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I received a wealth of wonderful feedback about the March Transmutation News from readers from all over the world.

When I wrote this column, something deep and strong emerged while I was sitting and typing at my computer.

It has been interesting to watch the energies in the columns that I have written over the years. I started writing this column in 1998. There have been months where I feel I have shared all I can and said all I have to say.

Many years ago, I shared this in one of the Transmutation News. I received quite the response after I wrote that I was not sure I had more to say. For the following weeks I went to my mailbox at the post office and my box was filled. There were letters from readers from around the globe asking me to please continue writing the Transmutation News. So, I have joyfully continued.

I have never felt that I have forced my writing for any month’s column. But I notice how the waves of energy that flow through me shift and change. Like the waves in the ocean some go out to sea and the water is peaceful. Some waves rise up with strength and crash to the shore. In some of my columns I have asked us to reflect on what has been shared in the past. And some have more of a fiery energy asking us to stand up and do our work. There are also columns where I loop what I have already written in an attempt to complete a cycle.

I reflected on what I wrote last month. My reflection brought me to examine the core of what is driving the behavior of humanity. I do believe that the core issue is LOVE.

We all have a variety of memories of our childhood and how we were raised. Whether you feel you had loving parents or not there are still wounds and traumas you suffered. Some of these wounds and traumas were created by the abusive behavior of a parent. But most of us suffered some level of wounding through our interactions with authority figures and by society itself.

Unconditional love was not the core of most people’s upbringing. We were raised with certain unrealistic expectations placed upon us. We were told who we should be and how we should act and perform in life.

For many people these wounds from childhood created unhealthy patterns and behavior to cope with the pressures of life and the felt sense of not being truly loved for who we are. Some people turn to a life of service and try to help others. While some try to gain power and amass more on material levels. The underlying desire is to feel accepted, honored, and loved. But this desire gets buried under emotional issues that arise from the lack of unconditional love we missed receiving as a child.

We must find ourselves again. I don’t necessarily mean having a formal soul retrieval ceremony performed in your behalf. Although many who have been wounded and traumatized in childhood can greatly benefit from receiving a soul retrieval.

The issue is a soul issue of how to live a soulful life filled with love.

It is important to spend time alone in nature, in meditation, journeying, and taking time for reflection to ask yourself the question, “Who am I beyond my conditioning?” For your parents, authority figures, and society all projected an identity onto you. And if this identity does not match the true nature of your soul you will continue to search for love and acceptance. You might have accepted the projections and created a way of life to meet others’ expectations. You might feel locked into living a life that has no true meaning to your soul’s purpose. When really all you want is to be truly loved for who you are.

Only you know who you are beyond the projections placed upon you and the true nature of your soul. It is time for all of us to find ourselves again.

Over the years I have led you on a practice to meditate or journey to learn about your creator or the creative forces of the universe. It is tricky writing for a group such as ours for we all have certain phrases and words that fit with our religious and spiritual beliefs. You must find the term that fits with your belief – God, the divine goddess, Source, the creator, creative force of the universe or another term that resonates with your beliefs.

I shared the practice of meeting your creator and learning about your creation story in Medicine for the Earth and most of the books I wrote since 2000.

I do keep sharing this practice as I think it is a key practice to experience unity consciousness with full sensory awareness and how to be a vessel of unconditional love. For unless we experience in our cell’s union with our creator and the love we were created from, then these spiritual teachings become a mental understanding. And there is no power in only a rational understanding of spiritual principles. We must feel them in all our cells and live them.

The practice I will ask you to repeat is doing a meditation or performing a shamanic journey to fully absorb into your cells the love that went into your creation. We have done this before together. But this practice should be done again and again. By repeating this practice, the healing that comes from this experience can go deeper into your cells. This practice alone can be such a potent healing balm for your past wounds. For unconditional love is the source of all true healing.

You can listen to some meditation music that assists you in reaching an expanded state of consciousness. And set your intention to meet the energy of your creator and experience with full sensory awareness the unconditional love that went into your creation. This means feel how your heartbeat changes when you are embraced and filled with such love. Notice the warmth of your skin. Feel the energy flowing through your body. Notice if your toes, feet, fingers, hands start to tingle. Smell the fragrance of love.

Absorb and soak in the light into all your cells. Experience a sense of unity with your creator and all in the web of life.

When you feel ready bring your consciousness back into the room you are in. After taking a few deep breaths open your eyes. Drink in the colors and the images of beauty that you see. Feel the sensations in your body. Listen to nature singing to you. Take a deep breath and smell the scents in the air. When you are ready, eat and truly taste something fresh and healthy. Notice how your sense of taste is enlivened. Drink some water and taste the smooth sweet taste of the water as it travels through your mouth and down your throat. Touch soft textures around you and notice the feelings in your fingers and hands. Notice how your senses seem more alive.

When you continue to experience and soak in the unconditional love of your creator you will feel called to change your behavior of how you treat yourself and others. As you keep repeating this practice you will find your heart expanding so you can be a greater vessel of love in the world.

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In the past I have also encouraged you to connect with your ancestors. You can do this through a meditation or a journey. We might have some difficult memories of how our ancestors behaved. But they are now in the transcendent realms and with Source. Their loving energy can provide you with healing, love, and support. For your ancestors do care about your health and well being. They want to share the energetic support needed to assist you in being successful in manifesting your goals and dreams. Let them love you and support you.

Yes, there needs to be a change in how the collective of humanity behaves towards each other and the web of life. Feeling truly loved unconditionally naturally changes our behavior.

At the same time, it is so important for us as a spiritual community to cross the bridge to walking the path of spirit versus the path of ego.

One of the key principles in the Medicine for the Earth work and other spiritual teachings is our outer world, is a reflection of our inner state.

On a spiritual level we must continue to examine what needs to be transformed in our inner state of consciousness. This has to do with how you think, the words you use, the stories you tell yourself, and the energy you send into the world. We must cultivate a beautiful and healthy inner landscape that will be reflected in our outer landscape.

Many of you know that Neville’s teachings were a strong influence for me when I wrote Medicine for the Earth.  Neville’s teachings inspire me and help me transform some of my self-defeatist and sabotaging thoughts and beliefs.

Recently the following quote was shared on a Neville yahoo group. This quote comes from “The Core of Man” a lecture Neville gave 11/17/1967. The yahoo group I am signed up on can be found at:  

You might need to sit with and ponder this teaching for awhile.

“If I am not in you, this dream would not be true. If everything in the world is in me, then everything in your world is in you. And if I am in your world, then I am in you.”

The full moon is April 15. There is also a total eclipse of the moon on this day. Let us gather as a spiritual community expressing our love for all in the web of life. Find a good time in the day when you can really sink into your transfiguration practice. Do your preparation work. Experience the love of your creator and absorb that love into your cells. Transfigure into your divine light. In the spirit of unity your light will begin to dance with the light of all in our circle. Together let us weave a radiant, brilliant, sparkling web of light within and throughout the earth. Feel your heart pulse with love. Feel the light radiating from the cells of your body with ease. Weave your light with the light of the earth, the elements, and all in the web of life including that of our circle.

If you are a new reader to of The Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage.


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