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As we spiral into a New Year there is always a sense of hope. Hope burns bright when we realize that we have new opportunities for healing, growth, and change.

There are always new doorways and openings in the collective fields of energy to find spiritual help for transformation. But many of us wait to see who shows up in our behalf instead of seeking out hidden and infrequently traveled realms. In these unseen territories there are actually very ancient powerful allies that are ready to help if we seek them out, ask the right questions, and learn how we can work with them.

More and more students are sharing with me that they are carrying the Ancient Ones energies into the world.  And there is so much knowledge waiting to help if we take the first step of seeking.

Over the years I have written that the unconscious behavior of humans stems back to the basic principle that most of us did not receive the kind of nurturing love that would help us grow into a mature person who honors oneself, others, and all of life.

If we truly experienced the unconditional love that went into our creation, we would organically carry the energies of love, light, and honor, and respect into every single action we take and into every activity, and meeting with others.

We came here to remember the power of love and light.

First, we have to start with ourselves and relearn how to hold ourselves in unconditional love. And then we have a chance to be able to do the same with others.

And we do know that what is needed is to open up the box we put ourselves in and learn the language of the Earth and nature. Find a being that calls to you in nature – a rock, a leaf, grass, a tree, a river, and so on. Befriend this being. Leave it where it is but make the effort to visit it daily and tell it about your day, talk to it like you would a friend.

Notice if once the nature being you are now in relationship with starts to share with you over time. It takes time to build a connection to nature for we have to open ourselves up to a new way of thinking and a new language as we relate to other species we share the Earth with. But what a lovely practice. And see where it leads you over time. You will probably notice that you open a deeper relationship with yourself and also to nature. Learn the language of Nature and watch how you change.

What an amazing way to greet the New Year. You might also reflect on performing a ceremony to release what pain you are ready to release and set your intention as we welcome in hope and new possibilities of new beginnings. Instead of focusing on the outcome you want, focus on how you want to deepen your work. For that will lead to the highest outcome for all.

The full moon is January 21. Let’s open to the unconditional love of the power of the universe and Source, and radiate beautiful frequencies of light and love that weave into a brilliant web of light that embraces, supports, honors, and uplifts all of life.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage for the instructions for our full moon ceremony.

I join our circle in holding the best for all of life as we spiral into a New Year!


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