Changes are happening very rapidly. We have been watching change in the world increasing exponentially, but one cannot miss observing how speedy things are happening.

On one level advances in technology are growing at rapid speeds. But we are also seeing more natural catastrophes occurring throughout the world, as life has become so out of balance. One can say that the earthquakes, fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons represent a natural change in the earth. And I do agree that there are natural cycles and shifts and changes that we are part of. But I cannot help feeling that maybe some of “the violence” of these changes could be tempered by a global shift from living life from a stance of power over nature and fueled by greed to living from a place of honor and respect for nature and all of life.

With the changes in nature, the economy, the state of health many are in right now it feels like we are being forced to shift our priorities of what is important and to seek a simpler way of living. The nature of humans is often to be forced into making changes rather than stopping and reflecting on what supports a healthier life style. I look forward to the day when people move away from learning and making change through pain and suffering.

As change in the world is swirling so swiftly I feel it is important to look at how you can stay centered in the midst of change. One important factor in staying centered is making sure you are finding some time in your life for the quiet needed to adjust to everything that is happening and to regenerate. Spending time in nature is essential to keep the feeling of connection to the web of life. There is a larger picture going on than what our ordinary eyes can see.

In the past I have asked you to set an intention to observe the world through “spirit eyes” instead of an ordinary way of looking at what is happening. I would suggest that you continue to keep up this work.

Spend some time in meditation or through shamanic journeying to find centering practices. This will change how you respond to what is happening in the world and also in your own personal life.

We really are being forced to look at finding simpler ways to live that create more time to regenerate and to absorb all the changes that are leading to a new evolution in the world. We need time to reflect on how we are being asked to change our lives and to live spiritually to help balance return to the planet again.

I know for myself I can force myself to continue to work at the pace that I used to. But I don’t want to anymore. On a psychic level I need so much more alone time then I ever needed. I have always been an introvert and needed time to be alone. But this need to be alone and quiet is extreme right now. My own psyche is calling for a time out and a time to just be.

This need for quiet ties into the shamanic teaching of “deep listening”. As our consciousness is evolving and a new way of life is being born we need to be able to slow down and listen for new direction. The guidance we truly need right now will not come while we are moving at a frantic pace.

We need to make the choice to slow down and listen before that choice is made for us. In this way we begin to make the positive changes called for in the healing of our planet.

Over my twenty or so years of teaching shamanism, seeing clients, and teaching workshops on reversing environmental pollution I have witnessed countless miracles when a group gathers its energies together in behalf of a purpose.

There is a result that happens when one works alone that is different than when a group focuses its energies together. There is exponential healing when a group gathers their energy together.

When I started teaching Medicine for the Earth trainings we began experimenting with the process of transfiguration in a group setting. First we started working with placing ammonium hydroxide in deionized water and taking the pH to a toxic level.

Using the principle of it who we become that changes the world and not what we do we focused on transfiguring into our divine light and perfection knowing the water would reflect the change in the circle. We did not pray for the water or focus on it in any way.

After a few years working with ammonium hydroxide in water I purchased a gas discharge visualization (GDV) camera which is based on the Kirlian effect. The camera was developed by Konstantine Korotkov, a Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia. He has published over 70 papers in leading journals on physics and biology, and holds 12 patents in biophysics inventions.

The GDV camera is a special camera that allows one to capture the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies emanating to and from an individual, plant, liquid, powder, or inanimate object and translate those energies into a computerized model. This diagnostic camera measures and evaluates the energy of the auric field and integrates the information into a computer-generated report with pictures. This camera enables us to document the change in energy that we place inside our circle during our transfiguration ceremonies. We have worked with different foods, soil, as well as have continued to work with water. For the results and some of the photos taken you can visit and click on “results”.

What I wanted to share here is what happened when we worked with a peach taken from the peach tree from my garden. This was a few years ago and Santa Fe had been in an extreme drought when the peach was growing. As I could not give the trees at my home the water they needed, I walked around each day visualizing each tree in its divine light and perfection.

When we took the first picture of the peach before the ceremony the light it was emitting looked good. But it looked even better, and significantly brighter, after fifty people performed a ceremony of transfiguration. This was a great teaching for all of us about the power of working in a group versus working alone.

We have such an opportunity to gather our energies together as a global community. Twenty years ago it was not possible to reach out to thousands of people around the globe over the internet. Today it is.

As you do any praying, meditating, shamanic journeying for yourself, people you know in need, for the world at large allow yourself to feel yourself as part of a global community working along side with you. You know what it feels like to try doing a task in your life on your own. And how it feels so good when others volunteer their help to get your project done.

Let’s use this same concept for sharing the task of being a positive force in the world. Include all those people who are working spiritually in behalf of all of life. There are people of all different spiritual traditions who work to be in service. Let’s join our hearts and spiritual energies together in every spiritual practice that we do. And this will help to create exponential shifts toward healing and achieving balance.

Of course we can focus on one intention to heal a place or situation. But I would like for you to start working with the awareness that a global community constantly supports you. This community is not asking anything from you, taking anything from you, or sending anything to you. This is just a collective energy that can empower all the spiritual work we engage in throughout the day.

It is also important to keep up your creation work of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting the healthy world we are dreaming into being. If you are new to this work you can read the chapter on Creation in Medicine for the Earth.

The full moon is July 18. Let’s fully gather our spiritual light together to shine bright and experience ourselves weaving our light together throughout the earth.

And let’s continue empowering each other with our monthly healing circle as is described on my homepage under the topic Creating a Human Web of Light.

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