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Last month we practiced the classic shamanic visionary journey of dismemberment. It is a great practice that you can keep up on a regular basis as a way to keep purifying and feeling renewed.

If you did not have a chance to read the April Transmutation News you can click on this link to read it:

This month I suggest we continue with the dismemberment process and other practices to release our disappointments about life and any looping thoughts that sabotage the success of our work.

If you have a shamanic journey practice you can call on one of your helping and compassionate spirits to work with you in partnership. Tell your helping spirit what belief or disappointment you would like to experience dismembered. In your journey you can write words on pieces of paper. Or you can draw a representation of the energies you would like to see transformed. Then ask your helping spirit to destroy it by tearing it up or using its unique gifts to dismember it.

If you do not have a journey practice you can perform a meditation and call in a divine figure you trust and work with. Ask this divine figure to dismember what no longer serves you by following the directions above.

Another way I like to work is with the cauldron of light. I have introduced you to this practice in previous columns. You can journey or meditate to a sacred place in nature. Ask a divine figure or helping spirit to place a cauldron of light in this special place. During your meditation or journey release into the cauldron of light disappointments and sabotaging beliefs. You can also place into the cauldron of light any issues around forgiving yourself and others to be transmuted and transformed.

After you complete your releasing work it is important to fill up with light, powerful, inspirational, and loving energies. You can do this by transfiguring and experiencing your divine light being absorbed into all your cells. You can ask your helping spirit or divine figure to fill you with loving and healing energies. Work as you are guided.

About 30 years ago I wanted to end a friendship with someone who was unhealthy for me to remain in relationship with. We had some unpleasant conversations. Our conversations were not leading to a healthy outcome. I felt it did not matter if we finished all of our unfinished conversations. I chose instead to break off all connection with this person.

I journeyed on it and my power animal said there is no such thing as an unfinished conversation. He advised me to finish it now or in another life. I realized that I did not want to be connected with this person in a future life. My power animal then told me to finish the conversation now.

It became impossible to proceed with a healthy conversation. This happens for many of us where we need to do our healing work in the non-ordinary realms instead of in the physical. We can always perform a ceremony to release us from unhealthy relationships. We can talk to a person in non-ordinary reality to finish a conversation. And we can perform dismemberment journeys to dissolve these connections and also dismember the words of destructive conversations.

We often end up in relationships with others that stem from an old karmic connection. Some of these meetings with old soul friends again are wonderful. But we want to avoid reestablishing a relationship with someone who we want freedom from.

By performing regular dismemberment journeys or meditations is one way to keep clearing energies that are anchoring you to an unhealthy way of life. And by filling up with loving and light filled energies will keep you inspired to move forward with transforming your life in a positive way.

The full moon is May 29. Let’s gather together virtually to fill the planet with our love and light. Please perform your preparation work so that you truly let go of your mental thoughts and ordinary life. Mental chatter prevents your work from going to the deepest level possible. And we cannot afford doing our work in a shallow way. The planet and all of life needs your focused attention on your practices.

Once you are ready travel deep inside experiencing your radiant light joining with the light of our circle. And with love for all of life being the fuel for your work let us perceive the entire planet in her divine perfection and light. Step through the dense collective energies to open to another dimension known by shamans and mystics where there is only beauty. Remembering our love for all of life let us join together to weave together a luminous web of light within and throughout the Earth. Let’s share our love with each other and all in the web of life.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please visit Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage for the instructions for our monthly full moon ceremony.

And let’s please keep up our transfiguration work, at least weekly, to hold the vision of the Earth and all of life in its divine light and perfection. Although it might not seem that transfiguration is a miracle cure for healing all the planet’s problems, by holding such a vision does change the field of energy which changes the fabric of reality over time. This work requires persistence for the process of healing and making immense changes manifest as we keep building an invisible substance of reality.


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