There is no permanent happiness when we gauge our lives on what is happening on the outside. Happiness and peace must be born from within us.

Last month I asked you to merge with a seed to experience a seed’s power and true creative potential. If you did this I am sure you were amazed at just how much potential a seed holds.

A seed needs a nurturing environment to grow in. A seed on it’s own cannot grow unless it is placed and planted in a healthy environment. Although a seed has creative potential, all is lost unless it has healthy soil to grow in. water to nurture it, the warmth of the earth and the sun, and soil that is well aerated.

This month I would like you to use your journey or meditation practice to merge with the earth inside yourself. Imagine, journey, or meditate on your body as earth. Feed the soil within with water, nutrients, compost from nature, the light of the sun, and the life giving force of air. Once your soil is perfected imagine yourself planting seeds of love, light, peace, joy, and whatever you desire into this healthy and nurturing environment.

Keep visiting your inner garden and continue to take care of it. Make sure your thoughts and words, as well as the words you listen to all feed your garden with good nutrition.

You know the excitement of watching new seeds create sprouts. Feel that excitement of new life sprouting within you.

Another way to feed your inner garden is with love and appreciation. I have written about working with gratefulness over the last few months. When we start our day feeling grateful for our life we are creating harmony and moving in alignment with the river of life.

Each morning as you wake up think of five things that you are grateful for. And as you do this come up with a decree that you can repeat throughout the day to keep you focused. I have written about writing decress in How to Heal Toxic Thoughts. This will help you to keep transforming challenging states of consciousness that come up throughout the day. This will help you to change your thoughts and keep them changed as I wrote about in March.

Last year I also wrote neuroplasticity where science has discovered that we can create new neural pathways in the brain. But as our thought patterns have run deep to create one path it takes discipline to create a new path.

As we focus on what we are grateful for and start to work with decrees we start to move away from the negative thought patterns we have created giving way to new opportunities to grow into a new positive life.

In working in this way we do not deny what is not working. We just help ourselves to create a life where we are grateful for the opportunities we are given to have life and to learn and evolve from what we experience in life. As we change our perception we change our reality.

It is also important to remember we are more than our bodies and our thoughts and keep experiencing the divine light within. Keep transfiguring and hold that state of experiencing your inner light shining through you like the light of the star we have merged with. I wrote about merging with a star in the December 2007 Transmutation News.

And please keep bringing this work into your local communities as I wrote about in January. Coming together in community is where we have so much power to create change right now. Let’s use the resources we do have to be fully in service to life right now.

A friend of mine wrote a fascinating book titled Tree Barking. The author Nesta Rovina was born in South Africa, lived in Israel and experienced family tragedy there, and then moved to the United States where she became a home health-care worker in Oakland, California. She shows compassion and understanding for her housebound clients, many of whom – no matter their circumstances – carry on with faith, humor, and kindness.

The book was published this spring by Baytree books.

The full moon is May 16. Let us continue to join our divine light together to weave a web of light within and throughout the earth nurturing loving energies. And let’s continue the healing work for our global community as I write about in Creating A Human Web of Light on the Transmutation News page.

A favorite quote of mine that I shared many times is a good one to focus on this month. Caroline Casey who is a wonderful astrologer ( wrote:

“Imagination lays the tracks for the reality train to follow.”

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