I have found myself reflecting on a topic that has so many layers to it. Over the past few years I have written multiple columns where the core of the teaching was how ancient cultures sung their unique cultural song of creation. This teaching taught how singing the song of creation helped the shaman, healers, the community dismember illness as well as what else needed to be dissolved. Songs were then sung to re-weave harmony and balance. The singing actually acts as a true incantation of having the power to dismember, dissolve, discreate, dissolve, and destroy. And then the song of creation was used to remember, to create, reweave, nurture, and to sing rebirth back into the community again.

So those of you who have been reading my column over the years, you have read about my complete fascination with how ancient cultures have used singing the song of creation to dissolve what needs to be dismembered and then next to sing the song of creation to remember the health, balance, and harmony that needs to be reweaved back into the web of life, back into the collective, back into the community, or back into the client.

So the song of creation was really important to shamanic cultures because the song of creation is what gave values and a roadmap of a way of life to the people. And as you know in most of my books I’ve shared about writing your own creation story especially about how much love went into your creation. There is nothing more life changing then to absorb in all your cells the unconditional love that went in creating you.

So the question that comes up for me is around songs and around the power of songs. If shamans and shamanic cultures use songs and chants with so much power to create magic and healing or to create dismemberment of what needed to be destroyed that means songs have the power to create or destroy. This led me to thinking about the songs that we sing to ourselves throughout the day. What are we creating through our music?

I listen to the songs I still love to dance to and, when I listen to the words of what I’m dancing to I really start to wonder what is being created in the collective by the vibration of these words being sung over and over and over again. You are not newcomers to my work so I don’t think that I have to explain this.

My question and what I am reflecting on is how are we using music today for creating a better life for ourselves, for the web of life, and for the planet?

It’s an interesting question to ponder. it’s an interesting issue to journey on and reflect on as we move into the solstice which is another time of change of cycles on the planet. Summer and winter are strong seasons of creation and dismemberment.

June 20 we welcome in the solstice, another change in cycles in our Earth and in our lives.

Summer is a really strong season of growth and creation and this could be a very powerful time to be disciplined about the words that you use throughout the day and your daydreams that you allow yourself to loop over. But also reflect on the words of the songs that you’re listening to and the songs that you’re singing. Ask yourself what are you creating?

In the Southern Hemisphere you might want to reflect on the songs that you’re singing and do they dismember what needs to be dismembered and destroyed out of your life and out of the collective?

I believe that this will be interesting and revealing practice that will bring new ways of being into your life and in the world during the changing times as we move into the solstice.


More people are waking up to the need for a different way of life. And a different way of life incorporates how we operate physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And there’s so much that we can change by just focusing on our spiritual practices that we do when we don’t even know that we’re doing them.  Because every word, every thought, every day dream that you have is part of your spiritual practice so you’re constantly doing spiritual work when you are out in the world, driving, on public transportation. You are constantly performing spiritual practices.

In thinking about words, thoughts, daydreams, singing creation songs, bringing in unconditional love reflect on what I’ve written. Perform journey work, or meditate, or spend some time in nature and feel if this feels true to you and then make some decisions on how you will change your daily behavior.

When we sing our own songs we build our own path and move forward.

The full moon is on June 24.  Let’s bring in the spiritual practice of how we use sound as part of our monthly ceremony of creating a human web of light. Om contains all mantras and is the original primal sound of the creator.  Work with sounds, songs, humming. Do what you feel supports the deepest part of  shining your radiant light into the world during this time.

If you’re a new reader to the Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage.

I wish everybody a beautiful solstice, and I ask that all of us in our global circle sing a song of love on the solstice to life, to the web of life, to everyone in our circle, and to everything that is alive on this planet and to the Earth and all the elements.

As we greet the solstice here is an audio recording where I lead our circle to an altar room where we can do our work for years to come. Listen and you will love it:



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I know all of you are familiar with the work of Alberto Villoldo. But some of you might not know that his wife Marcela Lobos is a well-known shaman in Chile. She has made a huge contribution to the world of shamanism with her work. She is an incredibly compassionate woman. And I truly support her and the work she is bringing into the world.

In Awakening Your Inner Shaman: A Women’s Hero’s Quest Marcela reveals the maps offered by the shamanic Medicine Wheel and the hero’s journey to awaken your inner wisdom. She shares a compass to live a remarkable life, not because of material or outer success, but to cultivate presence and courage in the face of personal challenges and societal unrest. Her story, from growing up in a war-torn country to being initiated by the shamans of the Andes and becoming a teacher and a medicine woman, offers a flesh-and-bones context for each step of the archetypal journey to Self. Also, with her examples about other people crossing the veils from ordinary to extraordinary, Marcela invites you to a new level of openness to perceive the mystical world beyond appearances.

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Mara is a truly gifted shamanic practitioner and teacher listed on shamanicteachers.com. She has a true gift of sight. I love her work and how she communicates.

Dr. Margaret holds a PhD in psychology and she is a relationship expert, noted public speaker, workshop leader, educator, consultant, and artist. She has appeared on many radio and TV shows, including the Oprah show. Her work has helped thousands of people change their lives!

Over the years I have had email contact with Margaret who is one of the most compassionate people I have met. She has helped so many work through trauma using her inner Bonding Process. And now she is off on her own teaching her own new webinar.

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  • You could confidently trust your intuition and make clear decisions without second guessing yourself
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  • You only allow people in your field who love and adore you and treat you in the most loving and respectful way possible
  • You feel supported in all areas of your life so no matter what happens you know something better is in the works for you.

What if all of your relationships in your life could be madly in love with you?

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