My father Aaron Ingerman died at the age of 97 on Friday night a little before 8 PM on October 21.

My father died in a true state of peace and grace. He had his hands on his heart and the most peaceful look on his face. He is now in a most beautiful place.

There was a CD of harp music that had been looping all afternoon and through his death. And he had loving people sitting in silent meditation with him throughout the day.

My father was an extraordinary man. He was the best father a girl could have ever dreamed up! He took such wonderful care of me.

He was loved, honored, and respected by many for the generosity of his spirit and his sense of humor. He got great enjoyment from gardening and painting. He worked so hard to try and support his family. And he always said in his retirement that he just wanted to rest.

May he rest in peace and love.

I ask that you join me in giving thanks to Aaron Ingerman for gracing this earth with his presence. He gave so much to so many, and I just want to tell him that many thank him in return!

His wife and my mother Lee Ingerman will be 97 shortly. Thank you for joining me in prayers wishing her great peace and comfort during this time.


Last month I wrote about the need to call ourselves back home again so that we can be present to what truly needs to be attended to in our lives and in our spiritual work.

I continued to work on this theme with my own helping spirits. And in my own shamanic journeys I was shown another aspect that I want to share with you.

In spiritual traditions there is different wording to describe our egoic self versus our higher spirit. In some teachings this is described as the “will” and “Will”. Some traditions talk about “self” and “Self”. Depending on what tradition you look at you will see different vocabulary used to describe the state of separation versus oneness.

We do need a strong will to survive. And this part of ourselves is very primal and does have a strong energy that keeps us surviving a variety of challenges that occur physically.

But what my helping spirits have shared with me is the need to align the will/self with Will/Self so that our primal and raw strength to live is aligned with a higher purpose.

Today we are seeing a misalignment with the “self” and “Self”. And this is creating states of violence, greed, desire for power over, abuse, and illness on all levels. For what “the self” wants and what the “Self” is leading us towards are often to two different outcomes.

The lack of alignment is creating disharmony which is yielding illness personally and collectively.

The key is working on alignment with our divine spirit and our higher purpose.

I was shown so clearly that the challenges we are experiencing in the world today are happening for a clear reason. The lesson for all of us is to align with our higher purpose of caretaking our earth garden. I did write about our purpose of being caretakers in Medicine for the Earth.

When we can align, then we can surrender to our inner spirit and inner wisdom. When we can surrender to our divine spirit then the fighting stops.

I remember back in the 1990’s I was going through quite the initiation, and I felt lost of how to get through the huge changes in my life. The two things I ended up repeating to myself throughout the day as a mantra were:

“The only way out is through.”

“The strength of my spirit will carry me through the darkness.”

This was such a powerful time for me. Although I never want to repeat what I went through I did find myself so grateful for the change in me that this initiation created. I felt as if I had been reborn and was a different person operating from a different place of wisdom and spiritual power.

After this experience I reflected back on a variety of times of big change and challenges that has happened through my life. And I could really see that what allowed me to survive some pretty intense times was always the strength of my Spirit. It was not my ego that was able to just push through. It was my Spirit that carried me through that made the difference.

My helping spirits were pretty clear with me that for life to continue on this great earth we must align with our higher purpose.

This month I ask all of us to set an intention to align our “will” with our “Will”; our “self” with our “Self”. Meditate on aligning with your divine spirit.

I know this has been our purpose together as a global community. But I found the wording that my helping spirits gave me helpful in shifting and setting my daily intention.

The rewards of doing this are many. Life gets easier, joy bubbles through us, and we get healthier on all levels.

So, I encourage you to really concentrate on this work for the month. And keep your focus on alignment!

The full moon is November 10. Let us focus on aligning our higher selves with each other in our global community and radiate our light throughout the planet and the entire web of light and life.

For those of you new to reading The Transmutation News please read the instructions for our monthly ceremony on the homepage “Creating A Human Web of Light”.

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