knowing.

Continue to work with gratitude practices. Living life from a place of deep appreciation is a powerful way to build a strong and resilient inner core.

So, I repeat focus is a full body experience. Reflect this month on what this feels like. Move away from trying to understand this mentally. Move from your body this month. Create a strong inner core by trusting your inner senses and don’t rely so much on the information you are getting from the external world. Move from within.

Many years ago, I became fascinated with multiple and parallel realities. In my workshops I would have people journey to different realities where they were living different lives that were created from different choices they made. In the theory of multiple realities every time we ponder different choices, we can make we actually end up living out each choice in a different reality.

Recently I started reflecting on how we can actually see our collective energies manifesting different realities right here, right now in this universe.

There are many people in the world who believe that only human beings are intelligent and have a consciousness. These people live in a dimension and frequency where nature is composed of things that have no spirit and don’t need to be treated with honor and respect. Nature simply exists.

There are those of us who believe that everything that exists is alive and has a spirit and is connected to a web of life. In this way we can actually feel the life force of nature and feel connected to nature.

Then there are also people who live with the consciousness that not only is nature alive and has a spirit, but that nature is communicating with you, observing and watching you, and interacting with you. With this understanding you end up stepping into another reality of life.

We can also step into a new dimension as we recognize the divine in nature and nature recognizes the divine in us. This is a lovely dimension to step into.

These are examples of endless perceptions that we all hold about life. And with any sensitivity you can tap into how living from different levels of consciousness creates different realities in our world.

Since I have been writing the Transmutation News, I have been sharing how to dream the world you wish to live in into being. We have been using all of our senses to see, hear, feel, smell, and taste the world we wish to live in.

For a short review on the basic principles, you can read my Huffington Post article “How to Create a New Vision for the Planet”.

I think all of you reading the Transmutation News want to believe that we can step into a new dimension of reality where we live a life of joy, harmony, abundance, peace, good health, etc.

And due to the collective trance, we are in we straddle realities as we want to believe but at the same time feel we don’t really have the power to change the world we live in.

As long as we straddle stepping into our power and committing and staying focused with falling back into disappointment, hopelessness, and giving up then we are not fully stepping into the world we wish to create. We continue to live between the old and the new.

We have to learn how to change the story that we live. For our stories shape and create the ultimate reality we live in.

We must make a choice of staying on track with the collective trance and just trying to survive and making the best out of life and stepping through the veils into a new dimension of reality that exists but is waiting for us to participate in.

It is your choice. Refocus your practice of experiencing with all your senses your new life. Commit to the story. Continue to enrich the story by bringing in new details and stronger sensory input. Add characters to the story and enrich your audience. Make it real. Live from it – don’t just be an observer. The only way to make it real and step into a new dimension of reality is to live from it.

We are luminous beings, and we continue to create form and matter with our stories. Change your story and change your life. Shift your consciousness fully and shift the reality you live in.

On this planet earth there are different realities that people are living in. Which one do you want to inhabit?

The full moon is April 6. This month focus on the body feelings, the internal sense of transfiguration. Be a beacon of light. Don’t visualize feeding the web of light that connects us all. Be that light. Let us all make our transfiguration work this month a full body experience.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please read, “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage.

Let us fully join our hearts together to be a vessel of universal love bathing all of life with love.

As we continue to weave a strong web of light and love we create a strong bond so that we are prepared to continue to work together to be of service no matter what crisis is happening on the planet.

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