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About ten years ago my spiritual teacher Isis asked me to share a message with all the groups I worked with. She said that those who received the spiritual wake up call do not need to ride the same wave as the collective who has been ignoring the messages. The message of course has been to wake up and live a more conscious life that respects yourself, the earth, and all of life.

Over the years I have repeated this message on some of the columns of the Transmutation News. For over the years we have been seeing the result of a way of life that only focuses on the material world and that dishonors nature.

In the October Transmutation News, I wrote about the need to hold the space while there is a death occurring of a way of life that no longer serves us. We do not need to condone the misbehavior of others who act against life. But we do need to be a vessel of love that can hold the space while consciousness is transforming.

This month I want to share with you some very practical steps I feel we need to take during this time of transition – the in-between time – as I wrote about last month.

Part of raising consciousness is looking at/observing/acknowledging what is not working in your life. As the outer world is a reflection of your inner state, it is best to work on yourself versus judging what is happening in the world.

Observe, don’t judge, what you feel needs to be changed in your life that will create a life for yourself filled with health and harmony. Acknowledge what needs to be changed.

This is a time where you need to acknowledge what needs to die in your life. We often only focus on the new that we want to create. This is great but we must also acknowledge what is dying, grieve for what we are letting go of, and honor what has been.

I think some of the chaos going on today is that we are not acknowledging and grieving for the life that is dying. Many of us are just focusing on trying to bring in the new.

And I think we have to acknowledge the depth of our feelings and grieve what we are saying good-bye to.

Without doing this I believe that the process of evolution becomes inauthentic on some level. For we must bring respect to what is dying and honor it.

Also, right before death there can be some chaotic energies that show themselves which need to be healed and transformed. The shadow is coming up strong as we heal the energies that need to be transformed as we shift into a new consciousness.

During this month reflect on one simple change you can make in your life that will assist in bringing your life back into balance after you acknowledge an aspect of your life that no longer serves you. There is a level of transparency that is happening as we can plainly observe what needs to be healed personally and in the collective.

Following the above instructions serves multiple purposes. For one we need to acknowledge all that is changing to be true to the process of change and growth. And second, and most important, the process helps you to reconnect with yourself.

And I do believe that reconnecting with ourselves is crucial to stay healthy and balanced. Only when we are connected to ourselves can we fully be present to what life brings to us and the daily choices and decisions we need to make. When we are not connected to our deep self and center, we might end up reacting to situations in an unconscious manner. We want to bring a level of awareness and consciousness to our choices and decisions and not just react blindly.

There are so many people who are still unconscious to the preciousness of life and the need to respect each other and the earth.

We are seeing the chaos that is happening on the planet as people continue to live a disharmonious way of life. Do you really need to stay connected to this level of chaos? Is keeping your energy tied and connected to such discordant and disharmonious energies serving you in any way?

If you feel you do not need to experience such a level of disharmony then with intention cut the cord with the collective that is bringing you into a denser field. Right now many of us are entrenched in a field of energy that we do not need to be tied to.

You can go out into nature and perform a ceremony to cut the ties to the field of energy that is not reflecting back to you the truth of who you are and the states of consciousness you have achieved. Cut the cord with the part inside of you that still feels connected to an old way of life.

You can simply break a stick signifying breaking a tie to the past and the collective field of disharmony.

You can perform a releasing ceremony into an element – earth, air, water, or fire as I wrote about in How to Thrive in Changing Times. Use your imagination and follow your own spiritual guidance on how to do this.

You can do a meditation or shamanic journey to ask for guidance from a helping spirit on how to cut the cord to the dense collective field and then cut the cord in your meditation or journey.

Once you have done all of this it is now time to open to new harmonious and evolved frequencies that support the consciousness you have been working towards.

And now you can truly hold the space for the rest of the collective and remove yourself from the chaos of change. You can now be a true vessel of unconditional love and light. Now you can ride a different wave.

I have obviously written the November Transmutation News before the election for President of the United States. Many of you reading this column do not live in the U.S. And I understand that many of you do not want to get involved in politics. I do want to say something about the election.

Before I do I want to acknowledge that as we are all part of a web of life we are connected and impacted on some level by everything happening on the planet. There are political, economic, and environmental issues that are occurring in all parts of the world. There is violent behavior all over the world. All of what is happening effects each of us.

I do want to say something about the election, and I will start the Announcement Section about this. For now, I want to continue speaking about living a spiritual way of life that reflects back to us our divine nature. For we do have choices to make about how to live our lives regardless of the outcome of this election or other world events.

We have a choice to make. Just like I asked you to cut the cords with the collective energies that do not serve you I also want to remind you that our perception creates our reality. This is a core teaching of the Medicine for the Earth work.

In the present and coming times, we need to choose how to shift our perception. We need to learn how to focus on the beauty that does exist in the world. There are so many levels of consciousness that are occurring at all times. We have to choose which level of consciousness we want to live from.

No matter what happens in the outer world we do have the opportunity to shift our level of consciousness. Mystics have been able to do this for thousands of years. Do you want to live from a consciousness where you feed the drama, or do you want to live from a consciousness that feeds the light, love, and beauty of this world?

The full moon is November 28. Let us join our hearts together and celebrate being part of a global community that has made the decision to ride a beautiful wave. Let us take some time to drum together in support of the earth and all of life.

Let us do our spiritual practices to continue to weave and strengthen the beautiful web of light that goes deep within and throughout the earth.

For those of you who are new to reading The Transmutation News you can read the instructions for our full moon ceremony on the homepage of this site by clicking on “Creating A Human Web of Light”.

Take small steps and make changes that lead you to living a life filled with meaning and passion. This is what life is about.

One morning I woke up with a knowing. And this is something to ponder during the days ahead. What if we never create anything? What if everything is already here and we simply wake up to the world we want to live in and step into that world?

This goes back to a core teaching of the Medicine for the Earth work that our perception creates our reality. What if we simply need to shift our perception to wake up and see the dream we have been dreaming as already here?

Then we can live from the dream instead of being an observer. Living from the dream is an important key to dreaming a new life into being.

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