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Thank you for your generous feedback on the August Transmutation News. It spoke deeply to many readers.

I also want to thank everyone for your support of my two new books The Book of Ceremony and The Hidden Worlds (co-written with Katherine Wood).

I had the amazing opportunity to speak to a group in Syria who were reaching out for spiritual tools to regain a sense of hope in the midst of living in constant war. People all over the world are really turning to spiritual tools as not much makes sense to our rational minds. And it is time to embrace spiritual practices that can help shine a light on ways to do the inner work needed as our way of life is being dismembered.

Working with the practice of transfiguration and healing with spiritual light is a powerful contribution to healing our lives and helping the planet. For when we transfigure, we become a true presence of light which heals and transforms everything within and without.

But transfiguration, although it can manifest miraculous healings, is typically not enough to work with alone. For unless we change our lifestyle, actions, behaviors, how we use words, and focus on the energy of the thoughts and daydreams we feed the collective with, then our efforts will be stunted.  For it is not enough to radiate light unless we raise our own physical vibration to match the state of unity, light, and love.

We have forgotten that we are interconnected and interdependent with all of life. This is being reflected back to us by the environment and a lot of unbalanced behavior.

This might sound obvious to many of you, but unfortunately so many are still waiting for a miracle. And as I teach so strongly in the Medicine for the Earth trainings, we must engage in miraculous work by engaging the elements of intention + love + union + harmony + concentration + focus + imagination.

In addition to all the spiritual work we perform we must change our lifestyle to live in ways that support our environment. This is more difficult to do as in the modern world we are so used to our way of life.

On September 23 we honor the equinox as we move into autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern Hemisphere. And in working with the changing seasons, I have been encouraging you to focus on how all changes in nature flow. There are not dramatic starts and stops. All cycles of change flow into each other.

The elements are great teachers in how to enter the flow of life. For earth, air, water, and fire are always moving, always cleansing, and then returning to phases of renewal.

When we honor a change in seasons, we also let go of what anchors us to unhealthy ways of thinking and to our past. The equinox is a time for cleansing, restating our intentions, committing to engage in deeper spiritual practices in a more disciplined way which leads us to a rebirth. It is time to honor ourselves, all of life, and our interconnectedness with nature.

To honor the equinox, I would love for us to focus on ceremonial work to release some of the negativity we are sending in the collective. For I am finding that as issues on the Earth heat up the spiritual community, it is also feeding a lot of energy of division and old ways of thinking. We all have pieces of the puzzle to share, and we need to be supportive of different spiritual viewpoints. Let us focus on creating a stronger collective together.  For that is how real change will happen. 

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Below are some suggestions for a ceremony you might choose to perform on the equinox. They are adapted out of Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life.

You want to design a ceremony to release an old thought form that emerges from old voices that challenge spiritual principles of working with unity, love, light, honor, and respect.  Always work with the spirit of love. You are taking a loving action toward yourself as well as our spiritual community when you release what binds you.   

If you feel you need more guidance on a ceremony to use, you can journey to a helping spirit to get a suggestion for a simple ceremony to perform. No matter how simple your ceremony is, you want to create it in a sacred way. This is where the power lies.

You can invite friends, loved ones, and people in your community to work in a ceremonial way together.  And you can imagine how much children love to engage in this work. 

Fire Ceremony

Fire is the great teacher of transformation and transmutation. Fire takes from us what needs to be released and transmutes the energy.

Make a tangible object that can be burned. You can create a talisman or power object that holds the power of your belief that you can release into the flames. You can find a stick as you walk in nature while focusing on what you wish to release. Take some yarn and unwind from your psyche your self-sabotaging belief while you wind its power onto the stick or create a talisman from burnable objects in nature. Take some time to make sure you have not just made a representation of your blocking belief or thought form.  Sing in, blow in, dance in, drum, or rattle in the power of the thought form into your talisman so it embodies the power of what you are releasing.

You can perform a fire ceremony in a fireplace or outdoors if it safe. If you are limited in safe ways to work with fire, you can use the flame of a candle. Write the belief you are releasing on a piece of paper and burn it in a bowl or in a sink.

You are working in partnership with the spirit of fire to transform the thought form that you are releasing. As you build the fire, share with it your intention.

Offer to the fire your talisman or even a thought form or blocking belief you have written down on a piece of paper. Focus on what you are going to release. Feel it in your body. Once you feel ready, release it into the flame. Release the talisman into the fire while giving thanks and gratitude to fire as it works in your behalf to consume and transform your belief into pure divine energy. Give an offering to the fire as it takes your blocking belief from you to be healed. I use cedar as an offering in the fire ceremonies I perform.

When your ceremony is complete, give thanks to the elements and helping spirts. This work marks an initiation and opens a new doorway for how you live your life.

Many of my clients and students use a sacred bowl at home to perform regular fire ceremonies as they continue to explore the obstacles to manifesting their dreams of a good life for oneself and for all life on Earth. 

Water Ceremony

Create a talisman out of objects you find in nature that you can release into the water. This talisman holds the power of the belief. You can create a little boat out of sticks and plants, letting your belief sail away into the realm of spirit. Give thanks to water as your belief is released and transformed.

A wonderful ceremony that a student of mine shared with me is working with dissolving paper. You can buy dissolving paper from the website Dissolving paper is completely safe for the environment and composts fully. You can cut up small pieces and draw images, symbols, or words that embrace beliefs and thought forms you are releasing. Heat up some water and place it in a bowl. Ceremoniously place the paper with your belief into the warm water and watch it completely dissolve. Bring the small bowl of water outside and feed the water to the earth. 

Bubble Ceremony

A ceremony that will fill you with a childlike state of joy is to go outside with a bottle of bubbles. Hold your intention and blow bubbles into the air unburdening yourself from negative thought forms. Give thanks to air as the wind carries your blocking belief to the creative forces of the universe where it is transformed into love and light. 

Burial Ceremony

Write something down or create something out of nature that you can bury into the earth. In this way you can perform a funeral for letting go of negative thought forms. Just remember to bury your belief with love. You are releasing what binds you while at the same time transforming the energy of the belief into love and light. 

Breaking Away Ceremony

Find a stick in nature and while holding it, focus on the self-sabotaging belief you wish to be unburdened from. Break the stick as you release your connection to this belief. This is a symbolic act of disconnecting from an unwanted energy. 

Journey for Dismembering a Thought Form

Bring your blocking belief, attitude, or thought patterns to a helping spirit and ask this spirit to dismember the thought form.

You might feel an immediate release and newly regained sense of freedom. There are times when more work needs to be done over time. I invite you to join me in raising your spiritual awareness and consciousness above the negative energies weighing us down. 

The full moon is September 25. Let us continue our work as we sink into the depth of our spiritual light that has so much potential to transform and heal ourselves, all in the web of light, and the Earth. Our light radiates and dances together uplifting and feeding all of life with strength, compassion, and love. We join together as we radiate luminescent light within and throughout the Earth.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage.

Circling back to the August Transmutation News, I wrote about how we are taking on too many challenging energies flowing through the collective field of energy. What my helping spirits have showed me on a very cellular body feeling level is the difference of what happens when we fill ourselves with what we are in gratitude for, beautiful images, colors, fragrances, tastes, smells, and delightful sounds. When we are so filled with beauty, we can see beauty in our outer world. If not filled with rich and beautiful energies, we feel empty inside. And in that emptiness energies from the collective can flood in. Being filled with light, love, and beauty is our greatest protection as well as being a powerful contribution to all of life.

I join our circle in wishing everyone a deep and meaningful equinox celebration!!


Copyright 2018 Sandra Ingerman. All rights reserved.

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