In America we are being flooded by media coverage about the current election. The word that is being used to try to sway American voters is the word “change”. People seem to be responding to that word, as we all know that a change is needed.

It is true that we need to change the way the “political system” works. But once again we are seeing people wanting someone else, an authority figure to change our lives for us.

We need to continue to focus on the internal changes we need to make for there to be true change in our lives and on the planet. We need to stand up and own our personal responsibility for making changes for a healthy planet. The key to the Medicine for the Earth work is it is who we become that changes the world and not what we do. We continue to work with the principle that comes from so many spiritual traditions of “as within so without”.

When we look at the phrase “as within” that applies to our thoughts and words. When we look at the phrase “so without” that applies to the physical manifestation in the world. The “as within” is the invisible energy that creates the manifestation in our outer world.

When I wrote Medicine for the Earth and How to Heal Toxic Thoughts I explain the need to transform and transmute the energy behind our thoughts and words so that we are conscious about feeding the world with love and light.

This month I would like us to begin to explore another aspect of working with our thoughts and words. Again I will repeat that many spiritual traditions throughout time have been teaching that we must work with our inner state of consciousness in order to see real change in our lives and on the planet.

We need to look at what are the thoughts that we give most energy to for that is the energy that ends up manifesting in our lives. I have spoken before about the work of Emmet Fox. He was a New Thought Minister as well as a teacher, healer, and best selling author. For 20 years thousands of people showed up for his weekly services. They filled the ballrooms in New York hotels, Carnegie Hall, and even the Hippodrome.

He termed a phrase “the mental equivalent” which he took from science. He took the concept of how much electricity or power it would take to make a piece of equipment run and translated that into how much energy is needed to manifest what we truly desire in our lives.

One of the things I watch as I teach is when people gather in community to do spiritual work a loving and supportive space is created. This space that is created makes it very easy for people to engage in spiritual work. Then I sit at a table during a meal time and watch the energy created as someone talks about a physical complaint, or a complaint about what is going on in his or her own life, or about a world tragedy. Often I notice that more energy goes into talking about complaints then into the spiritual practices we are engaging in.

If everyone channeled the energy created from our complaints about what is not working to positive thoughts and intentions can you imagine how much positive change we will see on the planet?

Most of us can keep positive thoughts when we are in a group experience where we are experiencing love, harmony, and unity. But few people can actually take that out into daily life. And this is what is needed right now.

We need to change our thoughts and keep them changed.

I remember when I first starting working with transmuting the energy behind my thoughts. It was about 1991 and I was driving down my road headed into town. And I was thinking about someone I was angry at. As I was driving I heard my spiritual teacher Isis ask me: “What was that thought and where did you just send it to?” I remember being shocked out of my angry state to the realization of what I was doing.

From that day on I began my practice of transmuting the energy behind my thoughts so that I was truly sending out energy of love and light to myself, others, and into the world.

But I do remember how hard it was to not fall into my old habits of thinking. I would slip constantly and I really relied on Isis to come into my consciousness and continually ask me the question: “What was that thought and where did you just send it to?”

I wrote about this in my second book Welcome Home. And then continued with writing about this in all my books to come. As I continued the practice over the years I found it did not take so much energy to work with transmuting the energy behind my thoughts. It became easier and easier and now it is just part of my way of being in the world.

As I read Emmet Fox’s writing on the concept of the mental equivalent I realized that although I no longer sending “ill will” out into the world I still spend a lot of time complaining.

I have my spiritual practice that I work with throughout the day to experience everyone and everything around me in divine perfection and light. But I do allow my egoic self to get the best of me during the day. I complain about some pain I might be experiencing, or about the traffic or long line I had to stand on line at the post office, or about something I see going on in the world. And when I do complain my complaints have a lot of energy attached to them.

It is important not just to focus on transforming the energy behind my thoughts that I think about others, but I must change my thoughts and the words I use about life and keep them changed.

Thoughts create physical manifestations. We attract what we continually think about. Most spiritual traditions have been teaching this for thousands of years.

We need to observe what we are thinking about throughout the day and the energy we are fueling with our thoughts.

The Scriptures say, “Without a vision the people will perish”. We need to look at what vision we are feeding. And are we holding to the vision that we would like to see for our descendants and ourselves? What is the vision of the world we want to live in? We need to get that vision and to keep doing our creation work as I wrote about in Medicine for the Earth and in past Transmutation News. We need to set an intention and find the thoughts and words that go with birthing that manifestation. We need to focus our thoughts and keep them focused. We need to hold steady to the work.

And we cannot base our happiness or feelings of wealth from what is happening in the outer world. I have written in the past about looking into the eyes of people in indigenous cultures. Many of them shine a light and joy through their eyes that we are hungry to experience for ourselves. But yet these people have nothing in the material world that would define them as “wealthy” from a western standard. But they are wealthy within. They have a rich inner life and they look through “spirit eyes”.

In the Transmutation News May 2007 I shared a message that Isis had given me for a group I was working with. She said:

“It is the inner journey that is important. You are still caught up in the outer reflection.

The magic happens in the inner worlds and this is where the true light workers and alchemists work. This is where one develops telepathy. This is where magical healings and earth healings occur.

You are still lost in the outcome versus the process. Of course focusing and having vision on outcomes is good. But your outcomes come by your process. Focus more on the process versus the outcome.”

In doing our spiritual work to transform ourselves and the world around us we must work from the inside out. Too many of us only focus on the outer world. When we only focus on what is happening in the outer world we start to feel like we are on a rollercoaster ride.

Someone tells you look great and then you feel happy.
Then you get a bill in the mail you were not expecting and your emotions take a dive.
Then you go to work the next day and you get a promotion and you feel great.
Then while you are working someone tells you that you are being arrogant and you feel terrible.
Then you go home and watch a human interest story on the news and you feel warm and loving inside.
Then you watch a story about war in some part of the world and you lose all hope.

This goes on and on unless you come to the realization that your happiness, peace, joy, and wealth lie within. And once you get this realization then you must change your thought process.

In How to Heal Toxic Thoughts I wrote about working with decrees. I would suggest you review this chapter and start to find some phrases you can use throughout the day to replace the phrases you typically use to describe the problems of your life experience. You need to stop focusing on the problem and you need to change your thought process within that will create a different outer experience.

And you need to keep exploring your beliefs on why your vision is impossible to attain. For we need to identify and weed out the beliefs that we hold that keep us in a place of disempowerment and despair.

What is your vision of beauty for the planet? How are you feeding this vision? What seeds are you planting with your thoughts and words? And what thought forms around your work need to be weeded out?

Do you truly live the principles of the Medicine for the Earth work and do you really believe that this work has potency to change the world? Do you believe that the spiritual work we do does make a difference in the world?

We need to embrace a bigger vision filled with unlimited possibilities and potential. And if we truly create global support for this work we create a road that leads to the successful manifestation of a world filled with unity, love, light, peace, and abundance for all. But we need to work from the inside out.

Alchemists talk about the Great Work. And the Great Work refers to it is who we become (inner work) that changes the world (outer reflection and physical manifestation).

We need to keep working with the alchemical principle of transforming heavy leaded consciousness into gold light consciousness.

There are many very popular books on creation and manifestation today. And one of the issues that they do not speak to is that we create what we believe.

As we continue our creation work we must continue to meditate on or journey on those deeply seeded beliefs that we are holding that sabotage our work. We need to keep finding practices to weed out these beliefs so that we have a clear inner space to create from. We need to change our thoughts that focus on the problems of the outer world to thoughts that focus on that we are divine love, divine light, and divine perfection. We need to change our thoughts and words we use and keep them changed.

I know for myself as I look at changing my habitual thinking I do need some support. Let’s set our intention as a global community to support each other energetically in this work.

You might find a friend you can talk to and create a support system to help you stay on the path.

And continue to do the gratitude walk that I wrote about last month for that will create a strong and positive foundation to live from.

You might also review the Disidentification Exercise that I wrote up in Medicine for the Earth. That exercise helps you get in touch with “The Self”. The Self is your stable of consciousness that is always there. It is a source of stability and clear perception in the midst of change.

What a great gift you can give to the earth by working with thinking beautiful and inspired thoughts on the spring equinox which is March 20. We need to do this every day and throughout the day. But really concentrate your efforts on this day. And let’s work as a collective in behalf of the earth to create positive change.

The full moon is March 21. Let’s weave a beautiful web of light within and throughout the earth by experiencing our divine light and the divine light of all that is alive. And let’s keep our thoughts and words in alignment with the divine light that embraces us all.

We continue our healing circle for our global community on the full moon as is written about on “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage.

Malou Thein has been translating the Transmutation News into French for years now. As you can imagine the translation is a lot of work. And we give thanks to her for her gift of service. She is no longer able to continue to translate for the French community.

If there is someone reading the Transmutation News who would like to take over the French translation please email Ruth Aber at: If you do email Ruth sometimes her replies to people end up in a spam folder and people think she did not answer. So please check your spam folder if you do not hear back from her.

I know we all appreciate the knowledge that this work is accessible to people around the world.

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