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The intensity of the times calls for all of us to delve deeper into the spiritual spaces inside of ourselves. This month I would like to continue to work with the material in the July Transmutation News.

Our work together is not about what is happening in the outer world. Our work together is about deepening our inner world and working together from a rich and peaceful inner space.

The truth is that no matter what we lose in the outer world we are home inside ourselves. For we are divine light and immortal and that is an eternal truth. Spiritually there is nothing for us to lose. Our spirit/Self is a place of permanence and is unchanging. Our spiritual light is a place of complete stillness and center.

As so much is going on around us it is more important than ever to experience the place of stillness, center, and your true home within. For in this place, we have available to us permanent peace, incredible wealth and abundance on all levels, and the joy we are seeking.

The more we can touch into the place of true inner peace and stillness the more we can truly be a healing presence for our family, our community, the earth, and ourselves.

But when there is so much strife it is difficult for many of us to leave that level of worry and fear of disappointment, and loss. Our hearts break open in deep compassion as we witness what all of life is going through around us. In this state it becomes more challenging to touch into our true home, spirit, Self, divine light, stillness, and inner peace. But we must!!

It is important to find a time once a week and of course if you can a few times a week to really give yourself the time and space to do your spiritual work to experience stillness and inner peace.

Unless we can do this, we will always be creating from fear and desperation as I wrote about last month.

The void, the place of unpotentiated energy is empty yet full. The void is the place where all life is created from. And everything is created from stillness. For the stillness creates a vacuum that draws to it form.

When we can get “still” from the highest aspect of this term- deep inner stillness- that is the state from which we can draw to us what we wish to create.

As I wrote about last month many of us still create from a place of internal noise and that is not the appropriate state needed to draw to us what we desire. We have to first experience inner stillness and inner peace and open ourselves up to receive. And when we open ourselves up to receive, we have let go of the fear of disappointment that we will not be successful in manifesting our desire. The key is to open, be still, find inner peace, and receive. Letting go of the outcome is the key to the success of all spiritual work. It has always been this way and will always be. For the attachment to outcome destroys stillness and inner peace.

The following is an important point to remember: Whatever you fear losing is already lost, as you have lost those things in your imagination.

As my spiritual teacher Isis has shared over the years if you have already received the wake-up call about living life more consciously and with honor and respect you do not need to ride the same wave as those in the collective that still has not awoken from the dream that does not support life.

I do believe that this is the different dimension of reality that Isis has been talking about. For we do have a choice to rebuild our lives right now using the power of our imagination.

We must completely surrender to SELF, the earth, nature, and the universe. For as we can surrender, we build trust that everything is happening in divine order and that our inner light, inner knowing, will guide us through every change and challenge. And we must recognize that our challenges will be different than what many others are going through in the collective. Our challenges have to do with learning to trust and to let our guidance lead us to the life we do desire.

This month I want to ask you to find an hour at least once a week. If you can continue your work more than once a week that is great.

Do a meditation for one hour. Find a time of the day where you do not have to think about where you need to be or what you have to do after the meditation. You can do this first thing in the morning on a day off or even before you go to sleep.

Put on some nice expansive yet relaxing music. Make sure the music you choose has no words. The reason I am suggesting one hour is that this time frame will allow you to truly sink into a deep state. It will allow your brainwaves to slow down from a beta state, the thinking state, to a deeper theta state where there is no mind only sacred and holy spiritual space.

Set your intention to simply be still and experience your eternal Self. Set your intention to touch upon a state of inner peace and to receive whatever comes from being in this state.

At first you might find mind chatter continuing to loop in your head. But as you breathe very deeply and put your hands on your stomach or heart your brain will begin to calm. Continue to go deeper. And when you get to stillness and inner peace just experience this state. Don’t ask questions as you travel within and don’t try to connect with helping spirits, angels, etc.

Your only mission is to be. As you do this something will change. You might not be able to explain it to anyone, but you will get a new sense of “home” and of your Self. You will rest in yourself and your spiritual light.

Once you have this experience it will change you in ways that will change your life and the world around you.

Repeat this meditation again and again. When you can really go deep within and experience stillness and inner peace your perception will change. This shift in perception will ripple throughout the entire web of life.

Do this for yourself and for all of life on this great earth.

And on the full moon, which is August 1, repeat this meditation. Don’t “attempt” to radiate light throughout the web of light. Just “experience” your own light and the rest will happen without you trying to create any kind of change.

We must keep traveling deeper and deeper into our vast inner space to truly “be the change”.

Let us take this day of the full moon to hold the intention, “I am a vessel of love and light”. Experience being a vessel of love and light as you go about your daily activities.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage to learn the instructions for our monthly full moon ceremony.

I also am suggesting that we repeat an exercise we did together years ago. I want you to work with magnets to really understand the law of attraction.

If you have two magnets in your house use them. If not go out and buy two inexpensive magnets.

Every day hold the magnets so that the positive and negative pole pulls the magnets together. As you move into a place of stillness and learn to experience your inner void you pull to you the goodness of life and your desires.

The more you can get the energetic pull by working with the magnets the more you will get in your body the feeling of drawing and attracting to you what you desire.

Another key as I wrote earlier is letting go of the fear that you will be disappointed. Allow yourself to be open to receive the goodness of life. Let go of the actual outcome and instead open up to the gifts that the earth and the universe have to share with you right now.

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