I hope that you honored the change in cycles as we moved into spring with performing the simple earth ceremony I suggested. Even though the rituals I have been suggesting are simple they are at the same time very powerful. As we have thousands of people at approximately the same time expressing gratefulness to earth this does make a difference.

As I live in the Southwest where we are experiencing once again a drought I have been watching the water situation in the world. I know some of you live in areas where you have received a lot of moisture. But the bottom line is that a good portion of the world right now is in drought.

On a previous web page I wrote that as we are no longer feeding our relationship with the earth, the earth is drying up. Honoring is one step to creating harmony and balance once again in our environment.

As we continue to watch the devastation of our environment it is easy to fall into a place of hopelessness. It is important to know that where we do have power is working in this world on the spiritual realms.

We need to once again recognize the sentient nature of our environment. We need to once again honor the elements as living beings. We need to honor the elements inside of us as well as the elements outside.

Through honoring we begin to establish a strong relationship. We cannot work in cooperation with nature. without a relationship with nature. Establishing relationships take time and work. What we are talking about here is joyful work. The joy that comes from being in communication with the elements and other living beings creates a feeling of connectedness. We all crave connection with the rest of life.

I don’t think what I writing here is news for those of you reading this page. And you might fall into a trap of thinking that if the rest of humanity does not see that the earth is alive what is the use. Every shift in consciousness that each person makes creates an exponential change on the planet.

There are many thousands of people who do honor earth and the elements as alive. The more each one of us chooses to commit to be in service to the earth change will occur. But we must commit to concentrate our efforts on establishing a strong relationship with the earth and the natural world daily not on an occasional basis.

By the act of honoring and expressing gratitude and appreciation for all you receive from the elements you keep feeding the relationship. You know in your own personal. relationships where there is honor and appreciation there is a strong bond.

I have been doing a lot of shamanic journeying on the drought. My own helping spirits have not been saying much. The drought is really a symptom of the bigger issue of how out of balance we are with nature.

But the interesting message that the spirits keep sharing with me over and over is that places will weather the drought where the spirit of the land is strong. I started to think about our bodies and immune systems and the strength of our spirit. When our spirit is raised and strong it is much easier to weather trouble in our lives. When our spirit is low it is hard to temper tough times.

As you nurture your relationship with the land where you live, you build on the relationship which will naturally strengthen the spirit which helps to carry all life through challenging times.

In sitting with all this you might ask yourself what you are willing to commit to? Putting our efforts together we can temper the environmental changes. It does take a commitment from all those who are willing to be in service to the earth.

In my own spiritual practice it has just become habit for me to give thanks to the elements for all I receive. Everyday I give thanks to the earth. As I drink and use water I give thanks. At different times of the day I give thanks to air as I breathe. I look up to the sun and thank it for its warmth and the power it gives to all of life. The affirmations I make are simple. Simple is good. The effect on me has been quite profound. It not only feeds my own spirit as I feel my connection to the web of life, it opens me up on a heart level. I have also found that my ability to receive life has expanded which strengthens my own spiritual self helping me tap into my spiritual light. Spiritual light is really what all of us are truly seeking.

You want to establish a new habit of honoring and being in a state of appreciation of how you are part of a great web of life. You might want to put little notes around your house or your office saying: “Have you fed your relationship with earth, water, fire, air today?”

In many transmutation news I have written that some of us must be willing to “keep tending the garden” while all the disharmony continues on the planet. One way to tend the garden is through what I just wrote about love and appreciation. You have I am sure visited a garden that has been fed with love. I am sure the light, spirit, and beauty of that garden touched you.

We also must learn how to hold the space by holding the light. This is so important during a time where our garden is not being honored by many and is being trampled by unconsciousness and ignorance. To hold the space and the light takes a great deal of concentration. Remember “concentration” is one of the elements of the formula for transmutation. To hold the space we must also keep our hearts open maintaining a state of love for our garden.

Try everyday to do a simple meditation. Imagine breathing through your heart. Think about some place on earth that you really love that is precious to you. Or think about some life form that is really precious to you. Keep that feeling of preciousness in your heart allowing your heart to expand in love. Keep breathing through your heart experiencing love for the garden of life.

If you are new to meditation just start with five or ten minutes a day. Building concentration takes time. So you want to meditate on holding the light only as long as you can maintain concentration. Have faith you will build up your ability to concentrate it just takes practice.

This month we want to join together and honor air. April tends to be a time when the winds increase so it is a good time to honor this life-giving element. When we are born the very first relationship we bond with is air as we take our first breath. Our relationship to this life ends as we breathe out our last breath. With every breath we are in relationship with air. In indigenous cultures it is believed that air through wind carries messages throughout the world.

The air we breathe gives us life. On the full moon of this month, April 26 (because of the time of the full moon it will be full on April 27 for some of us) throughout the day whenever you can remember to honor air for the life it brings to all life. Imagine the air as you take it in to be pure and holy. Imagine the air you breathe back out to be pure and holy. As we do all do this through out the day we honor the element of air and remind it that air is loved and appreciated by many.

Last month I invited you to write to me if you wanted to make a comment on the honoring ceremonies we have been performing.

A friend wrote me that I didn’t put in my address. I apologize for this faux pas.

You can reach me at:
Sandra Ingerman
P.O. Box 4757
Santa Fe, NM 87502

As I will be traveling and teaching most of the month part of it in Europe, please give me some time to respond to you.

Last month I did travel back to Brazil to visit Joao de Deus (John of God). I wrote about my extraordinary first trip to him in the August 2001 Transmutation News. He is in service by allowing his body to be a vehicle for spiritual entities to work through him to relieve the pain and suffering of others. It is quite extraordinary to watch him work and be worked on by the entities he brings through.

I choose to go to see Joao de Deus with Heather Cumming who serves as a wonderful expert guide and translator. You can take a look at her web page

Heather and I planning to combine a five-day Medicine for the Earth training in Brazil with a week trip to visit Joao de Deus. Right now we are thinking about June 2003. 1 will give you more details, as I know more.

Please remember to join in on our full moon creating a human web of light meditation on April 26 or April 27 (depending on where you live).

Remember, it is only love that heals.

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