In March I led the Medicine for the Earth reunion that meets in Santa Fe each year. A core group of people has been part of these reunions since 2001 and new people come and go each year.

This year the theme was to reflect on our relationship with the Medicine for the Earth work. We all have a desire to go deeper with the work and this means looking at how much the work has become part of our lives.

I cannot go through everything that we did throughout our four days together. But I can share some of the key principles that we looked at.

Some of the principles of the Medicine for the Earth are:

– It is who we become that changes the world.
– We need to be a light and lift everyone up by our presence and perceive everyone in his or her divine perfection.
– The outer world is merely a reflection of our inner state of consciousness.
– Words are magic and thoughts are things. We create the world we live in through our thoughts and words. As thoughts and words are seeds we end up eating their fruits.
– We must continue to transmute the energy behind our thoughts, emotions, and belief systems. We must continue to do the alchemy work to work through the dense states of consciousness and change heavy leaded consciousness into gold light consciousness.
– The elements are living beings and we must continue to deepen our relationship with them.
– We are a reflection of our creator and through the gift of our imagination we can create a healthy planet.
– Harmony within creates harmony without.
– Our perception creates our reality.

You need to reflect on how you work with these practices moment to moment and not just at certain times during the day. You need to ask the question do you shine so brightly that people who meet you are hungry for what you have? Do you truly lift everyone up who comes into contact with you? Do you lift up the planet and all of life by the power of your words and thoughts?

Are you dependent on results in the outer world to be in a state of peace and joy? Does the outer world distract you? I did write about this last month. Please review the March Transmutation News.

Have you found joy within? Do you understand that your state of consciousness is birthed from the inside out and not from the outside in?

Are you in a state of appreciation for your life and all you experience throughout the day?

These are some questions to reflect on. The Medicine for the Earth work lights the path and now we must walk the path. And it is a process. From time to time it is good to stop and reflect on your commitment to the work.

There were some exercises that we performed in the reunion I encourage you to do this month.

I continue to write that words and thoughts are seeds that grow into plants. And I have asked you to consider if you are growing plants of love and inspiration or plants of fear and hate.

Seeds have enormous potential. As we look at the plants we have been growing it is very important to look at the creative potential of a seed.

During this month and the time of spring you can perform a shamanic journey to actually merge with a seed so that you can truly experience it’s creative potential. If you do not practice shamanic journeying you can use meditation. Find a quiet space to work and set your intention to merge with a seed and learn about its power.

This experience is a very potent way to really experience how much creative potential your own thoughts and words have.

As I wrote in December 2007, it is important to make sure we are not leaving our bodies when we transfigure. When we transfigure into our divine light we are letting go of the body and thoughts that clothe our spirit. We are experiencing the truth of who we really are.

I had suggested in the December Transmutation News to journey or meditate to merge with a star to experience the solidity of a star’s light and how we can experience the light of a star millions of miles away. We too are starlight and can expand our light to a greater extent then we are presently doing.

During the day as we let that light shine through us we can walk through the world looking through “spirit eyes” instead of our ordinary eyes. In this way we can really shift the perception of our lives and what is happening in the world.

In my book Medicine for the Earth I encourage people to write their story of creation and learn about their creator. It is important for you to keep working with this and to keep reflecting on your relationship with the creator. For you also have that same creative potential inside.

Reflect on your relationship with earth, air, fire, and water and ask the elements through a journey or meditation how you can deepen your relationship.

Look at the formula of intention + love + union + harmony + concentration + focus + imagination = transmutation and also creation. Do you need to strengthen your practice with any of these elements of the formula?

What is the vision for your life and the planet? And are your thoughts, words, and actions in alignment with this vision?

Are you embracing a vision of unlimited possibilities?

Continue to do the creation work I wrote about in Medicine for the Earth to use all your senses to dream a new world into being. Fuel your creation work with the power of love.

In March I was interviewed for a movie on God. One of the questions I was asked was what was needed for the healing of the planet. I said that we need to move from a hierarchical structure where we believe that a few people have the ability to save the world. We need to move to a horizontal and feminine structure where we all understand that we hold a piece of the puzzle and that we can work together to create positive change. We are all brilliant and creative beings. There are not a select few that have the ability to “save the world”.

By continuing to work over time with the issues I have presented this month will help you to work with the power within you so that we can gather our energies together to create exponential positive change for the planet and all of life.

Heidi in Germany shared a couple of practices she does in her life. She says that the exercises she does each day are what are important versus doing big ceremonies. She tries to do all things with consciousness.

Heidi is known for her animal communication work and she cares for many animals. She writes:

“When I look into my dog’s eyes and stroke her, I think that my love for her is flowing through all dogs in the world. And when I stroke my pigs’ stomach, I think that this ease and light is flowing through all pigs in the world, especially to the pigs at the slaughter-houses including all people who work there. Or when I fill the trough for my horses with water, I send light in this water and think that my light is flowing through all waters on the earth.

Another thing is, I bless the earth everyday. When I walk with my dog through nature I bless the earth and give thanks with every step. When my feet touch the earth I send blessings and thanks deep in the earth. And a few weeks ago I suddenly felt, that the earth began to give me thanks back. Now I touch the earth with my right foot and send my blessings and thanks and when I touch the earth with my left foot the earth sends me thanks and power. It feels like a power-circulation and a special connection with the earth.”

Heidi’s words are a direct teaching of what we bless blesses us back. And I thank her for sharing her work with us.

She also shared something she does in the winter that we can all adapt to a springtime practice.

“After a snowfall I walk through the fields with my dog and write in the fresh snow with my finger – peace, love, wisdom, freedom, joy,….

And I think, when the sun is shining the snow water brings the energy from these words into the earth.”

We can adapt this by writing in the earth and letting our words soak in after a wonderful spring rain.

Annette from Germany shared the words of a wonderful song:
One by one,
comes to remember,
we’re healing the world
one heart at a time….

I am in deep appreciation for those of you are willing to share some practices you engage in which inspire and remind us that we are a global community working in behalf of the planet and all of life.

A few years I participated in a one-day event with the Sufi teacher Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee. He has written some wonderful books. He has been writing about the feminine and the world soul on:

Here is one excerpt from Llewellyn’s writing from Teachings on the Feminine and the World Soul:

What does it mean to reclaim the feminine?
It means to honor our sacred
connection to life that is
present in every

Please visit his website to learn more.

I was a contributor in a beautifully written book titled Soul Companions. The book was published in England but I wanted to let you know it is now available on Amazon for sale in the United States.

I also wanted to let those of you who read the Transmutation News in French speaking countries know that we have found a translator to continue to translate my monthly column into French. I am in deep gratitude for Annie Idrissi being willing to donate her time to do this.

And I also I wanted to let you know that my book How to Heal Toxic Thoughts is now out in French. The publisher is Tredaniel. You can visit to get the link that will assist you in purchasing the book in French. Tredaniel published Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth in French last year.

I have just found a publisher in Brazil who will be publishing both Soul Retrieval and How to Heal Toxic Thoughts into Portuguese.

And I have found a publisher in Italy who will be publishing How to Heal Toxic Thoughts in Italian. Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth are already published in Italy. And my book Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide will be out in Italy shortly.

All of my books have been published in German. It is wonderful to see the work spreading around the world.

The full moon is April 20. Let’s join the light within with the light without to continue to weave a brilliant web of light throughout the earth.

And let’s continue our healing circle with light for those in our community in need.

For those of you new to this website please visit “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the Transmutation News page for the instructions and information on our full moon practices.

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