In a great time of change, as we are in now, there are different ways to react. Many people react with fear that often leads to anger. Many people look to outside authority for direction on how to feel safe. Many people flow with the changes well and see change as an opportunity for growth.

Some people appreciate what they have while others complain about what they don’t have. Some people experience their glass as half full while others as half empty.

This all boils down to an issue of perception, as it is our perception which creates our reality.

As many people fear for their future we see a movement around the world of people choosing right wing forces to create more control and a perceived feeling of safety. Many people are returning to organized religion for the same reason. Many of us have been conditioned not to believe that each of us has the ability to create our present our future. This leads to people wanting to put their lives in the hands of others who say, “Don’t worry, follow me, listen to what I tell you to do and you will be safe”.

Throughout history we have learned this does not work. But people don’t always learn from history.

Those of you reading this know you have personal power to create change. There are no political, religious, or spiritual leaders to do it for us. The power lies in each and every one of us.

It is important as we watch people around us react with fear and anger not to get pulled out of ourselves. Once again, as I have mentioned many times, it is important to stay focused. When we get pulled out of ourselves and lose focus it is hard for us to receive our own spiritual guidance. What we do on the spiritual level does make a difference. But we must accept that the changes our work makes might not always be obvious to us on the physical.

I heard recently that a rabbi, who was obviously in a state of great grief after a suicide bombing said, “What is the use of praying anymore?” It is easy to see how one can lose faith in the invisible forces when so much violence is being acted out on the physical. But we cannot say how situations might evolve without our prayers and spiritual work. There are forces working that we don’t understand. There are foundations and structures that need to end so that evolution and growth can take place. There is more than what the eye can see to what is happening right now.

I had an interesting journey around the issue of judgment and judging. The helping spirit who was speaking with me shared that to judge appropriately we must understand everything about the person or situation we are judging. This is virtually impossible as there is so much about people and life circumstances that we will never understand.

So we tend to judge without a true understanding of what we are judging. The bottom line is don’t judge when you don’t understand.

We must stay true to the truth that lives in our hearts which is in order to create a more harmonious way of living change must occur. As human beings so many of us have to be pushed to our limits before we will change. What we are seeing on our planet is a result of people not willing to let go the behavior that no longer serves all of life. We are being shaken up in the core of our beings. As I have said before move with the changes or suffer the changes. The spiritual work that we do helps us to learn how to move with grace instead of react and resist.

Earth, air, water, and fire are living beings and we need to work in partnership with them. and not try to impose change on them. Partnership, cooperation, collaboration is all strengthened with relationship.

Over the last four months we have together as a great worldwide circle honoring all the elements. This work must be kept up. The rituals we performed should not be only done one time. Ritual and ceremony establishes relationship. We can keep up the potent work of honoring the elements around us and which comprise our physical bodies. As we continue to do this work you will see changes in the physical world. All relationships improve in all worlds with honor, respect, love, and appreciation.

Love creates a feeling that life is magical. When we are in love we experience everything around us in a different light. The magic of life is fed by love. Think about some aspect of your life, nature, or an element that you are in love with. Feed the magic of this life force with your love. Watch your relationship deepen and grow with love.

This month let’s honor all the elements together. Do this by choosing elements at the place where you live – the earth you live on, the sources of water near you, the air you breath, the sun above you. Let’s honor all the elements and state our willingness to work in partnership. During this time as we are experiencing strife on the planet, let’s bring celebration for our lives into our ritual work this month. Celebration is an energy that tends “the garden”.

Let’s do this joyful celebratory work together on June 21 as we honor the summer solstice. Life is bursting forth and blooming all around us. Allow yourself to burst forth in dance and song today. A healing energy for the earth is joy. Even if your heart feels heavy about something in life allow yourself to feel joy by finding something to be in gratitude and appreciation for.

Your assignment for today is to speak to someone who you believe is closed down to his or her connection with nature. Mention something to them that you think is beautiful. You might say something like: “Isn’t the sky glorious today?” “Aren’t these flowers on the desk beautiful?” “That picture on the wall reminds me of the beauty of nature.”

Create a spark of appreciation for the beauty of life. Plant a seed of appreciation and joy in someone who is not in your inner circle that you work with spiritually. With thousands of us doing this together today we plant seeds with the knowledge that they will sprout in a way which nurtures all of life.

Please let’s join in together to continue to create a human web of light on the full moon which is June 24.

A friend of mine recently gifted me with a wonderful book I wanted to let you know about. The book is titled Kiss of God is written by Marshall Stewart Ball. Marshall is a brilliant child can neither speak or walk and depends on others for physical help.

I was touched and inspired by a child who seemingly has so many challenges to leading a joyful life, but experiences joy in his connection with God and the people he meets. He shares his love and inspiring words, which has an impact on everyone he meets.

And he inspires us through his absolute brilliance and love in his writings.

During a time when people look at what they don’t have, I found Marshall’s writing to bring me to absolute tears of how one can be in such appreciation and joy with what I perceive of a challenged life.

The book is published by Health Communications. I know you will be in awe of this being Marshall Stewart Ball when you read his story and his words. And I hope you be as inspired by his story as I was.

I have added some new trainings to the Training and Announcement Section of this web page. I hope you will go to it and look at the additions.

I will be teaching a weekend Medicine for the Earth gathering in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania Oct 4,5,6 of this year.

In January 2003 I am teaching a new training I have not taught before. I feel that as the causes of illness today are different than in ancient times, our healing methods must be updated to deal with modern day illness. So much of the illnesses we are seeing today such as the epidemic rate of cancer and the increase in immune deficiency problems are a direct result of the chemical pollution in our environment.

Using the work of transfiguring into our divinity as well as learning how to merge with compassionate helping spirits, this training will focus on how to heal others by bringing through the power of the universe that knows how to heal and transmute illness. We will also look at how to transmute and transform illness and toxins in ourselves.

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