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Over the last months I have shared that I had been dealing with a problem with mold. I completed all kinds of treatments and definitely had success. But I remembered a really powerful story that I had forgotten about. And this is the work I have moved to now.

Back in the late 1980s through the 90’s I taught a lot of workshops on the East Coast. I had a very large following there. But my issue was that all the meeting rooms where I taught in and the room I stayed in were literally covered with black mold. It was like black mold was the wallpaper of the rooms.

This was before Integrative Medicine became popular. I had a doctor who specialized in unusual cases, especially environmental.  I talked to my doctor about my mold problem and how bad it was getting. When I would teach workshops my joints would get so stiff I could barely move or walk.

We talked about different treatment modalities. Again, back in those days it was not known how to deal with mold medically. Today I can’t have a conversation without mold coming up as part of it. It is such a pervasive issue these days.

So my doctor told me an incredibly inspirational story, and I was actually going to follow up on it. She had a couple of clients who had a similar extreme mold allergy as I did.  And like myself they could not change their circumstances.

So they found out about a church that I think it was in North Carolina. The treatment was to travel to this church to stay there for healing. And the healing was basically to heal your connection with the Father and Source. It was believed that all illness came from a disconnection from God, Source.

So what they would do with people who had a mold allergy is they would put you in one of those really really old trailers where every inch was covered in black mold. That was where you lived for the whole time that you were there, typically for weeks at a time.

And then during the day you would sit in church, and you would work out your issues with the Father. I do know that the two women who went with the mold allergy were completely healed by their time at the church.

I never went to the church. I can’t remember why.  I find this unusual because I’m so interested in healing. I would have loved to go witness their phenomenal work. There was no abuse. People were treated with love, and people healed while they were there.

So the reason I’m writing about this is because it falls into some of our belief systems. Because right now there are so many mysterious illnesses that people are dealing with on the planet. It is really quite extraordinary. Either there are no answers or there are very famous doctors just talking theory, but don’t really have a lot to back it up with.

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We are entering new times in many ways.  We have moved into a time where consciousness is changing. In this time our bodies are changing too. What kind of trauma do our bodies go through when we are evolving spiritually and shape shifting into different beings? That in itself is an interesting question to consider.

I want us to understand that although every illness has many layers to it there are physical, emotional, and spiritual causes to every illness. But there are also more treatment options available to us then often times we realize. In my own case I also had to go out on my own in that the medical profession could not help me. In all the personal journey work I was doing to try to find the emotional cause of my issue I did discover during a deep time of grief when I had disconnected from myself and from Source. And my work has been to reconnect as I’ve been sharing about the importance of this time.

As we are in changing cycles, and again cycles change very slowly in nature, there is a lot inside of us that’s changing. We need to stay connected to ourselves, to the web of life, to our helping spirits, and to Source. With these reconnected energies we will stay in the flow while still getting our lessons but in a more graceful way.  All creatures are all connected. We tend to watch the web of life as if it is an image outside of us on TV. We actually have to be woven back into the web of life to be truly healthy.

During this month look at where you might have disconnected in unhealthy ways and where you need to reconnect again.  I want to refer you to my book The Book of Ceremony because it’s filled with incredible ceremonies that will help you reconnect to the people, places, and events that create a healthy environment in which to heal.

The full moon is May 26. Let’s really put our attention into re-connecting to our spiritual light, to our circle, to Source, to the web of life, and to the Earth.  And let’s flood beautiful loving and light filled energies throughout every part of this amazing planet.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation news, please read the instructions for our full moon ceremony Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage.

For this month’s recording I am using an audio recording that Karen Furr and I made together. Karen is a brilliant teacher listed on  and loves transfiguration work and leads a lot of groups.  In this program I give the entire history of transfiguration and how I got into the work. Then Karen leads us on a ceremony of transfiguration. The reason that I decided to work in this way is that Isis has been showing me that there are many different qualities of light. And in June, for the solstice, I would like to explore some of these different qualities of light in a journey or a ceremony. But I thought since many of you are new to this monthly column and new to the work of transfiguration that this would be a good way to bring you into the work so that you’ll be ready to jump in with the rest of our group in June.

Again, please note that this program we recorded is only audio.

Have a beautiful month celebrating healthy and joy filled connections.

Here is the link for transfiguration practice:

I want to say something about the Announcements. I started an announcement section to let you know about my workshops and when my books were coming out. That expanded to wanting to support some brilliant shamanic teachers. But I realize they are long and that most of you not interested just skip them.

I am writing this as the Announcement section is very long this month. There are classes and events that feel too precious to miss. And I don’t usually say that.

But in the future I will be limiting my announcements..



I am ACTIVELY exploring teaching physical workshops again!! Hang on! I am missing them as much as you are!

In the meantime:

Check out Healing with Spiritual Light

The Transmutation News is based on my book Medicine for the Earth: How to Heal Personal and Environmental Toxins. I taught this work all over the globe with miraculous results and people receiving powerful tools to transform the energies and ride the waves with grace and ease like times we are in now.

As I was reaching my elder years I contacted Sounds True and asked them if they would film a live course with me teaching it so people would always have access to this incredibly powerful and uplifting work.

And Sounds True said yes. We titled the course Healing with Spiritual Light. The feedback I have received from this course is spectacular.

If you’d like to experience the power of these teachings for yourself, Sounds True is offering as a FREE introduction the first session of Healing with Spiritual Light.

To sign up for the free introductory class click on:

To register for the 8 – week Healing with Spiritual Light workshop click on:

I hope you will join us for this 8-week life-changing course Healing with Spiritual Light!


I am still in love with working with Renee Baribeau on our weekly podcast The Shamans Cave. Join us by subscribing on


And please help to support my work by buying or referring others to my books and audio programs. They are so helpful for our times.  Shamanic Journeying A Beginner’s Guide, Walking in Light and The Book of Ceremony are filled with tools to help us stay on the path!


Due to the times we are living in I am sharing workshops that teachers I love and respect are offering. I wanted to let you know of the wealth of offerings.

During this exceptional time and the need for social distancing the teachers and practitioners I trained are offering virtual circles and courses and are adding more during this time. The circle link is   We also have a section for online courses:


Many years ago I introduced Quincy Vechi Davis to our community. He reached out to me as a rising Hip Hop musician to talk about creating peace through his songs and music. Many of you helped me me to support this young budding artist who brought love, light, and prayers for peace and nature into his music.Z

Quincy Vechi Davis is no longer a kid and has been producing amazing albums and doing some powerful networking. We even plan on creating an App together!  Watch for this news!

Please help to support this project.

Voices of the Ancient & Modern Mythology is a project bridging the teachings of wisdomkeepers with the younger generation. Growing up in the age of information where wisdom is hardest to find, we are meeting the youth where they are by offering music videos with empowering messages in the form of cutting-edge, modern music and dynamic visual storytelling. This is a way of introducing ideas to youth (typically high school and middle school students) in an engaging way, to be bridged with documentary segments of elder teachings, leading into talking circles and workshops for creative expression. For more info on the project please visit:

We are currently raising funds to begin this project and have a pending grant award that will match all contributions. Donations can be received through to our partner non-profit, Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education (NAAME) for tax write-off purposes: PO Box 42671, Portland, Oregon 97242
Donations can also be made online. For more information please visit:


Margaret Paul has helped so may thousands with her Inner Bonding work. She is going out on her own and teaching a new online course.

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, addiction, loneliness, or relationship troubles that is the result of shame and self-abandonment? Bestselling author and relationship expert Dr. Margaret Paul shares her powerful, life-changing process called Inner Bonding, designed for healing self-abandonment and learning to love and value yourself. Join her courseThe Power to Joyfully Love Your Life: The Revolutionary 8-Week Inner Bonding Process for Healing, Freedom, and Vibrant Love to begin your journey of inner healing.


Three Summits I am presenting on:

Join renowned authors, scientists, meditation teachers, artists, environmentalists, activists, indigenous elders and more…on this remarkable summit on Nature.

I’m excited to be speaking along with Paul Hawken, Jane Hirshfield, Dr. Dan Siegel, Spring Washam, Rick Hanson, David Abram, Chip Conley, Joan Halifax, Dacher Keltner, Michael Yellow Bird, Kriste Peoples, Lynne Twist, and many others.


I am excited to be participating in the upcoming Shamanic Dreamkeepers Summit, a free online event bringing together 30 extraordinary shamans, healers and mystics in conversation and ceremony over 4 days, all graciously sharing practical, actionable wisdom, tools, skills and practices to create transformation, change and healing in the world.

This summit is hosted by Linda Fitch and Renee Baribeau.

4 Days. 30 Extraordinary Dream Keepers. One life-changing experience. May 4-7, 2021.

You can see the full list of speakers and reserve your place for free online at


The Aquarian Wisdom Festival: Catalyzing Vast New Realities – Co-Creating Our Bright & Vibrant Future

I can tell you that Jocelyn Mercado, the host of this summit, is being a bit humble with her promotion. She told me everything being offered – workshops, healings, meditations, and the list goes on. So this is much more than Jocelyn is saying.

In the Aquarian Wisdom Festival, you are invited to gather with speakers, teachers, thought leaders, musicians, and artists who will illuminate our hearts & minds with paradigm-shifting perspectives from many diverse & multidimensional fields.

All topics included in the festival are specifically selected to guide attendees to live a passionate, fully awakened life.

Together in sacred space, we will hold workshops, lead experiential practices, and guide YOU, our beautiful global audience, into alternate realms …

Opening portals to other realities – So that together, we can optimally navigate this momentous paradigm shift and co-create a bright & vibrant future for our planet and all beings.

Click here to register for the Aquarian Wisdom Festival:


To all our tree lovers David Crow is giving what looks like to be a phenomenal workshop thought the Shift Network.

Tree Medicine for Increased Immunity & Emotional Wellbeing with David Crow

On Saturday, April 24, David Crow, renowned plant medicine pioneer, will shared practical ways to use tree medicine to cultivate inner peace and treat stress and anxiety, all while boosting your immune system. Although the intro call already aired there will be a replay which the Shift Network will email you about.

You can register here for Tree Medicine for Increased Immunity & Emotional Wellbeing: Discover Trees’ Healing Oils, Flowers & Barks as Potent Medicines for Your Body, Mind & Spirit:


Robert Peng is a renowned Chigong teacher. My husband and I had the gift of staying with Robert and his wife during two conferences Sounds True sponsored. I have to tell you he is the most genuine person I have met and is certainly the “real thing”. There is no way not to feel touched by his own initiation into the work.

Connect to Your Inner Joy Through Qigong’s Xi Breathing with Robert Peng. His live introduction would have passed. But the Shift Network is sending a recording to those who missed it.


A thrilling journey is beginning and you’re invited! On April 1, 2021, Bernadette King, the creator, author, and channel of the international best selling, award winning, and history making “Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck” launched the Kickstarter campaign for her new book, “Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals – The complete book of Animal Spirit Guides”.

Bernadette and I have become allies, and I am so thrilled to share her work!

Bernadette is well known for her animal advocacy and noted for always saying, “Do good for animals”.

By running her Kickstarter during April Bernadette is focused on inspiring folks to do more for the animal kingdom and hopes she’s leading by example by pledging $5,000.00 of the book’s profits in 2021 to animal charities who work to prevent animal cruelty.

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