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Please note that I wrote this column for October before the fires became out of control on the West Coast of the U.S. I thought about adding material. But I think with all I have written in the past about climate change what I wrote here is still perfect.

Those of us reading this column I imagine to be spiritual deep thinkers who have the ability to watch patterns. I know for myself as I watched the Covid appear that the door had opened to other forms of dissolution.

For if you observe patterns like I do the door to dissolution actually opened before the Covid.

There were devastating climatic events all over the world. Two that really touched our hearts and made the news were the fires in the Amazon and in Australia. But there were so many tragic events that simply were not covered in the news.

All these events demanded for a new normal. Did we wake up and listen?

When the Covid came into our collective a new normal was demanded by by the Earth and the forces that be.

Now we watch people desperately trying to get back to their “old” comfortable normal that didn’t force changes unless we were individually impacted.

I find it both fascinating and sad to watch. Now the climatic events are getting so severe when will people actually hear normal as we know it is no more. We really have to embrace and answer the call of the Earth and all of Nature.

In my own life I find the psyche needs time to embrace and integrate the changes. And often this brings us to a place of emotional exhaustion where self care is needed more than ever.

This month look at ways to not just get physical rest but emotional rest. Spend more time in Nature. If the noise of the news and social media is wearing out your nervous system take a break. Find spiritual practices that are regenerating to you. Create prayer altars in your house so you can rest in the sacred space of your house.

Continue to perform your ceremonies to release the hurts, traumas, and states of consciousness holding you back from creating a more balanced and healthier life. And most of all perform ceremonies to forgive yourself, others, and to dream a new dream of the Earth.

If you can’t love yourself there will not be a spiritual practice that contributes to healing yourself or the planet. We came here to experience the same love the Creator or creative forces of the universe have for us. Love is the law. And we broke this spiritual law on so many levels.

We must start here in weaving a new dream for the Earth into being.

And yes, we must do honorable closure ceremonies everyday to thank every living being who died for their unique beauty they brought to the web of life. And then wish them a beautiful journey home filled with grace, light, and love.

I do this everyday. Please join me.

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Recently I gave teachers who trained with me permission to teach shamanic healing courses on line- something I said I would never approve of. The reason is if you can’t watch students perform healing work in workshops then the teacher cannot watch for the students’ proficiency. This sets up a ripe situation for future clients to get hurt.

So I gave permission to teachers listed on my website to teach online classes for 4-6 students where each student has to perform the healing work in front of the group so they are observed and can receive helpful comments.

This was not a decision I wanted to make especially with the issue of Zoom Exhaustion which is now becoming a psychological label.

But there are people who want to learn soul retrieval, extraction, and psychopomp work to be in service to help others.

Mostly teachers will teach hybrid workshops of teaching preparation journeys online and healing work at a physical workshop with masks and social distancing.

Hopefully we can go back to doing all our work in physical workshops as online training lacks a depth that then leaves students lacking a wealth of shamanic teachings that are transmitted in the physical but can’t be transmitted online.

I really see this as a temporary solution. And I also know the practice of shamanism will morph over the years as conditions demand a new way of working. Shamanism has been changing and evolving since its beginnings.

We have the incredible blessing of two full moons this month October 1 and 31. Let’s gather our spiritual energies together to be a true light for all of life and the Earth. If we don’t weave a web of light within and throughout the Earth what new dream gets created for when the rebirth happens. Let’s do our work to strengthen the web of life for this web is a foundation of life.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage for the instructions for our full moon ceremony.

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