I just returned from meeting with a group who participated in the five-day Medicine for the Earth Gathering in June of last year. We decided to meet again and share how our work has been going. It was very exciting to see how everyone is taking this work out into the world in his or her own way.

During one of our sessions we got into a discussion about transfiguration. In Medicine for the Earth I shared how in a dream I was told that this was the missing piece to the transmutation work I was attempting to share.

There was agreement with the entire group how invaluable the practice of transfiguration has been in each person’s lives. The positive changes that this practice has produced for everyone is quite exciting.

There is such brilliant work going on from all different groups around the world in working on solutions to our environmental issues. The piece that the Medicine for the Earth work brings to the puzzle is the process of transfiguration.

Although everyone in the group agreed that this process has been life changing there were a lot of questions of how to explain transfiguration to others. Sometimes we can experience spiritual practices and have a great effect from them, but it can be hard to find the words to share in the explanation. I figured if the people who are practicing transfiguration are confused on how to explain and understand the process you might be too.

As this is so key to the transmutation work I describe in Medicine for the Earth, I would like to explain it again.

In different esoteric teachings you will see the statement “as above so below, as within so without.” In our lives we often put spiritual sources of power outside of ourselves. We see God outside of ourselves, power animals and spiritual teachers outside of ourselves, deities outside of ourselves, etc. From a spiritual perspective these spiritual forces are “us” too.

In all my books I shared a message from “the voice” which came to me in a dream in the 1980’s. The voice said, “Man has been looking for God outside of himself for the last two thousand years. Man will be looking for God inside of himself for the next two thousand years.”

Transfiguration is a practice that helps us experience our own divinity in whatever form that takes to fit our philosophical, religious, and spiritual beliefs. The actual definition in Webster’s of transfiguration is shapeshifting. So in the process we shapeshift into a divine force.

Many saints, mystics, and spiritual masters are sometimes described as shining brighter than any light seen. This is the process of transfiguration. And the process is not reserved for spiritual masters. You can do it to.

When we look at the obsession today with gathering money, material objects, relationships, etc. what are people truly seeking? We are seeking spiritual light. We are just looking for it in all the wrong places. When we experience spiritual light through some divine force inside of us we are fulfilled. We realize that what we need in life is available to us in ourselves. We stop reaching to outside forces for safety, enlightenment, and happiness. We begin to get in touch with our creative energy. We start to transmute as we walk through the world.

If you have not been working with the process of transfiguration please look at the section which discusses the process in Medicine for the Earth. I am not suggesting you transfigure to a level where you cannot live your life and you have to move to a cave where people bring you food. There are many levels to the process. I am talking about getting in touch with your divinity and letting your light shine through you which will give you the power to manifest light and love in your life and transform those problematic forces which need to be transformed.

One of the questions that the group I was in spoke about is how there is not one way to transfigure. As people sat around talking about the process we realized that everyone did it in a different way. So although I offer suggestions in Medicine for the Earth you might find that you need to find your own way. You will find that you need to encompass all the elements of the formula for transmutation. You need a strong intention and must stay focused and concentrate on your intention. You need to embrace love for yourself and your divine nature and be clear that you are doing this to bring harmony within and without. You need to be in union with your creator. And you need to be able to imagine that you have the capability to transfigure into the divine.

I find in my own transfiguration practice my level of concentration only allows me to stay in this state for a short period of time. With practice one can maintain this state for longer periods. Again the end result we are looking for is carrying a light inside that transforms your life and the environment as you walk through the world.

I hoped you felt good about the water ritual you performed in February. I think it is very important to understand that the more we can work together as a collective the better results we will see in healing our environment, creating a new dream, and transforming consciousness.

A friend of mine shared with me the following excerpt that was on an online Reiki newsletter:

Global Consciousness is Being Measured by William Lee Reed

“A team of researchers headed by Roger Nelson of Princeton University has been conducting an experiment to measure the effects of focused global consciousness on random events. They have had some very interesting results.

Called the Global Consciousness Project, their experiment involves the use of 37 computers located around the world using random number generators to flip virtual coins. The experiment has been going on since 1998. Each computer flips 200 virtual coins at a time and the results of all computers are compared. The results are usually completely random, with the virtual coin tosses come up heads or tails 50% of the time.

However, when a global event takes place that focuses the attention of billions of people, the randomness of the coin tosses changes and they tend to go significantly more one way than another. In other words they become more coherent or non-random. This took place on September 11 when so many people worldwide were focused on the events of the World Trade Center disaster. This produced the strongest effect so far, but other events have coincided with changes in randomness too, including:

Each New Years Eve, the papal visit to Israel, the first hour of NATO bombing in Yugoslavia, a variety of global meditations, several major earthquakes, the funeral for Princess Diana and last years sinking of Russia’s Kursk submarine.

This seems to indicate that consciousness has an effect on other wise random events.”

I spoke with Roger Nelson a few years ago as I was thinking of trying to get a random, number generator to use at my workshops. It was clear that I was not ready to work with one yet, as it is a quite complex system. But I think the point that is being shown is that when we focus together something happens.

Last month we focused together to let the element water including all the waters of the world know that we love you and appreciate all that you give to us. We placed pure water into a water source where we live to help water remember its purity and divinity.

As we will be celebrating the spring equinox together on March 20 I suggest that we honor “earth” together. On March 20 go outside and hold some soil in your hand. Rub the earth between your fingers. Give love and appreciation to “earth” for all it provides for us and for its life.

If the only way you can do this is with soil from a potted plant then use this. The point is, just do it!

As I wrote in a past transmutation news: The earth is alive and if we would deepen our relationship with it, it would once again produce an abundance that we can only imagine.

We must once again feed our relationship with “earth”. As our relationship with earth is drying up so is the earth.

Here is another practice that you can start with the beginning of spring. Plant some seeds in a pot in your house. You might consider using some herb seeds that are easy to grow like parsley. You can also get a new houseplant. Over the next months notice what thoughts and beliefs you are feeding “your garden”. See this plant as the garden of your life. Notice how you take care of “your garden”.

Notice how with nurturance your plant grows without being forced to grow.

This month be observant to how balanced you are in allowing growth and change in your life versus forcing it.

In a shamanic journey once, the Egyptian god Osiris said to me, “It doesn’t take real strength when one only uses will. Real strength is when one can open and surrender to the powers that be.”

If you would like to contact me about how the ceremonies for water and earth have been for you, please write me at P.O. Box Santa Fe, NM 87502. If there is any comments you would like publish on this web page let me know.

Please remember to join us in continuing to nurture the global web of light on the full moon which is March 28. If you have been practicing transfiguring into a divine force, you might wish to try transfiguring before you work with the web. You will find that your experience changes and what you contribute to the web is greatly amplified.
Next month we will perform a ceremony to honor “air”.

Happy Spring!!

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