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There is so much going on in people’s personal lives and in the world right now. It seems like the challenges keep increasing and really test our ability to stay focused and hopeful. 

I am receiving so many emails and messages on Facebook from people who have lost faith and cannot hold a positive vision.  People are struggling as we are all being stretched on all levels. 

The truth is that your attitude about life creates the dimension of reality you live in. This is not the time to give up. Rather it is time to reflect on your spiritual work in order to take the work to a deeper level and keep moving forward with the practices and ceremonies you feel called to do. 

I also feel because there is so much hopelessness and despair in our communities it is time to step out and share some tools that help uplift others and also create ways where people can participate in ceremonies that will be healing for all in the web of life. 

Throughout my years of teaching transfiguration, I have been so inspired and in a state of awe of seeing the results of how people heal from the transfiguration work and also how the energy field of substances present at our ceremonies change. And the results are the same whether we work remotely or work together at a workshop. 

I have taught two teleconferencing courses through the Shift Network where we have done some remote transfiguration work. You can click on “GDV Camera Results” on the homepage of this site. 

In hearing about how people have been healed from the work and being witness to seeing how substances change it brings me to a place of feeling that the possibilities for healing are unlimited. We just have to keep up the work and know in our heart that an invisible world of substance is forming that will lead to positive changes on a larger scale model. 

There are so many simple ceremonies that you can lead in your community that don’t require using instructions or wording that would deter people of different faiths from participating in. It is simple to create a prayer or blessing tree and invite people to tie a ribbon loosely on a branch with prayers for oneself, a loved one, for all of life, and the planet. There are blessing ceremonies that can be performed where people make something simple that can be placed in a fire. The power objects made hold our blessings, visions, and prayers that through the rising smoke travel to the power of the universe to manifest our greatest dreams. There are releasing ceremonies that can be done to release blocking beliefs, feelings of hopelessness, and also grief. It is really endless the ceremonies that you can create for loved ones, friends, and people in your community. 

By doing this you not only restore feelings of faith, but you bring people into the spiritual global community that is working in many ways to be in service to the Earth. 

In this month’s Transmutation News, I want to focus on bringing transfiguration ceremonies into your community. For all religions and cultures have stories about being a light in the world and creating positive change by becoming a positive presence filled with love and light. 

When I first started teaching the practice of transfiguration in 2000 I had very complex instructions in teaching this practice. As the years went by, and I led transfiguration ceremonies for large groups at conferences I had to keep simplifying my instructions. This had to do mostly with the time I was allotted for the ceremony. I realized that it is so easy to teach the practice of transfiguration to people of all faiths. For we just have to help people journey within to experience their own inner divine light. When teaching the practice of transfiguration, I use the metaphor of going within and experiencing oneself as a star radiating its light effortlessly or experiencing your inner sun shining through you. And the miraculous healings continued no matter how simple the ceremony was. 

To help you create a transfiguration ceremony in your community below is a transcript from a transfiguration ceremony I led for a group of 400 people in Santa Fe in 2015. 

Transfiguration Ceremony

We are spirit, if we allow our spiritual light to shine through, we become a healing presence.

Take a few deep breaths…….We do this for every living being and the Earth itself. (I whistled and rattled to begin and then started drumming.)

Take a few deep breaths and let your thoughts drift away.

As you breathe, place your hands on your heart, feel and get in touch with your heartbeat.

With our heartbeat let’s connect with the heartbeat of everyone in the room who have gathered together on behalf of all of life and the Earth.

Let’s connect our heartbeat to the heartbeat of the spirit of the land where we are gathered and the helping ancestors who have loved this land so much and join in with us in our work. Connect with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. 

We are body mind and spirit. When you let go of the body and your daily thoughts, your mind, who you are beyond your skin is spiritual light. Before we were born and just a little tiny spark of light looking down on this great earth, we were excited about this incredible adventure of being born into a body and being spirit that can manifest spirit into form just like creator and the creative forces of the universe. 

I invite you to travel inside to your inner world just imagining traveling within….. and experience your light. Our light is like the beauty of the night sky, our light is like a star, star light. Stars don’t try to shine, they radiate through you, effortlessly and they don’t say I think I am only going to shine just on this one place on the earth. They don’t send their light, they just shine.

Our light is like the sun……our spirit is like the sun that shines above us feeding all of life with the energy to thrive, unconditionally never asking for anything in return so you might choose to experience your own inner sunlight. Our light is like the flame of life, all of life.

Travel within yourself into your Inner World and experience yourself merging with a star or the sun or experiencing a flame and let that light radiate through you, absorb it into every single cell of your being like a flower that absorbs the sun or a flower, plant or tree that absorbs the rain and soak it in………………………………..

And now allow that light, it is an allowing process, without effort, let that light radiate through you, throughout this place let’s connect our lights together………………………….. Now experience that light radiating within and throughout this entire Earth touching all of life and when you feel like that light is radiating within and throughout the Earth.. I invite you to stand with your hands, palms facing our Earth (I use a photo of the Earth for the group to focus on)…….and as you stand allow that light to effortlessly radiate through you while we tone together the sound of creation………….(For people who do not know how to tone I gave examples of Om or just singing a vowel and letting it flow into other vowels- o ah ooh eee)  whatever comes through you………………………….(group toning)…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

(3 -4 chimes of chimes to signal it is time to stop toning and then the drumming faded out – I had people drumming with me so I could do the chimes while they faded out the drum. You could just stop the drumming and use some bells or Tibetan bowl or other sound to signal the end of the toning although most groups naturally end the toning at the same time without needing to signal to end).

Take a few deep breaths and be aware of yourself. While it is important to come back and be grounded it is important not to disconnect from our light because we are light.  As you still feel that light radiating through you, experience your body, and the preciousness of being in a body. It is such a gift to be here in a body and to live on this Earth. 

Imagine deep roots going down into the earth, grounding you. As you do this feel yourself coming back feeling fully present. Feel your heartbeat still connected to the heartbeat of all life. We do this work for ourselves and we do it on behalf of the web of life and the earth itself. We can all be a presence of healing and create positive change for all of life and the planet. 


Ended ceremony and thanked everyone for coming. 

Creating a Human Web of Light

You can also take a look at the full moon ceremony I inspire the global community to engage in each full moon. I call this ceremony “Creating A Human Web of Light”, and you can see the write up and instructions on the homepage of this site.

Over the years I have received letters from people of all faiths who have told me how they use the work I describe in “Creating A Human Web of Light” in ceremonies in churches and monasteries.

It is beyond your imagination how uplifting and healing leading such a ceremony is and people who participate are in such deep gratitude for learning such a powerful yet simple practice that can be done to help be in service to all of life. And it also helps to shift people’s perception about events that are occurring. And when we change our perception, we change our reality.

This month I wanted to introduce a journey/meditation to go along with the topic of the results of transfiguration.

A few years ago, I shared a story in the Transmutation News about Laurence Anthony known as the Elephant Whisperer. He lived in South Africa and was known for his work in conservation and also with elephants. When he died on March 7 two herds of wild elephants walked for twelve hours through Zululand to honor him. They stood outside his house for two days after his death.

How did the elephants get the news that Laurence Anthony had died? How is it that animals typically know that an environmental event is getting ready to occur and know to move to safer places where they will not be harmed?

Animals use psychic senses in a way that is quite amazing to watch. And so much research has also been done on how plants and trees also respond to what many would say are human emotions.

With all we know about how plants, trees, and animals are so psychically tuned in we have to wonder when we see them in their radiant light and divinity instead of perceiving them in suffering what do they pick up on? How do they respond to being held in love and light?

I thought this would be an interesting topic to journey or meditate on. In your journey or meditation hold the intention to speak to one of you favorite animals, or plant, or tree and ask them how they feel when we radiate love and light to them during turbulent times. And how do their feelings differ when people pity them and feed the energy of suffering?

I think you will receive some rich information by journeying or meditating to nature beings and learning about the effect of holding all of life in love and light.

The full moon begins on October 15. After exploring how different nature beings are touched by being held in light and love I hope you have a desire to deepen your transfiguration practice. This month do your preparation work with the strong focus of expanding the light you radiate to all of life and the planet. Join together with our global community to weave a beautiful web of light that touches all that is alive. Experience all life forms being uplifted by our work.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please visit “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage.


Copyright 2016 Sandra Ingerman.  All rights reserved.

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