During April and early May I had a wonderful trip to Europe. I taught workshops on Medicine for the Earth including some of the practices in Healing with Spiritual Light in Ireland, Scotland, and Portugal.

It always touches me deeply to see how people respond to working with the practice of transfiguration and also understanding the need to bridge spiritual work into our lives and not separate out our spiritual work from our ordinary lives.

It takes a lot of discipline and commitment to watch our thoughts and words throughout the day to be conscious of the energies we are sending to ourselves, others, and into the world. It takes continued intention to watch what energies we are feeding. Do we spend more energy on feeding what isn’t working? Do we align our thoughts and words with what we want to see manifest in our lives and on the planet?

The outer world we observe will not change until we birth from the inside out a new world into being. We need to learn how to travel into and work in our inner landscape and keep forming our creations by engaging all of our senses as we have been working with throughout the years. We must continue to keep our focus on where we are going and not lose focus by getting caught up in what is happening in the outer world.

Once we start to cultivate our inner landscape it is easier to blend non-ordinary states of consciousness into ordinary states of consciousness. This is how a flow begins from the invisible into the visible and where we start to see the results of our spiritual practices.

The key word I would like us to focus on is “flow”. Allowing the flow between the visible and the invisible is what happens when we stop separating out performing spiritual practices from our ordinary life.

And when we move into a flow we naturally “become” the work rather than force a state of doing. This creates more of the feminine energy of being a part of nature and moving through life with grace and ease.

We are a seeing a great deal of breakdown of old forms of consciousness based on hierarchical structures and also a belief in power over. For what happens when nothing you “do” works anymore? You stop and let the flow of life sculpt you into the being you were meant to become.

When flowing through the river of life there are times of peace and then there are times we are going down rapids. You must keep focusing your vision of where you are going no matter what state the river is in during your travels. You can’t stop paddling, you must keep moving.

You find yourself flowing through denser states sometimes and sometimes in lighter states. And the state you are in continues to cycle back and forth. You must respect the cycles of nature of which you are a part of. Don’t get attached to a particular state. Getting attached to the lighter and ecstatic states causes suffering. Be in the world flowing with your new awareness of being part of life and don’t get attached to what is happening on the outside.

One of the experiences that kept coming in participants journeys in Ireland, Scotland, and Portugal is that it is not what happens to us in life but our response to what other people and life bring to us. We always have power to choose our attitude.

This month I would like you to focus on the experience of flowing. How does your work in the invisible flow into the visible realms throughout the day?

Keep creating an inner state of awareness and consciousness that will effect your outer world remembering that all is born from within.

We have worked over the years with merging with earth, water, air, and fire. In reality these elements flow with each other and are connected. Start to experience the flow of the elements and their connection with each other.

I also would like you to work once again with your story of creation as was written in the first chapter of my book Medicine for the Earth. I want you to focus your journeys or meditation work on how the creator created you from love. It is really a life changing experience when you get how much love went into your creation.

Focus on absorbing that love and then treating yourself and all of life with that same love. As you work on developing your inner landscapes and continuing your creation work make sure the fuel of your work embraces that same love.

If you watch the news you are aware that there have been a number of world- wide disasters. As you witness the pain and suffering of those who lost loved ones and homes please remember to see them in their divine light. Perceive them in their spiritual strength which helps to empower them energetically versus pitying them and pushing them deeper into a hold.

Hold the space for those who are suffering with love and compassion. I know when I see the faces of the newly orphaned children in China it fuels my intention to do everything possible to create a world of harmony on all levels for all of life.

June 20 is the summer solstice. The greatest gift that we can give the earth during this time is love, appreciation, and respect. Create a ceremony for yourself or with the group you work with to honor the earth during this time of change.

Spend time in nature. Bless all that gives you life. Reflect on your love for the elements. Remember what you bless blesses you in return.

Look at what you are still holding onto from your past that holds back your growth. This is a wonderful time to explore this issue and journey and meditate on how to let go of what holds back from growing into your light.

The full moon is June 18. Let’s continue our work together as a global community connected by love for our lives and the life of all living beings. Together we let go of what keeps us separate from the brilliant spiritual light that shines from within. And we connect our light together to feed the web of light within and throughout the earth.

We continue the wonderful healing work for our community through our transfiguration practice as is described on the homepage under Creating A Human Web of Light.

I have scheduled the first meeting for a new Two Year Teacher Training in Santa Fe, New Mexico for September 20-25 2009. For a course description as well as course requirements and an application please email Ruth Aber at aruthabelle@aol.com.

Ruth will be out of the country until June 6. So please wait to the middle of June before requesting information from her.

I wish you a joyous and light filled summer!

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