In April I attended an extraordinary gathering in Oracle, Arizona which Shamanic Circles put on. Shamanic Circles is a non-profit organization that has been dedicated to networking people involved in the practice of shamanism worldwide. They also sponsor Carol Proudfoot’s workshops and co-sponsor my Medicine for the Earth gatherings. Through their web page ~ they have connected people around the world whom might not have people in their own communities to share their work with in shamanism. In the US. this is not so much of a problem. But in many countries there is not as much shamanic work going on and often people can feel quite alone in their journey. I appreciate Shamanic Circles for keeping the fires alive around the world where people can share their stories from where ever they live.

Carol Proudfoot, an extraordinary shamanic teacher and one of my closest sisters, founded Shamanic Circles. She is a true visionary.

About 115 of us came together from the US., Ireland, Israel, Japan, Canada, Finland, Netherlands, and England with a focused intention to work on behalf of the Sacred Hoop, the Tree of Life, and the Web of Life. Throughout our week we did ceremonies for transmutation and visioning. There were a variety of offerings of short workshops from teachers involved in shamanic work. Just to give you a sense some of the workshops offered were using shamanism to work with grief, plant spirit medicine, mask making, drum making, and others. It took us days to create a sand painting of a world map on a volley ball court at the site where we were. Also included in our time together we did an all night “Earth Renewal Dance” around a fire.

It was a wonderful experience to be around people who could keep their hearts open as we served one purpose together that of healing and renewing the earth.

There was a previous gathering two years ago and I look forward to more to come. I hope you will visit the Shamanic Circles web site.

As the levels of violence toward all of life continues as well as the unconsciousness to the sacredness of our environment we must step up our commitment in our spiritual practices. I recently heard that just the wing motion of one butterfly could alter a hurricane. Think about that. We talk about the web of life and how everything is connected. Here is an awesome example of how such a small being can effect such a giant life force.

Let’s use this metaphor to describe how the motion of our spiritual practices can affect the storms ravaging through earth today. I have asked you this question many times, and I will ask it to you again now: What are you willing to commit to in honor of the earth we live on, the air we breathe, the water that nourishes us, and the fire that gives us life? What are you willing to commit to for visioning a planet that embraces the principles of harmony within creates harmony without? What are you willing to commit to as you act as caretaker of the earth and all living beings?

Your commitment to your spiritual practices does make a difference. Skim through Medicine for the Earth, which is filled with suggestions of spiritual practices for transmutation which you can integrate into your life. Find one practice that you can focus on this month. Like the wings of the butterfly you will affect the movement of the “storms” around you.

So far since February we have done short simple ceremonies to honor water, earth, and air. It is now time to honor fire. Fire creates light in our lives. Fire is passion. There is no life without passion. Before we had electricity and heat the power of the sun and fire were honored daily. People around the world drummed up the sun for the sun coming up meant a new day of life. The sun gives power to plants that is passed onto us. The sun was worshipped by many around the world for the light it shared on all levels. The fire inside the earth keeps her life force burning.

As above, so below; as within, so without. We must honor the fire that lives inside of us.

During this month I ask you to merge with the fire which burns inside of you. Look at pages 152-155 in Medicine for the Earth where I write about merging with the elements. Check out the health of your own fire. Fire, as all living beings needs to be fed. Do you have too much fire burning in you causing you to be anxious or angry? Is your fire burning too low causing depression and fatigue? How balanced is your fire?

The full moon this month is May 26. Let’s all together wake up at dawn and greet the sun. You can drum up the sun, rattle up the sun, sing up the sun, dance up the sun, or be in silent meditation when the sun rises and greet it with the power of love in silence. You can do this alone or in a group. I know of groups who on a monthly schedule meet together to do a meditation in nature at sunrise.

Then during the day and evening of May 26 light a candle for a short period of time and meditate on the power of light and fire. Fire is known worldwide as the great transmuter. Journey and merge with fire and learn about fire by becoming it. Again the instructions to do this are on pages 152-155 of Medicine for the Earth. When I lead this journey in my trainings it is quite profound for people. There is so much we can learn from this great living force.

The principle we are using in the simple ceremonies I am suggesting is that as we join together in a great circle around the world to honor the elements, the elements will honor us in return.

May balance and harmony return to the earth and all living beings once again!!! Let’s together vision it as it is happening now.

Please remember to join in on Creating A Human Web of Light on the full moon May 26. There are so many thousands of people around the world of all traditions who have been joining in. It feels so good to connect our lights together.

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