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I am delighted to share the news that. I was named by Watkins Mind Body Spirit Magazine as one of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People for 2020. I made it to number 24 on the list. I feel that my work being honored also honors shamanism and all the good work we are all doing.


The Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light work is so important to work with daily. When I first started studying shamanism, I learned that viruses are created from negative thought forms. Think of all the negativity being flooded into our collective due to anger over world politics, the fires in the Amazon, and the fires in Australia.

The Amazon is seen as the lungs of the Earth. And now we have a virus impacting lungs.

Everything is truly connected. I think the changes we are seeing will continue until people not just wake up but shift priorities to life being more important than money.

We have great ability to maintain our health, support our communities with transfiguration work, and do our practices together to transform negative states of consciousness.

I am teaching a special course for The Shift Network where I am taking the most powerful practices of The Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light work and created a seven-week course.

The course will have three levels. We will work on maintaining our personal health physically, mentally, and spiritually. We will perform transfiguration and other healing ceremonies to keep our global circle strong, and we will perform ceremonies for all of life. And of course, we will look at how to share this work in our local communities if this of interest to you.

Not all the material will be new to you. But this course is a way to keep up our practices together keeping them alive and vibrant feeding their power to keep us safe, opening to bigger teachings, expanding our perspective, and joining together for ceremonial work. I will be guiding all the exercises and there are no prerequisites for this course.

The free introductory call will be on April 1 and the course will begin April 14 on Tuesday nights for 7 weeks. The sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend live.

You can register here for 3 Shamanic Practices for Spiritual Immunity: How to Strengthen Your Health, Navigate Fear & Empower Your Community:

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I wrote The April Transmutation News early as I had an upcoming workshop and travels I needed to prepare for. Although this column does not talk about the corona virus, I feel the message shared is so important to maintaining our health.

I was journeying and all of a sudden, my helping spirits started talking to me about the election in the US. I did not ask about the election. It was a spontaneous message. My spirits did not get into detail, but they left me with some huge insights. The path is a little twisty so you will need to follow where their conversation with me took me to.

Around the election the information was quick and simple. I was told that people will vote for the candidate that makes them feel safe and cared for.

This led me to the environment. For when picking leaders just to feel safe the environment is often left out of the mix.

This is where this statement led me. I keep writing that we are nature and not connected to nature. What I was shown that our abuse towards nature is like abusing our organs in our body to the point that the body starts to attack itself with autoimmune issues.

And we are seeing many mysterious autoimmune issues on the planet today. And if we don’t start caring for our body which is nature, the attacks on us by ourselves will keep increasing.

Then this led me to my personal work. I was told that my constant self judgement on what I did wrong instead of acknowledging what I did right is feeding into health problems. For when we don’t feel worthy, are critical of ourselves, and can’t absorb love we end up attacking ourselves. This creates auto immune issues and extreme inflammation which is so prevalent today.

The core of the message for me was if we want to heal ourselves and the planet, we must absorb divine unconditional love, work through how we judge ourselves, and emanate constant love to nature and follow up by changing our actions and behavior towards all the sentient beings we share the Earth with. And we know how these practices feed our soul.

The full moon is April 7.  Drop your ordinary concerns and expand your perspective to embrace a larger picture. Perform your preparation work and experience your true brilliance radiating within and throughout this Earth. Let your light and love emanate to every living being on the planet.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage for directions for our full moon ceremonies.

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