Every few months I contact the participants from my Medicine for the Earth trainings and we set up a time to do some long distance work together. At all the trainings where we are present together we have found that the work of transmuting water infused with the pollutant ammonium hydroxide has created a good change in pH. As we have been getting good results in working together I have felt it is important to work on issues long distance together.

The intention I set for the last long distance work we did together on December 16 was to transmute the quality of air at the World Trade Center in New York. I had also received a request from a resident in Nevada to ask for help with moisture for at the time Reno was experiencing a drought that was endangering water supplies which would endanger the migrating birds.

People either worked on their own or in the numerous groups that have formed to do the work. Two days after the work it was reported in the New York Times that the fires were officially out at the World Trade Center. Once I wrote up the request for people to work in behalf of the state of Nevada the storms started rolling in.

The fires going out at the World Trade Center and the storms coming into Nevada could be coincidence. As I wrote about in Medicine for the Earth the principle of ambiguity is essential for not taking egoic credit for the work. When we really don’t know what created an effect we stay in balance. I also wrote that Einstein said, “Coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous”.

The spiritual work we do does make a difference and it is vital that we remain proactive with our spiritual work.

I would like to ask all of you to join in on some work that we can all begin to do together. I got the idea after hearing about Christian Bollman’s “Peace Pool Project”. He asked people to place prayers, sounds, and songs for peace into bodies of water which would then cycle through the waters of the world.

In working with the transmutation of pollution here is an adaptation that I would like to suggest. Researchers have found that water carries a memory. This means that water remembers the pollution that it carries. We also carry a cellular memory of trauma that has occurred to us. This is why the work of transfiguration is so important. It helps us remember our own divinity and the truth of who we are.

Depending on how much work you have done with the Medicine for the Earth material will depend on how you proceed with joining people around the world in ceremony. The purpose of the ceremony will be to imbue a container of water that you collect with the intent for the water to return to a state of purity and holiness. This water will then be placed into a large body of water where you live. As thousands of us do this we start to change the memory of water around globe to remember it’s purity and sacredness. The date that I propose we work on is February 27, which is the full moon. The energy of the full moon will magnify our work.

It’s important when we work with an element to really get to know the element. So please look up in Medicine for the Earth the section of working with the elements on page 149. Try to do some meditation this month with merging with water so you understand its nature before we work on February 27.

Sometime before February 27 collect some water from a stream, river, lake, creek, ocean that you can put in a cup or jar. If you do not live around any natural water source you can of course use water from your home. All water can be transmuted.

On February 27 pick a time where you can create a quiet space around you. You can do some drumming, rattling, dancing, and singing to get into a quiet space. As an alternative you can put on some music that is calming and slightly altering for you. Or of course you can sit in silence and bring yourself to center.

At this point if you have been working with transfiguration you would want to transfigure into a divine force. If you have not been working with this you can just tone or sing holding the intention to remember that you are divine. In this divine state you might find yourself singing into the water or holding the jar placing into it the intention that you honor the waters divinity and purity. Give prayers of love and appreciation for water as a giver of life.

Remember intention + love + union + harmony + focus + concentration + imagination = transmutation.

You will have an intuitive sense when the work is done. You now want to ground yourself and fully experience yourself present. If you transfigured into a divine force, with intention disengage from that force. Get up move around and if you can go outside and place your hands on the earth or sit with a tree for awhile. If you are in an urban area with no land around you can do a simple visualization. Visualize yourself sitting with a tree in nature. Experience the strong roots and how the roots ground the tree. Allow yourself to ground with your own luminous roots into the earth. This should help you feel centered and present again.

Whatever method you choose to do make sure you feel fully back and present. Get up and eat some food. Drink some water with deep appreciation for all it gives to you.

You can either work alone or with a group of friends. Within the next couple of days take the water you have worked on to a body of water that you can place it in. The water imbued with purity and sacredness creates divinity as it flows home to its source.

As you do this work on February 27 please remember also to focus on the human web of light circling the world.

As I finished typing the above, I looked at my clock. The clock read 11:11.
I take this as a good omen for the work.

Recently I was delighted to receive a manuscript on Jewish shamanism. The title of the book is Magic of the Ordinary: An Introduction to Jewish Shamanism and it is written by Gershon Winkler. It is such an extraordinary book that I wanted to tell you about it.

Gershon Winkler started out as an orthodox rabbi in Brooklyn. Through a series of experiences he felt called to go live out on the land for a few weeks. He ended up in a little cabin with no running water or any amenities in the mountains in California. He never returned to an urban way.

Gershon speaks Aramaic and Hebrew fluently. So he has gone back into the old texts and discovered that the Jewish tradition is rooted in a shamanic framework. The ancient texts speak to the importance of working with spirits including the spirits of the elements, animals, stones, trees, plants, insects, etc. Drumming, chanting, and dancing were used for ceremonies and to enter ecstatic states of consciousness. Basically, if you have done any reading on shamanism you will find all the principles that you have read about also existing in the Jewish religion.

So here we see that the original teachings were lost and somehow, a modern organized religion formed that does not match the teachings of the original texts.

There are many people who have rejected the religions that they were raised with as they often don’t feed our spiritual needs. After reading this book it is clear that anyone of the Jewish faith practicing and studying shamanism is really walking the path of his or her ancestors. What a revelation and healing this will be for such a large population of spiritual seekers.

David Carson, co-creator of the Medicine Cards, writes in the forward: “Like so much of Native American cosmology, ancient Jewish cosmology too, downplays the clamor for spiritual experience in the beyond, and encourages us to instead find it right here in the earth, and in what we call Nature.”

Magic of the Ordinary does not offer techniques. It is a book educating people about Jewish Shamanism and the importance of reconnecting with the natural world. Gershon Winkler encourages people to experience life and not sit back and observe it. What he says reminds me of the Haitian proverb I quote in Medicine for the Earth: “The gods won’t appear, the magic won’t happen, if we are not living our real life. Studying life is not living life, and therefore has no magic.”

Gershon is in the process of finding of a publisher for his manuscript. For the meantime copies are available in manuscript form. For information on how to order a copy go to his web site, http://www.walkingstick.org. When I spoke with him he told me it is truly amazing all the material that is available in the old Aramaic texts. This manuscript is just one of more to come.

I know many of you reading this are fans of Masuro Emoto’s extraordinary work of photographing water crystals. His first book Messages from Water has been very successful in changing people’s consciousness about water. You can check out my April 2001 web posting where I talk about his work if you are familiar with it. He now has published Messages from Water volume 2. It is a continuation of the work he has been doing and has some pretty extraordinary photographs in it.

You might have your own source for his books. It you don’t, I order my books from Source Books in Nashville, TN. You can reach them at 1-800-637-5222 or http://www.sacredspaces.org.

I give thanks to Masuro Emoto for being able to show the world that water is alive and intelligent. He is doing so much for changing people’s consciousness about the life force and intelligence of the natural world.

Every few years I receive an auditory message from what I call “The Voice” in a dream. This past month the message I received was “stretch or be stretched”. We really are living in a time where it is important to make a choice to expand to all kinds of possibilities.
Think about it.

Next month I will invite you to perform a ritual to work with the element earth.

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