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When we engage in the practice of shamanism as well as spiritual practices that come from other traditions we work within a deep inner invisible space.

Everything without comes from within. And on a rational level we cannot always “wrap our minds” around the numinous field of energy.

The bamboo plant is an extraordinary living being. As with all plants, life starts from a seed. As it is watered the roots grow very deep for four years. After four years the plants burst forth very rapidly and grow to about 80 feet almost overnight.

As humans we also have been growing deep roots in our inner garden. For many of us these deep roots come from social conditioning, collective beliefs, beliefs we absorbed from the media, and own life experiences.

It is essential that we examine the strong roots growing in our inner garden and explore clearing out the space needed for the numinous energies to grow from and manifest in our own lives and into the world.

The root system of the bamboo plant is also a wonderful example of how when we start with a strong structure and foundation, we can support a strong and healthy life that can withstand all kinds of stresses. For the strength to thrive lies deep within.

This month focus on meditating on your root system. Take walks in nature and reflect on how some of the healthiest plants and trees have strong root systems. Some of the root systems are on the surface and some deep below the earth. But the health of a plant and tree often is reflected by the power of their root system.

Use your imagination to go within and focus on clearing out the roots of defeatist attitudes and belief systems that have been growing strong plants in your own inner garden.

Make room for the numinous. Make room for the divine.

In April I recorded my first session of my webinar “Deepening the Medicine for the Earth Practices”.

There were three principles I talked about in the first session. And I will very briefly summarize the teachings here.

Many people that I hear from share that they are afraid to use their imaginations to dream a positive dream for themselves and the earth. What I hear from people is that they don’t know what their ego might be asking for and trying to manifest versus what their spirit might support. The fear arises of manifesting something that might not be for a person’s highest good.

And the other issue that arises is the belief that the future holds something beyond what we can imagine. So why try to imagine a good future now.

My response to these issues raised is that we are using our imaginations 24 hours a day and seven days a week. There are spiritual masters who can silence their minds. But for most of us our imagination is always working. Our imagination is even working in our dreams at night.

So why not focus on imagining a positive vision instead of the pain, trauma, drama that many of us keep visioning?

And our future is created from the present. We want to focus our imagination on dreaming a beautiful present into being. By doing this we lay the tracks from which the future is built from.

Don’t be afraid to use your imagination to dream a wonderful dream for yourself and all of life on this great earth. Go for it!

The next principle I talked about is that we know the universe is space. The matter that exists in our universe can fit on the tip of a pin.

Yet when we do our creation work, to use a metaphor that I was given, we keep painting over old canvases. So, the old paintings keep bleeding through into our new paintings which contain our new visions.

I wrote about creating from the void in my books Medicine for the Earth and How to Thrive in Changing Times. If you have a copy of one of these books, please review what I wrote.

The void is the place before creation. It is prior to thought. The void is empty, yet full with the power of unpotentiated energy. All life is created and birthed from the void.

We need to expand out and stop creating from a limited place in the universe. Imagine finding a new spot in the void in space to create from. Expand into the vastness of space.

Don’t paint over old canvases. Find new canvases and new materials to paint your new visions with. And remember to paint yourself into your vision and experience the painting coming alive with all the sensory input that allows you to step into the new dream.

Don’t reframe. Begin again, anew. Start a new dream.

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And lastly my spirit teacher the Egyptian Goddess Isis talked to me about how we work and engage with the global spiritual collective.

She said that there are millions of people around the world engaged in spiritual work. We all work in the ways we are called to, but the work is for the benefit of all of life.

She said that most of us think about the spiritual collective. She said that what is truly important is to feel the power of the spiritual collective in our body. This is a force. Force is both a masculine and feminine principle.

Right now, we feel in our bodies the force and power of the dense mass collective who believes in scarcity, pollution, illness, and that being able to create positive change on the planet is not possible. So, this is the force that keeps being fueled and is manifesting its presence.

But if everyday we allow ourselves to feel the pure energetic force of the spiritual collective this power will override the collective trance we are trying to break out of.

Everyday a little more and little more allow yourself to experience the power of the spiritual collective in your body. Don’t experience it all at one time as this might be more than you can physically handle at once. Set your intention and allow yourself to feel the energy, power, force of the collective more and more each day.

We are luminous beings. We are not matter. All form is energy.

We cannot change matter when we try to create change while we are in our egoic form. This is not the level to operate from.

When we travel into the void and practice shaping energy, we end up creating form and matter.

You need to go back to your prior state of luminous energy and shape energy into form.

In Medicine for the Earth, I wrote about how Jack Schwarz was able to heal himself while he was being tortured in a prison camp. He said he healed himself through a heightened consciousness and attuning to the universe.

I also wrote about the story of Isis and Osiris and the birth of Horus. Osiris had been murdered and dismembered. Isis walked the land collecting all the parts of Osiris. Osiris now deceased had transcended to spirit. Isis had to drop her physical form and transfigure into her spiritual form to mate with Osiris to conceive Horus.

This is a powerful teaching about the magical birth of Horus through the merging of Isis and Osiris in spirit. The union of spirit created a magical being; a magical form.

The full moon is May 5. Let us focus on creating deep luminous roots into the earth to support the web of light that embraces our great earth.

If you are new to reading the Transmutation News please click on the link for “Creating A Human Web of Light” to read the instructions for our monthly ceremony.

A friend of mine sent me a link to a wonderful article. For 12 hours, two herds of wild South African elephants slowly made their way through the Zululand brush until they reached the house of Laurence Anthony, the conservationist who saved their lives. Laurence Anthony had died and as they psychically got the message, they made a pilgrimage to his home to mourn his death.

This was such a beautiful and awesome story. It also shows how when we learn to silence the outer noise, we too can receive the messages we need. We are all connected to the web of life that informs each and every one of us with all we need to know.

We need to learn how to be still and listen.

To read this wonderful article please visit:

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